Friday, August 3, 2018

The Keys to 1600 Penn Avenue

Yes they hold the keys and I am their hostage...

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

No one else has explained any of this so it comes to the Lame Cherry in revealing who has the keys to 1600 Penn Avenue in being the DIA suits in charge. For the ignorant, DIA stands of Defense Intelligence Agency, and it was the Lame Cherry which informed all of you that the DIA was running  a coup against the Brennan Obama CIA cabal which has infected America. Donald Trump is an asset of the DIA and used the American Right to gain the White House, by these socialists like John Kelly.

The greatest champions are the DIA media assets like FOX and DAILY CALLER where their funding sources originate from. They praised Donald John in keeping his  minder, DIA socialist John Kelly who implemented the legalized invasion of the United States as 95 million Americans were cast aside to never receive jobs.

Trump Asks Kelly To Stay On Until 2020 | The Daily Caller

President Donald Trump asked White House chief of staff John Kelly to stay in his post until 2020

The true Junta which now controls the West Wing are all DIA assets in Indian Mafia Mike Pence, Neocon  John  Bolton  and socialist John Kelly.  When Trump met with and understanding with Vladimir Putin, it was these three who cut Trump off at the knees, forced him to renig and bow before Congress extolling the virtues of the American Intelligence groups, and set America one step forward to nuclear war with Russia, as Russia's response was showcasing it's advanced hypersonic and nuclear arsenal which has one purpose and that is to destroy the US bases,  infrastructure and Navy within moments, and if the conflict progresses to vaporize the greater  portion of the United States  and poison it's shores and metro areas  for 5 years to come in cobalt toxins.

AP sources: Pence, Bolton, Kelly confronted Trump in Oval ...

Jul 21, 2018 · ... Pence, Bolton, Kelly confronted Trump in Oval ... of the Putin meeting and said he had hoped Trump wouldn't ... Trump backs off siding with Russia over ...

 So this is the Trijunta which rules America. Pence was the one who stole Indiana with the DIA for Trump to take the nomination from Ted Cruz, and Cruz was told by the DIA to shut up and accept it.
There are those  in the deep state, the  Washington Post CIA which are howling over the not being able to keep tabs on John Bolton, as in many ways he has become the Henry Kissinger of the Nixon years for  Trump in coordinating with Pence and Kelly, with Trump from the outside looking in.

Bolton is running and implementing American militant policy for the DIA, and as it is termed here, PentaJew,  to foment the next stage of wars, and if you have been paying attention, all this has accomplished is weakening America as Europe rebuffed Trump for Sebastian Kurz, and Europe joined  Japan  in a  massive trade deal which left America on the outer fringes again.  In Asia and Europe, America has lost under the DIA Trump policies.

John Bolton just weakened America's cyberdefenses - The ...

Bolton's decision, justified ... One is responsible for offensive cyber-activity and the other is not only charged with all defensive issues ... let alone ...

Into this, the Secretary of State as in the Nixon years of Kissinger at CIA, of Mike Pompeo is on the outside looking in.  This CIA controller is off in the hinterlands being humiliated by North Korea as the Trijunta rules and keeps Pompeo flying around the world, as this is the DIA ruling now and State is off scratching their own itch.

Bolton: US has plan to dismantle NK nuclear program in ...

John Bolton said top U.S. diplomat Mike Pompeo will be ... A U.S. official told The Associated Press that ... capitalist are again being wooed by a wealthy ...

And where does this leave Jewry as Gary Cohn looted America for this Trijunta military and intelligence network? The Kushner's are allowed  to do girly things. They get to act like Jews on trips to the Israeli state, let criminals out of prison for reforms and under Marco Rubio gut working Americans Social Security for their retirement, by using that money for paid family leave now.

This is what Ivanka Trump Kushner envisions in robbing baby producers now so they will not have any money in retirement in 40 years, according to Marco Rubio. It is a geezercide of a plan, but that is what the DIA is allowing the Jews to make money off of in their rag trade, become the womb and prison trade for profit, as  Pence, Bolton and Kelly hold  the keys to 1600 Penn  Avenue.

Rubio to introduce paid family leave plan | Tampa Bay Times

WASHINGTON - Sen. Marco Rubio on Wednesday will finally reveal his paid family leave proposal allowing parents to draw from future Social Security benefits.

Gee you have the links and everything, so no one can pretend to be in denial of what rules America now, and it ain't Donald John, as all he is, is the naked  president now, a figurehead for the future Trump Socialist Party of America, part Democrat led by Joe Lieberman and  part what is left of the GOP being held hostage.

Once again, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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