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A True Lies Investigation: The Natalie and the Would

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Like the majority of people in this world, the tragic death of Natalie Wood placed a mark upon our hearts as she was one of the most beautiful and charming stars in the world. Such tragedies are made worse in the uncertainties and the questions in the death, as police continue to re open the investigation with the focus on that Natalie Wood's husband, Robert Wagner, murdered her.

This scenario is one which Robert Wagner denies, but in that denial there is a reality of a fiction. In this Lame Cherry, in a True Lies Investigation, we will examine the evidence and in forensic psychology with inquiry into the matrix, produce a conclusion of what happened in the death of Natalie Wood. The conclusions will be based upon the factual statements of those who were there, as there were only six people who were involved in this, in two people on another boat who heard Natalie Wood calling, and the four people on the Wagner yacht in Robert Wagner, Christopher Walken, the Captain and Natalie Wood, and in this Ms. Wood does provide the crucial evidence and testimony.

The Lame Cherry examination will be in red.

In the opening evidence, we discover key elements in this mystery in the captain, a Mr. Davern states he lied to the authorities in giving  a false statement.
Davern also testified that Robert Wagner and Natalie Wood were engaged in a physical fight in her quarters. There were conclusive marks on Natalie Wood's body in bruises on her face, wrists, knees and ankles, before she entered the water, in the nature of someone attempting to restrain her. 

Ms Woods death was initially ruled an accidental drowning, caused by her slipping and falling from the dinghy, but authorities reopened the case in 2011.
Davern, who said he had originally lied to authorities, now claims Woods and Wagner had been fighting in the hours before her body was found.
Neither Wagner nor Walken has ever been charged in connection with the case.  
In January a new coroner's report revealed that bruises found on the actress' face, wrists, knees, and ankles occurred before she went into the water - not, as the 1981 report had concluded, as she struggled to climb back aboard the yacht after falling over the side.

Davern became more exact in he stated after he went to bed, he heard the struggle in the cabin between Natalie Wood and her husband. The marks on Wood's body indicate restraint, but a restraint which was engaged in by Robert Wagner to force sex upon his wife.
It is crucial in this to understand Davern's next statement in earlier a fight had broken out between Christopher Walken and Robert Wagner.

He said that after Wood went to bed, he heard the fight continuing in her cabin, including sounds of a physical struggle.
He also claimed that a fight had broken out between Wagner and actor Christopher Walken, who was also aboard to yacht.

Davern provides more evidence in he states that the fight between Robert Wagner and Christopher Walken was over Natalie Wood, in Wagner was screaming at Walken, "Do you want to fuck my wife!!!"
Wagner smashed a bottle of wine at this point and it is thought that this is when Natalie Wood entered the water.

 A furious Robert Wagner shouted 'Do you want to f*** my wife' at Walken as he smashed a bottle of wine in the moments before Natalie Wood fell overboard, Mr Davern claimed.

We know for certain that Wagner and Walken were in a heated exchange. We know that Natalie Wood retreated into the bathroom. Wagner states she was fixing her hair and she closed the door to him, as she wanted to shut out what was taking place.
Here is what the authorities missed in the fixing of her hair. Why would a woman be fixing her hair at midnight? What would have messed up her hair? As she was going to bed, her hair would not matter.
This is evidence of the altercation between Wagner and Natalie Wood. He had his wife down, had a hold of her wrists, her ankles, her hair and her face. This points to a sexual assault in the cabin by Robert Wagner.
Wagner and Walken then moved to the upper deck and cooled down.

'The last time I saw my wife she was fixing her hair in the bathroom while I was arguing with Chris,' he said. 'I saw her shut the door. She was going to bed.'
He described how he and Walken moved up to the deck as 'things were threatening to get physical' and they were calmed by the fresh sea air.

Another piece of evidence in this mystery is a note which states a police theory of the night was that Robert Wagner and Christopher Walken were engaged in homosexual acts when Natalie Wood walked in on them.
Robert Wagner is a noted Hollywood fag in the boy toy crowd of bi sexuals.

