Thursday, February 21, 2019

Donald Trump's Powerful Border Wall Complete in New Mexico

One small wall for Trump
One giant moon bridge for mankind!

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I honestly am puzzled by this Donald Trump Twitter post where he announced today he is not only building the Trump Wall, but that in 23 seconds of footage, the President calls the New Mexico wall a POWERFUL WALL and complete.

If you look at the photo below, all you see is one concrete block and a pile of dirt. I know Donald Trump a few weeks ago stated that God already built the wall as there were mountains there so he did not have to, but for a billion dollars I was thinking there would be more than two piles of dirt and a cement slab with graffiti written on it.
The President also announced that this Trump Wall or pile of dirt and concrete stone was completed 47 days ahead of schedule.

10h10 hours ago
Donald J. Trump Retweeted Donald J. Trump
Donald J. Trump added,

I am not making this chit up. This is an official post from the Real Donald Trump White House Twitter account.

Meanwhile Chancellor Sebastian Kurz is literally cementing Austrian control over the world and Jarvanka are running to the Chancellor to protect them just like Wallace Simpson and that loaf head British royale.

Don't worry Ivanka, Jared will make friends quickly in prison.
If you like I can have him extradited to Germany as they
have experience with handling confinement of Jews in large numbers.

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