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Donald Trump's Bettgenossen

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With Chancellor Sebastian Kurz on the Sherlock Holmes trail of who has been attempting to perform a Donald Trump coup on him, in sending bogus emails to frame him for the Heinz Christian Strache, frame up, which brought down the Austrian Government, Herr Kurz is not alone, as Heinz Christian Strache has been busy in the polls and revealed a most interesting revelation from Austrian Intelligence and Security.

What Herr Strache stated is that the Austrian services are focusing on..........

Wait for it.....

FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE services which set up Herr Strache and led to the coup against him, and Chancellor Sebastian Kurz.

In security circles, as it has been communicated to EURACTIV, it is now assumed that the person behind the video could have been part of foreign secret services.
This person could be part of the French, US or even the Israeli secret service. France, because it is concerned that right-wing populists could get a grip on government. The US because they fear Russia’s influence on Europe. And finally Israel, which is generally critical of Europe’s shift to the right.

This is significant as the Lame Cherry exposed this first, but at this point Herr Strache has produced more information in Austrian security services is focusing on France, the United States, Jewish Mosaad. It may be one nation or a combined effort, which literally conspired, colluded and obstructed the Government of the ally of the United States in Austria.

Apparently the gravity of what the above means has not hit you yet, in this was a criminal act. This was an act of war. This was an operation which mirrored the one against Donald Trump, and the significance of this is, is Donald Trump just got his GET OUT OF JAIL FREE CARD in the closing of the Mueller investigation. If Austria or someone else has building information that the Trump CIA just repeated what John Brennan engaged in, in treason by conspiring with British, Australian, Canadian, Italian and Jewish intelligence sevices against Mr. Trump, Mr. Trump will have his veneer of innocence removed from him, and this will topple him in the 2020 primary or Presidential election.
If Donald Trump had any inkling of this operation, he will be indicted on this and that will bring prison.

Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has already revealed that he suspected a Bill and Hillary Clinton operative from Romanian, a Jew collaborator named Silberstein who had meddled in elections in Austria, Ukraine and brought down Benjamin Netanyahu. With what Austria security is focusing in on currently, there is a certainty that this John Brennan / Obama / Clinton infrastructure was at work in Austria by the people named. Certainly Mosaad was involved and with the Austrians suspecting France, it is certain that the French CIA of Emanuel Macron, was this time the operational front against Austria, as MI6 was the front for the operation against Donald Trump.

Below is a most interesting series of posts from the Gates of Vienna blog as it tracks the time events of this coup in Austria. It is a fact that this recording of Strache was over a year old, but it was hinted at as knowledge by a comedian named Jan Böhmermann, before any of this broke that he was with Strache in the villa when this took place. Böhmermann is the person who gained celebrity for reciting a lewd poem about the dictator of Turkey in Erdogan.

I will highlight the pertinent parts, but what is developing is an absolute connection of an intelligence operation against Austria, with George Soros ties, and a group of assets who give out an award named for American spymaster Vernon Walters.

President Donald Trump had better blessed certain get his P's and Q's in order on this one, as this started with Mike Pompeo, who is currently Secretary of State, when he was the head of the CIA. Pompeo foolishly stated the CIA lied, cheated and stole in bragging about the CIA. With this information, concerning all Donald Trump was put through, his CIA repeated the footsteps of John Brennan in 2016, but this time unleashed a most hideous operation against not just European ally in Austria, but this was all designed to influence the 2019 European Parliament elections, toward the Black Jesuits who were allied with Steve Bannon in Euro Nationalism against Sebastian Kurz, the Germans, the Pater Pope and the will of the European people.

Donald Trump's Bedfellows, his Bettgenossen, have created an international scandal and an act of war against Europe.
After reading the information below, there is not any doubt that the American CIA knew exactly what was being initiated in Austria as John Brennan was employing the same types of stooges to go after Donald Trump.

After the rebuff of Donald Trump of Chancellor Sebastian Kurz for a Vienna Summit with Vladimir Putin, all of this looks like a melding of the John Brennan conspirators wed to the Mike Pompeo  leadership of CIA, in full coup mode against the Habsburgs, Sebastian Kurz and Heinz Christian Strache to keep Europe an American colonial puppet.

This is more serious than the charges against Donald Trump in collusion with Russians, as this is coming during his tenure, his rebuff of Austria, Steve Bannon colluding in Europe and this is tracking to the American CIA and NSA who certainly knew of the operation against Austria and Europe with intent.

The question is now, what did CIA Director Mike Pompeo know and did he inform Donald Trump?

Someone just posted that. So we have a journalist that has knowledge about it in advance, Jan Böhmermann.

00:10           about the video. He made references to it at an award ceremony this past April. He made innuendos.
00:20           In fact he said, just a moment… Böhmermann said in a thank-you speech at the awards on Austrian television a month ago,
00:34           in April: I’m pretty high on cocaine and Red Bull hanging out with a bunch of FPÖ CEO friends in a Russian oligarch’s villa in Ibiza,
00:40           and negotiating if and how I can takeover the Krone Newspaper so I can take control the forces of opinion in Austria.

00:50           He copied the exact content of the Strache video. Then the day before everything came out, he said,
01:00           “Tomorrow Austria might burn, you’ll be surprised.” So it’s pretty clear he knew about it. What we see here
01:12           is classic secret service work. So Jan Böhmermann is also responsible for the Reconquista Internet.

02:01           The Southern German newspaper (Süddeutsche Zeitung) and Spiegel TV.
02:07           Süddeutsche Zeitung and Spiegel TV are part of the Netzwerk Recherche (Network Research, German version of Media Matters)

         In the meantime, the Federal Agency for Civic Education and the Netzwerk Recherche are working together again.
02:51         So with a governmental institution. The government is pretty much the intelligence service. So it’s clear, they work together.

03:03         At the time the Bild newspaper wrote: “Even at the association’s founding ten years ago there were unusual procedures
03:10         in Leyendecker’s finances. He was offered a donation of a million German marks from a secret friend from the United States.
03:16         According to the internal protocols of the association, he was to give the potential donor his word of honor to promise
03:24         to not to name the donor. Who is the current chairman of the Network Research?
03:30         The former Spiegel editor-in-chief, Georg Mascolo. Georg Mascolo, has of course received various prizes,
03:43         and is a member of The Atlantic Bridge
. The Atlantic Bridge is an intelligence organization, not officially, but
03:52         in all my books and in other authors’ books it is explained as well. So the Atlantic Bridge is of course secret service,
04:01         or it is at least involved. You could probably say it is controlled by the secret service.
04:09         The Atlantic Bridge even gives out an award named after a secret-service man (Vernon A. Walters).
04:13         So Mascolo is also a member of the “Core Group” of the Munich Security Conference. (Already scrubbed from the wiki page on him)
04:17         The Munich Security conference is practically the meeting of intelligence agencies.

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