Thursday, August 2, 2018


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The loyal readers will remember my little aluminum 2 cup kettles, which work as a camp kitchen, and in baby emergencies, are employed to heat up milk.

Milk is stirred with the finger to not get it scalding hot. The 2 cupper is fine for wee babies that are injured as they basically starve to death, but when they are in the house, waiting to be returned to their four footed mums, as the weather has one experiencing the Russian rasputitsa in the West, they outgrow the two cupper, and you end up heating up the brim twice, and baby calves are even less patient than I am for donors to come up with the big donation.

I have been looking for a big kettle in the thrift store and God provided today. It was a big ass heavy things called Castamel, from Spain, with picture directions on the bottom if you can not read English. Must be those Castile and Basques that Madrid draws pictures on pan bottoms for as Madrid like London knows if you talk loudly in Spanish that others always know what you are screaming at them about, or you draw them pictures in metal pans.

I used the 2 cupper kettle from Mirro to measure, and the Spaniard did right good. Finger stirring and the right heat and with a funnel I had the contents poured. Spaniardo though does not have the Mirro lip on it so it dribbles milk back, so that means the operation is conducted in the sink not the table.

I really like this kettle though. It is very heavy, has a nice synthetic handle and I was surprised how cheap it was listed online,  as I picked it up for a dollar.

The Spanish always made good guns, good metal came out of Spain. No matter the people all under the Spanish name herded together, they do quality work, in all being El Cid hard headed and with a direction if they had something to do, as galleons just do not appear out of sheep wool.

Was odd though in , Nom de Deus, in another pan, a Revereware which I do have was costy at like 3 bucks, but some dodder heated that thing up to blister and bubble the copper bottom. I never thought any person with a stove could melt the bottom of a pan. Copper melts at 1,984.31 degrees Fahrenheit, that is like a high burner, for a bit of a spell as cooking stoves are not noted for as propane tops out at 3596, but you tend to notice the contents of the pan are smoking to summon the fire department long before the copper melts.

Has nothing to do with the Spanish pan, but  I just had never seen anyone bubble copper.....although Mom did her best to separate the copper bottom off my Indian pan, as she tends to use full flame and go watch a soap opera as her kind of cooking.

That is the dollar pan review. Am quite pleased, even if I suspect I picked up some Revere kettles which are packed in the garage awaiting for our home, which is awaiting the big ass donation from the rich who keep saying they are poor.