Friday, August 3, 2018

The Jews of Judea Trade Up

We traded up Jerry to someone who could get something done
besides write out cosmetic surgery checks for his wife's tits.....

A most interesting event took place in Jewland recently, in another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The event which has been sterilized from the internet involved Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, literally signing into law a mandate that the Jewish Diaspora have no voice in the workings of the Jewish regime.

Herzog to JPost: I'm ready to fight for the Jewish Diaspora

Herzog to JPost: I'm ready to fight for the Jewish Diaspora Isaac Herzog, the new head of the Jewish Agency, vows to use the Jewish state law to help world Jewry.

I have informed all of you previously that Jewry has a hierarchy in Elders of Zion, who are leftists, then the leftists in the Israeli state, then appear the European Jews of the finance houses, and then thee Americans with their full wallets to feed propaganda, and finally the hodgepodge of culls in 3rd world and Sephardic Jewry. Russian Jews are lodged someplace about the hodgepodge and below Americans, unless Tel Aviv needs to  bat Orthodox Jews over the head to drive them out of their homes.

It is a new era in the American Jews of these skull cap wearers like the Kushners, Rob Reiner and whatever else yiddishes it's way into the power cult in America to cause turmoil among the American People, to have the Jews in Tel Aviv to inform them that their voices will not be heard and to shut up.
This started in 2017 with Netanyahu and has  gone full bore now, and signals that a neo Jewish state is progressing to something which the Jew outsiders might not affirm, so it is easier to just tell them now they are of no consequence and the coming order is the way things will be, just like when the Elders sold the poor Jew to the National Socialist work camps to fuel the German economy in World War II.

Again not a great deal to say about this sanitized story wiped from the internet, but it is a signal that the failed era of Kuhner political influence in ending and that a new order is emerging which actually will be able to accomplish what the Elders have envisioned for Jerusalem.

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