Friday, March 8, 2019

Who Put the Scare into Hillary Clinton

If I could just Trump up my Mind

As another Lame Cherry exclusive m matter anti matter.

As I type this, Zerohedge has pronounced the CPAC appearance of Donald Trump where he ranted for 2 hours as "unhinged" and yet from, a liberral site which cross posted at Zerohedge, the liberal writer noted that speech was superb and that now there was  not any democrat in the filed of 500 who could challenge President Trump in 2020.

On Sean Homo Hannity's page, there was this interesting epitaph on Hamrod Clinton.

Homo Hannity also had on "guests" today, one a democrat named  "Schoon" who stated his party had gone off the rails in leftism and that none of them could defeat Donald Trump.

Now who was it that put the scare into Hillary Clinton?

As the Lame Cherry always exhorts all of you to think, and to process headlines based on they are coordinated, we have before us a fiction from democrats that none of the candidates can defeat Donald Trump and a reality that Hillary Clinton has had the handwriting on the wall read to her and between coughing spasms she is not running.

I once again return you to the genus democatic party insider of Webster Griffin Tarpley who informed the Rense radio audience that the cartel's plans were to split the DNC into a Nazi and Marxist camp, with the GOP destroyed as a 3rd rate party used to glean off the American Christian vote to nothingness, and from that point on America would be ruled by socialism and communism.

That is fast becoming the reality, and as you can see in Donald Trump said to be filleting off the black vote, Joe Lieberman bringing in the Jew White vote, you are witnessing the beginning of Nazism in the United States to be led by National Socialist Donald Trump, as that is what Nazism is, National Socialism in the coordinated rule of the social corporate state for control by the police state and profit by the US Treasury.

In this era for you to open your minds to the reality of the overthrow of the United States, Donald Trump is not only the father of national socialism, but Donald Trump is establishing the communist party in America.

CPAC was not a Conservative event of bleaiting clappers, but it was the Communist Party of America Committee. The CIA asset of Alexnndria Ocasio Cortez would not have been risen up from a waitress job, except to promote the ralllying point of this "fictinoal' democratic party of the extreme. When polling numbers show that ver 60% of America in all but 2 states are Conservative, there is not any way that a leftist like Obama could have ever gotten elected, but he was when Bush family removed 10 million votes from the GOP voting ranks and gave them to Obama by electronic vote fraud in 2008 and 2012 AD in the year of our Lord. Donald Trump by action, will see to it that America will elect not a Bernie Sanders socialist, as Sanders is another intelligence asset, but an outright pronounced Marxist who will be celebrated in a future election as the salvation of Obama Amerika.

All of this began under Dwight Eisenhower whose mission it was to move the Military Industrialist State into a Soviet American State and it has been progressing ever since. Bill Clinton in loathing America would never have been possible before as much as foreign birthed Obama would not have  been President if not for this long term agenda, which is now coming to fruition over New York Valued Donald John Trump.

I simply shake my head when I hear the Mockingbird on Homo Hannity's lips praising Donald Trump in keeping his promises without any proof. Donald Trump promised

No one earning under 50,000 dollars would pay income tax.
The end of Obamacare.
American energy independence.
The Border Wall
The stopping of the invasion of the United States.
National Gun Carry.

He has not done this or 50 other things, and yet Homo Hannity states Trump has kept his promises. At Commie Pac, Donald Trump threw a bone of "I will remove funding from colleges which do not permit free speech".
What another load of shit that is, as the liberals will have the same lawsuits filed and judges will force Trump to hand over the cash and nothing will change. Those at CPAC who applauded this entire sham event and donated money to it should be ashamed as it was all bogus.

The only reality in this is that the leftist running in the democratic party for President is Donald John Trump. I am not stating that Michelle Obama may not be  forced into the race as a trully repulsive candidate as someone is knocking off the liberal women on this stage for a purpose, but in that what could be better in the Balkanized democratic party than to have Trump the sugar daddy plantation massah finishing up on Cotton Picker Hips Michelle Obama where John Kellly laid the first lashes to Omarosa in drivng her off the White House grounds for being an uppity Nigger.
Donald Trump pardoned liek 3 black criminals, while like Obama leaving Chicago to bleed to death for the competing dope rings for MS 13 and the Mex Mafia for the Wall Street franchise profits, and that is it. Blacks are fodder for this political plantation and cover for America's overthrow to pure communism and pure nazism.

It becomes easier when the orphan girl in her poverty explains things for you to understand and see as this is what has been unleashed in the United States in it appears that the cartel in having their carpetbagger Donald John in the White House doing all their wares, that they are the ones behind Balkanizing the DNC to produce the election of Donald Trump.
See I was not far off when I informed all of you months ago that the 2020 election was being set up to be stolen for Donald Trump as it was Obama. Old fat Hillary has been told and she is not going to be humiliated a 3rd time. She will be the screeching door reminding all that if only America had nuzzled her teats they would have been saved.

What this blog is warning all of you is in the same signs which I was noting in past elections. I told you Mitt Romney was a strawman and no one beleived until after that fake election. One person said "Write the check out to Lame Cherry" but the rich forgot to do that . I told you that Trump would be President by God's Grace and he was when this blog wrote the Time Line and no one believed that either, still no big donations.

The people behind this sham keep me around to monitor the affects of Mockingbird and to gauge the reaction of those mutants who are not brainwashed by all of this propaganda. It is noted here that the pauper pennies they threw at me thinking I did not know what they were for and who did the throwing, are going to be expensive, because the same thing which this written word accomplished here by God's Grace are going to make a mockery out of Trump45 in doing more political damage than anyone ever thought possible.

When you see polls showing on CBS that Americans agreed with Donald Trump at the State of the Union or CPAC, those are bogus polls, meant to lead the little lambs along behind the Pied Piper. When the left is supporting Donald Trump, that is on CIA orders from the cartel and they are doing that because it is their poliiies in Trump keeping Obama laws on the books which they demanded. They can and have constantly knocked down the reported net traffic here and other censorships, but yet here is the written word, and it is lampooning Trump45 and opening peoples eyes.
The cartel will accomplish what it desires no matter how many people's eyes are opened, but in all of this, it would be much easier in this ruse if some orphan girl was not telling you how the magik trix were really done.

A few million dollars for this popular girl to go fishing FROM SHORE, as I am not going to drown in a "boating accident" would be extremely cheap compared to the millions and billions in resources the words her cost in effort and time to keep chirping in Homo Hannity salaries. I tell you that the 100 million that the cartel disposes on Hannity, Limbaugh and whatever is like handing out dollars to Heroin Honeys in Chihuahua who keep using it to wipe their asses, as the cartel is not getting the bang for the buck from the dinosaurs.

Now you know though a coming reality which is going to have numbers of you recoiling and yet when you see it come to pass if the world lasts that long, you will say, "Lame Cherry told me communists would be openly running for the presidency and elected one day by Americans, and I just could not believe that Donald Trump was the godfather of it all".

I really would like the minders to shuck out the currency so I could go fishing as I have more than earned it, and the revelations here are causing all sorts of delays and problems for the final solution of Amerika.

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