Wood 'caught Wagner with gay lover' -

NATALIE Wood's sister, Lana, has claimed that a gay affair is the reason the actress split from husband Robert Wagner two decades before her death. Wood was initially married to Wagner from 1957 ...

The note, which is torn and illegible in parts, reads 'also known Chris Walken and Robert Wagner were engaged in sexual activity in cab of boat... (illegible)...that Ms Woods found both of them together (illegible)...stated they took her away in a (illegible)...was the last time she was seen alive.'

In forensic psychology the Lame Cherry arrives at a different conclusion. Natalie Wood and Christopher Walken had just finished filming Brainstorm, a rather interesting movie in the Walken genre. They worked together closely and this is the reason for Walken being on the yacht.
A logical scenario is Christopher Walken who is not known  to be a homosexual, was approached that night by Robert Wagner for a gay tryst. Walken rebuffed Wagner, and is why Walken has remained silent in this entire episode. This would explain why Wagner was in a drunken rage screaming about Christopher Walken wanting to fuck his wife.
Wagner being rebuffed would then believe that Walken was attracted to Natalie Wood sexually as who would not be in how gorgeous this woman was. In projecting this out, a yacht is a small space, Natalie Wood in hearing this conversation and knowing the devil she was married to, as those were her exact words a short time before she died in it was better to be with the devil you knew than the devil you did not know,  knew Walken had turned down Wagner's sexual advances.
This then projects out to Wagner being in a fury, was going to do to Natalie Wood what he thought Walken was trying to do, as Wood was Wagner's property in his mind. This was the fight in the cabin, and it appears from the lack of forensic evidence that Wagner did not penetrate his wife, probably due to being drunk and his old age in he could not get an erection.

The two witnesses to Natalie Wood drowning once off the yacht stated they heard her repeatedly calling for help. The two witnesses called for help, but the authorities never appeared for a search.
They also heard Robert Wagner's drunken voice stating that they were coming to get her.

She added in her statement: ‘My cabin window was open. A woman’s voice, crying for help, awakened John and awakened me, “Help me, someone please help me, I’m drowning”, we heard repeatedly.’
Wayne said John turned on their yacht’s beam light but they couldn’t see anything. Wayne claims she called the harbour patrol officer ‘but no one answered’ and the local sheriff’s office, who told her a helicopter would be sent. But it did not come.
She also claims to have heard a man’s slurred voice from the direction of the Splendour saying: ‘Oh, hold on, we’re coming to get you.’


What follows in this, is what Robert Wagner was thinking at the time he stated he was coming to rescue his wife. Wagner stated he thought Natalie Wood had left the yacht by a dingy which was tied up along side.
It is evident that Robert Wagner in a fury and drunk, thought Natalie Wood after he had attacked her in the cabin had left the yacht and was on another boat, or in this case was in a dingy and calling for help, but Wagner was not going to rescue his wife in the dingy, and in spite was going to leave her sit in the dark to punish her.

Meanwhile, when Robert Wagner was questioned by a rescue boat captain in 1981 about why he didn’t call for help to find his missing wife, he allegedly said: ‘We thought she was off on another boat screwing around because that’s the kind of woman she is.’

Captain Davern not being aware of the entire story, confessed a scenario be believed to be correct on what he had heard. Davern thought that Robert Wagner shoved Natalie Wood away while on deck and she went overboard. In forensic psychology and Wagner's actions and statements, it is concluded he thought Natalie Wood had entered the dingy to get away from him. Wagner states he is going to teach her a lesson. That lesson was Natalie Wood calling for help, Wagner thinking she was in a boat when she was drowning, while Davern was pleading for them to rescue her.
Wagner was in a foul mood and in that mood Natalie Wood drown having slipped into the water, drunk herself and was unable to regain the boat.

