Thursday, February 28, 2019

The Bionic Viking

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

A few days ago I posted the photos the Viking shared of his ankle and he mentioned about surgery, but nothing more, and I was hoping that he was getting a replacement joint and they were not dinking around in there micro fixing things. Today he shared with me an email that he was getting bionic and I was so pleased for him.
The surgery will take place in a few weeks in March, and prayers from Christians would be appreciated.

Minnesota has the best physicians in the world. I know the system well, more than I should. It is a remarkable achievement in American medicine in Minnesota or the U as it is called is equal to the Mayo Clinic, and most importantly the entire structure has been fused from Willmar Minnesota, to Fargo to Sioux Falls in being connected to the University of Minnesota.
I mention Bones Watertown South Dakota which is a place that you have never heard of, but Watertown is part of this satellite sub of it takes in the regional hospitals of the smaller towns for surgeries which people used to have to travel to Minneapolis to receive.
For instance, say you lived in some 2000 population town with a small hospital and you need major surgery. In those remote locations, you immediately recognize the seriousness of it, because Watertown means get it done. Sioux Falls means you are in trouble. They mention the U and you know your shit is serious. It all follows the same pattern whether in North Dakota or outstate Minnesota. I marvel at the skill of the surgeons in this region. To put it simply, it does not make any difference where you are in the world in your doctors are not equal to the physicians in Bones hometown.

So when the Viking's surgeon in the metro tells him that he has done 1400 joint replacement surgeries without blinking, you have an expertise which is not equaled anywhere on the planet. The 1400 Doc teaches all the others from Montana to Wisconsin and south to Kansas. These people can do these procedures in their sleep and there is not an oddball in the bunch as top to bottom they are people doctors.

I love bone surgeries. It is a miracle of medicine. To watch the tools, the techniques and putting the patient together again, and then how quickly the recovery can take place is remarkable. The Viking tells me it will be six weeks and not like the people here who are always getting joints put in and the doctors chase them down the halls with whips the next day to get them moving. The Viking will do rehab, as I am familiar with as I did the mother's several times. Interesting in the Viking's Doc is South African I think and the mother's rehab guy was from Joburg. Good people who are very professional.

I don't know what they do with all the bones in Minnesota that they take out of people there. Here I think they sell them to the Chicom diner for some exotic soup. Wang Tong Suey or something.

The Viking could not be better hands and I am thankful for that.