Thursday, August 2, 2018

The Leviathan Europa

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is perhaps the first gamechanger the Lame Cherry has posted concerning Chancellor Sebastian Kurz as he evolves forward as the leader of Pan Europe as it is not my method or intention to stand in the way of the Kurz Model.

What I will point out is the historical reality of the Jewish state, along with the Vatican's machinations of requiring a sword for her Black Robes. The Vatican requested this of the Kaiser before World War I, and the realty is Jewry offered the Vatican and gave the Vatican almost full control of Jerusalem almost a decade ago.

New Israeli President, Shimon Peres, Shocks the World by ...

... Shimon Peres called for Jerusalem to be the World ... by the Vatican to internationalize Jerusalem." ... Jewish control over Jerusalem and the ...

The above surprise has been a negotiating point completed for some time, but there is still the matter of handing over the Jewish state to an international committee. The problem in most of this is that Jews have bought into that anti Hitler rhetoric, so they think all those Germans and Austrians are out to easy bake them. The way to convince Jewry though to go along with the Elders of Zion plotting has come to the forefront in the Vatican's man, Sebastian Kurz. promising Jews complete fidelity
Kurz's party is still pragmatist about Jewry and Islam, but a few tweets from Kurz and Jews would following him into the ovens as Sebastian Kurz has accomplished everything he needed to.

Promise the Jews anti Semitism and Jews will believe anything.

17h17 hours ago
Wir tun alles, um jüdisches Leben in Ö aktiv zu unterstützen u werden entschlossen gegen jede Form v kämpfen! Der regelmäßige Austausch mit d IKG ist mir daher persönlich sehr wichtig. Ich danke Ossi Deutsch, d Präsidenten d IKG, f d Gespräch im Bundeskanzleramt!


The Vatican should probably be aware that where their sword is bowing now before cementing power. That sword is two edged and soon enough the Pater Pope will be taking order from the new leader of the Holy Roman Empire. 

This is a symbiotic relationship between Kurz and his Jews, in no stone is left unturned. One day a convenient Turk Muslim attacks citizens and the next  the Chancellor is praising a German taking control over the Jewish soccer team.


- und ganz besonders auch - verbindet. Ich freue mich sehr, dass und jetzt auch sportlich näher zusammenrücken: Herzlichen Glückwunsch, Andreas !

The Jews are most convinced that Sebastian Kurz is their man in Vienna, and more to the point, Europe is now on the leash of the Jewish agenda. Remember Jews have been phobic about in that convenient BDS movement out of Europe, led by the French.
The Jew is a trained herd animal. The leaders  tell them the world hates them, the herd up like musk ox and see the whole world is an enemy.

Full List - BDS list - BDS list - Boycott these products and ...

Boycott these products and companies to stop Israeli apartheid

Rattle the Jew in the cage and then hand the Messiah Kurz, out of  the Vatican, and then when the Chancellor announces in order to protect Jewry, they must be honored in Jerusalem is an international capital which must be protected by Sebastian Kurz friendly European army, and the vision of  Simon Peres and the Vatican is complete with Jewry cheering the plan.

 The Chancellor has not missed one step in any of this. His first focus  was the Jews, and the above explanation is why this Messiah arose for the Jews.

As stated, it is not my practice to rock the boat of the Kurz Model. Donald Trump initiates this constantly to move his religious block in Evangelicals to agree to things they would balk at. Sometimes I just enjoy pointing out to pompous asses who swore they would never fall for the orange marmalade again, and they are ladling it on by the scoop again.

Once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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