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Trump smiles at Turkish Terror while Kurz Draws line in Sand

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After the immersion of the United States in the blood feud of Shia and Sunni, in Donald Trump choosing Sunni terrorists, to the reality of rescuing the White Helmet chemical weapon terrorists who caused the Ivanka bombing of Syrian children, and settling them in the West, including Canada, there is one true leader in Christendom in Chancellor Sebastian Kurz who is standing against the Muslim Caliphate purchasing leverage in Europe and America, with direct threats from the Turkish Ottomans who have been busy expanding their presence in the Balkans.

Erdogan: Austria will ‘pay a price’ for banning Turkish campaigning

Turkey has been busy pressuring European nations to allow Muslim upheaval in real election meddling as Turkish elections expect the "Muslim Diaspora' to  be Muslim, vote Muslim and vote Turkish, and not be assimilated into western Christian nations.

For those who forget, it was Bill Clinton to attack Russian influence, blew up Kosovo for Muslims and stole Serbian land for a Muslim nation, using Muhajadeen fighters from Afghanistan which unleashed the forces of 9 11 on America.

For the facts, Turkey views European nations as their property on the old Ottoman Empire. Turkey is recreating the Janissary of White Europeans, as their new purchased property to extend their Caliph.

“Kosovo, Bosnia, Albania and Macedonia are considered former territories of the Ottoman empire and are treated as part of the neo-Ottoman world,” he said.
“One should have no illusions,” Robelli added. “Kosovo is not in a position, like Germany, to resist Turkish pressure.”

According to Marcou, the Turks are not in the Balkans “only to help economic development, but also to rehabilitate the Ottoman heritage and establish cultural cooperation”.
Some 10,000 students in around 150 Bosnian schools learn Turkish, which is the third foreign language behind English and German.

Trump and Terrorist Edrogan 

Turkey has been kidnapping people throughout Europe. Remember in this that Turkey was the nation arming ISIS for Obama, and ISIS who were Muslim Kurds were the ones stealing Syrian and Iraqi oil, and Turkey was receiving that oil as the Obama terrorist laundered those billions, and some of that money  ended up in the 2016 AD US elections.

While Trump smiles with this terrorist leader, it is Sebastian Kurz who has taken a stand for civilization, and has been threatened, as this American created Balkan fuse, sputters with  the Turkish Muslims attempting to light a nuclear war fuse.

The European Union wants nothing to do with these butchers. It is only America who has Turkey in NATO and worse yet it is still Donald Trump who has Turkey armed with American nuclear missiles.
The same Turkey who was allied with Russia, but even now Russia after the Syrian war instigated by Obama has ended, is distancing itself from the radicalism which is Turkey. The same Turkey threatening the Israeli state, and yet Donald Trump keeps nuclear arms there and smiles at all of this butchery.

The U.S. stores nuclear weapons in Turkey. Is that such a ...

As Turkey spiraled into chaos late Friday during a military coup attempt, one of the concerns that emerged was particularly alarming: What was the status of nuclear weapons the United States keeps at Incirlik Air Base, the Turkish airfield from which the United States regularly launches airstrikes against the Islamic State?

One has to wonder what in holocaust nuclear hell is America arming this terror state which has been destabilizing nations in Europe where world wars have erupted.

There is something vastly wrong with the American world position when it is taking the Muslim terrorist side against Christian nations under siege, and it is now the European leader Chancellor Sebastian Kurz who is standing alone, like the greatest men of history in Charles Martel of France against the barbarians set to destroy the civilized world.

Analysts said Erdo─čan promotes “neo-Ottomanism” in its neighbourhood, a trend that did not sit well with everyone in a region where membership of the European Union is seen as the way forward.

This is not the first time Turkey meddles in national elections in its neighbourhood. Last year Bulgaria complained of Turkish meddling in its parliamentary elections.

The protection of Christians is why American Evangelicals placed Donald Trump into office by God's Grace, but Donald Trump has let down the world. It is not just the corrupt religious institutions of America which are the problem, but the problem is the American President has done absolutely nothing to stem the Muslim tide, but has instead promoted this backwash.

The leader of a network of evangelical pastors is concerned about how Islam is infiltrating the Church – with the cooperation of the church.

When the fullness  of Sebastian Kurz manifests, do not forget it was Donald Trump who dropped the ball, and the rise of the European Super State would never have been possible if Donald Trump had not for terror oil been promoting Islam, instead of protecting Christians at home and abroad.

US pastor held in Turkey appeals to Trump: 'Please help me ...

Mar 30, 2017 · An American pastor imprisoned in Turkey on what he says are false charges appealed to President Trump to "please help me" during a meeting Wednesday with U.S. embassy officials, asking the administration to "fight" for his release.

And in March this Christian appealed to Donald Trump for help, and Trump did nothing. Now it has erupted into a firestorm after Trump smiled at the Turks and then decided that for midterm elections the Junta needed to try and con those Evangelicals again.

Andrew Brunson: US hits Turkey with sanctions over jailed pastor

The only leader who has been absolutely constant in this has been Sebastian Kurz in standing up against Islam in the Christian world.

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