Saturday, March 23, 2019

If the bet is raised

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The above ship is the Arzin of the Islamocommunists of Iran, which has ported at Mombasa Kenya often enough, suspected of chemical explosives.

The MV Pardis has also been at the centre of possible US sanctions over Iran-owned vessels, which are said to be re-flagged to mask their ownership. Sources confirmed to the Star that the vessel has so far made 23 calls to the port of Mombasa, on a monthly basis, and it was during one of those calls that the vessel was carrying the RDX, which has been linked to the two Iranians facing terrorism charges, Ahmad Mohammed and Sayed Mousavi The Star recently reported that the manifest of MV Pardis apparently confirmed that six security officers and another nine crew members were on board the vessel, which was carrying about 200 containers when it last docked at the port with the explosives

The United States has taught the Islamocommunists of Iran how to avoid detection and ply the high seas with cargoes with US sanctions and threats.

What was once a matter of registering ships under a new flag has been cracked down on by the Americans. What is the result is the Iranians have been forced to a new tactic, and it is ghost ships.

The concern in this is the Iranians are being locked into a corner, as Japan was in the prelude to World War II. Iran can not survive without oil trade and that means Iran is being put into a position to striking the United States, or being made to look like they are the nation which strikes the United States.

The point in this is explained in ships all have transponders as aircraft do which sends out a signal. Those transponders can be turned off and are turned off, in ships visiting Syria turn them off and more to the point, the Jews constantly have ships turn their transponders off when visiting their ports.

There have been Iranian ships which have periodically turned off their transponders. The port of destination was China and once it delivered the oil, the transponder came back on.

Madani's firm supplements rudimentary AIS data with other technology to fill in the gaps, and he estimates that official numbers sometimes only capture about 20 per cent of the tanker traffic at any given time. "The other 80 per cent is a cat and mouse chase involving satellite imagery," he says.
This isn't the first time that Iran has tried such chicanery. Iranian ghost ships last criss-crossed the seas to this extent between 2011 and 2015, when the previous U.S. administration had sanctions on Iranian oil before signing the nuclear deal that the current inhabitant of the White House pulled out of.
It's not just oil destined to feed China's voracious appetite for fuel, either. Madani says Syria and Israel "both instruct tanker operators to switch off their transponders prior to arrival." Officially, there are U.S. sanctions on selling oil to Syria, but Iran shipped up to 60,000 barrels per day to Syria in August, worth some $150 million, TankerTrackers says.
In Israel's case, tanker operators bringing oil from Arab states who don't have relations with Israel will turnoff the tracking devices to keep up appearances that they aren't "dealing with the Jewish state," Adesnik says.  

There is a point in this that Iran could turn off their ship's transponders, loaded with oil or perhaps a missile aimed at the United States. The point in this is that there is satellite tracking of ships. The point in this is the Iranians would be bright enough to take the transponders off of other ships and put them onto their own ships if they meant to launch a missile at US targets.

Put it this way on 9 11, somehow a terrorist passport was found on the street, as if someone put it there, after it went through the Twin Towers. Put it  this way, someone in Iran shot down  TWA Flight 800 and Bill Clinton ordered it covered up to avoid a war with Iran. Put it this way, the Iranians have a history of blowing up things American. Put it this way the American intelligence group has projected all of these factors out, and has deemed the risk acceptable.

Put it this way, with all the pressure being put on Iran, would not that make a headline that Iran retaliated with a nuclear event against the Americans, because if Iran can put a foreign transponder on their ships, or make ghost ships, then any nation desiring another American war response in the Mideast would provide another carte blanche by putting the Iranian  transponder on their ship for an attack.

There are numerous scenarios which you have seen in movies which could provide such an attack to hijacking some Norwegian cargo ship, having smuggled a missile container on board, firing it, and the perpetrators disappearing by submarine or transfer to another ship.

Since the British MI6 removed the American Shah of Iran, replacing him with the communists of Tehran, the Iranians have not budged an inch, as the Europeans, Russians and Chinese supported them, as the Jews helped destabilize them and traded more freely with them.

This is a point in American history which is a break point. The problem in these situations is that only Ronald Reagan played the game well enough to not start a global war or get thousands of Americans ground into pulp to start another war.

This is going to be an expensive lay if the bet is raised.

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