However, Davern reportedly offered an alternate explanation for Wood's death. Lana Wood, the actress' young sister, claimed to author Suzanne Finstad that Davern called her and drunkenly confessed that Wagner allowed his wife to drown.
'He said it appeared to him as though (Wagner) shoved her away and she went overboard. Dennis panicked and (Wagner) said, "Leave her there. Teach her a lesson." Dennis said he was very panicky that he was sitting and (Wagner) kept drinking and kept drinking.
‘And he’d say, "Come on, let’s get her." And he said (Wagner) was in such a foul mood, at that point, that he then shut up and was waiting for when, when are they gonna go to her rescue, until all the sound stopped,’ Lana is heard telling Finstad in recordings make for her 2001 book Natasha: The Biography of Natalie Wood.
Lana continues on to say that Davern did not think that Wagner meant for Wood to die but he did not ‘run to her aid.’
'Even if he did not kill her, which is what I understand the guy’s saying, it was – you know, that it – it was an accident,' Lana said.

Even after it was ascertained that Natalie Wood was in the water and probably drown, Robert Wagner was still in a most foul mood in swearing at police to "get the fuck off my boat".
In other evidence, Davern noted that it was Robert Wagner's focus in how this would affect his public persona. It was a vintage Kennedy moment and this is why Wagner was furious at the police as it was affecting his career.

Ship Captain Dennis Davern's sworn statement to homicide detectives led them to reopen the case.
The captain told the officers he then looked up at the bridge of the luxury yacht.
He said: 'The only full sentence I could completely decipher during the entire argument was “Get off my f****** boat” said by Robert Wagner.'

Davern relates that the state room was a mess. It is evidence of the violent attack upon Natalie Wood, from which she fled the yacht. Again Davern notes he tried to find Natalie Wood, but Robert Wagner was adamant in not wanting to make a scene of this, and was waiting to see if his wife would return.

Davern wrote: 'He led me through the stateroom which was a mess ... it had been spotless when I passed through it after securing the dinghy a half-hour earlier.
'I immediately wanted to radio for help and to turn on the searchlight, but Robert Wagner told me, sternly, “We are not going to do that. We will wait and see if she returns.'

In Robert Wagner's last statement there is the epitaph to all of this, in Natalie Wood was not trying to tie up the dingy, but was trying to untie the dinghy in order to leave the yacht. It was in attempting to enter the dinghy that she fell into the water. Remember she had hada 6 glasses of wine, had been assaulted, it was late and it was dark. She would have been disoriented and in currents carried away from the yacht.

Wagner has always maintained Wood, 43, accidentally slipped and drowned as she drunkenly tried to tie up a dinghy against the boat. 

The final conclusion in this True Lies Investigation is that Christopher Walken and Captain Davern had  no part in the death of Natalie Wood.
Robert Wagner was a direct factor in the death of Natalie Wood. When one adds up the evidence of the assault upon Natalie Wood, the necessity of her emotions to flee the yacht to get away from her husband, Robert Wagner's rage, his drunken state and his obstinate actions of "teaching his injured wife a lesson in a further brutalizing of her emotionally", it is concluded that this was not an accidental death. This was far more than a first degree manslaughter, but less than a third degree homicide.

We are dealing with an indictment of Reckless Homicide for the inebriation of Robert Wagner to his reckless neglect of leaving his battered wife to die in the ocean.

For the homicide of Natalie Wood, her husband Robert Wagner should be indicted and face the evidence as has been noted in the media, as Robert Wagner has incriminated himself by his own statements. Willful neglect in leaving a baby crying in a hot summer car or a wife in the dark night on an ocean to teach her a lesson is a criminal action, and when it leads to the death of an individual or an animal, it is something which engages law enforcement to indict upon those actions for the justice of the deceased.

For the sake of Natalie Wood, it is hoped that law enforcement will bring to to a trial by jury as far too many women have never received the justice their demises call out for, whether it has been Marilyn Monroe or Sharon Tate.

The death of Natalie Wood was not an accident. It was due to a series of deliberate actions by Robert Wagner which forced reactions from Natalie Wood, and later inaction by her husband which led to her homicide.

This concludes the Lame Cherry forensic psychological analysis of the evidence in the death of Natalie Wood.