Wednesday, March 6, 2019

The Missing WInk

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In the continuing investigation of protector of America, Robert Mueller, there was a constant question from the investigation in who Roger Stone and Jerome Corsi were talking to when it came to Wikileaks. In that investigation though, it was never questioned about the connection which Roger Stone had to one of the largest massacres in United States history which brought forth the bi political David Hogg, in another strange platform and tale of wag the dog in the Parkland School Shooting.

Remember in this, that President Donald Trump began advocating for gun control, and then went on after another bizarre massacre in Las Vegas to ban bump stops, but review the following headlines in the time line and ask yourself why was Roger Stone helping to elect the democratic Sheriff in crooked Broward County and Robert Mueller would focus on Mr. Stone's associate who provided the money to place Scott Israel into office, which had the FBI ignoring the warning signs concerning Nikolas Cruz before the shooting as much as Scott Israel assisting in it.


Roger Stone Aide Andrew Miller Revealed as Witness After Mueller Issues Grand Jury Subpoena

Special counsel Robert Mueller subpoenaed a former aide to Roger Stone on Thursday morning, the first time the aide’s identity has been put out into the public regarding the Russia investigation.
According to the New York Times, Stone’s one-time go-to guy Andrew Miller was called to appear before a grand jury in relation to Mueller’s ongoing probe.

It makes sense why Robert Mueller went after Andrew Miller as Roger Stone stated that he thought Miller was like a son with deep pockets, and those deep pockets involved themselves in various Roger Stone operations, including the election of a democrat Sheriff in Florida.

A longtime associate of Stone’s, Miller was once described by his political mentor as a “trust fund baby” who’s “like a son to me.”

One again, this looks like quid pro quo in Miller paid the money, and upon Scott Israel's election. Miller and Stone both benefited by to the victor go the spoils. It begs the question in all of the upheaval surrounding Parkland and how it became a national issue, just why Roger Stone and his link to Donald Trump never were mentioned by the left or right wing mockingbird press.
More to the point, as Roberrt Mueller's investigators were most thorough in every issue, according to Jerome Corsi in his past activities, and Paul Manafort who was investigated on Ukraine issues over a decade ago, just why was it that Parkland never came up in the Grand Jury nor the questioning of the Mueller investigation as this is the stuff that would bring indictments and impeach Donald Trump or primary him before the 2020 elections.

What is the worst political fodder in the world than dead children, and discover that a White House operative for Donald Trump was the person who helped get the guy elected who allowed the massacre to happen.

A little over six years ago, Miller donated $120,000 to Taxpayers for Integrity in Government, an independent third-party group viewed in Florida politics as sympathetic to Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel‘s 2012 election campaign. When pressed as to why he donated to said group, Miller said, “I was just doing my civic duty. Making the world a better place.” When asked where the funds came from, he said, “my bank account.”
After Israel won, the Democratic sheriff hired three of Stone’s and Miller’s associates: Dianne Thorne, Miller’s stepmother, Mike Colapietro, an author who co-wrote a book with Stone, and Miller’s then-girlfriend, Jennifer Hobbs. Thorne and Hobbs have since left those positions. After the resignations, allegations of influence-peddling increased in Broward County; it turns out that Thorne had an “unverifiable” bachelor’s degree. Hobbs and Miller later married.

This is a criminal issue as Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida, a Republican backed by Donald Trump for Mr. Trump's 2020 control of Florida in the presidential elections, has moved with all haste to remove Sheriff Israel and has launched a criminal investigation into Scott Israel.
Once again in this, no appearance of Roger Stone in the investigation, and with the links that this was Stone's and Miller's people who were involved in this Sheriff's department, not one word from Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi or Elijah Cummings in looking into this as they move to impeach Donald John Trump.