Wednesday, August 8, 2018

The Secret to Great Cooking

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I was going to make this about the secret to great Spaghetti Sauce, but as I was loading the platform here, it occurred to me that most of you have no idea what makes a great chef and it has little to do with the chef, but has everything to do with a few ingredients. Before you shut down just read this sentence in a few quality ingredients is what turns mundane recipes into masterpieces.

The secret to spaghetti sauce is not the sauce, but that you put a can a paste into the sauce. Sauce is runny. Paste is plaster. Put paste into any tomatoe recipe from chilli to a pasta sauce and immediately you have something rich dark red, tastes incredible and it sticks to the pasta. That is the secret to tomatoe sauces.

I'll give you the recipe.

1 can Hunt tomatoe sauce
1 can  Hunt's tomatoe paste
1/2 can of water in the Hunts sauce can
1 pound hamburger browned
1 clove of garlic
1 onion chopped
1 tablespoon basil
1 tablespoon oregano
1 tsp salt
1/4 tsp pepper
2 tablespoons sugar
Slap the above onto anything and it will taste wonderful. You simply can no louse it up and it is about the paste.

There is an adage about cooking that bacon, cream, eggs, bullion, cheese can not louse up a recipe. Put those ingredients in a mix and match and it will turn boring things into special things.

Put in a foundation of tomatoe paste, cream, bullion or cheese and providing you add spices, you are going to end up with something delicious, providing you use the most secret ingredient of all in SALT.

Forget the bullshit about lemon juice and vinegar. Yes they add to things, but salt is the great RPM of the tongue. Put in the right amount of salt and you will not notice the salt, but your tongue will immediately begin picking up everything from sweet to sharp as salt enhances everything in the best possible way.
The salt police of he 70's were the biggest criminals on the planet. You need salt and food needs salt just as much.

That is your cooking lesson and you did not need a Julia Childs French chef course of years to be taught how to cook. You take any recipe and add quality, and in most cases your tongue recognizes quality as a thickener in something more viscous than water or the product called for in low calorie, and that recipe will come alive. It is all absolute easy.

Want a flavorful lubricant, one uses butter. Want a lubricant that adds specific flavor, use olive oil. Want a recipe that delights you in thinking why is this better.........and you use LARD. Great secret is hog lard in most recipes and in cookies, use goose lard and it will ramp it up ten clicks on the delight scale.

If you start using natural ingredients, after about 6 months you are going to be surprised how chemical and shit tasting most food is. I had some chocolate chip cookies at my nieces, which looked fine, but the margarine and whatever else she had in her recipe has those things tasting like they came out of a herbicide barrel. You can always tell what is quality once you start eating decent food, because this other stuff tastes horrid.

That is the Lame Cherry school secret of great cooking. One more thing, vanilla never ruins anything either so keep that viscosity in your arsenal.

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