Saturday, March 9, 2019

HAARP Creates Large Comforting Breasts

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

And so the Sabbath ends upon God's Country in what began as a Friday of nothinngness in the first radar grab, somehow became this massive storm in 5 hours. Not even a hurricane can accomplish that, but with HAARP all things are possible.

The thing that just baffles me is the weather bomb that hangs over Fargo North Dakota. This shit just stuff up the ole Norwegian A HOLE up there and churns like a sick stomach for 24 hours, before it begins being vomited back out in Minnesota and Wisconsin for a par duex.

Now that Taylor will begin hitting civilized areas, people will take note. It was actually I am told a pleasant storm, before the winds came up out of the northwest in it was the first time the temperatures were warm and snow was melting as it fell, compared to the Arctic cold which snow has deluged this region since October.

That little doo dad on California is going to form another cyclonic storm, without of course any rotation and dump a ghastly mist, rain, ice and snow on the peoples of this region again starting around Tuesday. Everyone and everything is not dead yet there, so this is one of the make sure the gophers are dead as they appear to be breathing yet.

I would like to state that I invest quite a bit of time trying to find sexy weather gals, but mostly those fat Mexican whores appear who have tits the size of milk cows, and this is not what I am looking for on the blog. As for the rest of the United States, sister most are brown bagger material as they will put anything on television  to make people go blind.

This gal appeared from somewhere cold, so she is the nice part of shitty weather. I would so like to have only attractive people on television even if I do not watch it that often, as it is comforting to know attractive faces are on television as Americans die in this wonderful economy.

Today's forecast is cold, followed by large comforting breasts.