Friday, July 26, 2019

The Extraordinary Madness Robert Mueller Created

But I'm John Cusack and I believe in unicorns,
so it must all be true.......

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

If you desire to comprehend why the American left has gone insane as John Cusack in a tinfoil bonnet, it is good to revisit the propaganda of a year ago, in what these deluded people were being brainwashed by and deluding themselves into believing.
The Observer, parroting the Obama appointed John Brennan and the Bush appointed James Clapper were spewing to the media that Donald Trump would die in prison.

President Trump Really May Go to Jail—For the Rest of His Life


Before Christmas of last year, the press was telling these deceived minds, that Mike Flynn had flipped on Donald Trump, which did not happen, and that the victims for Robert Mueller's witch hunt were proof that the noose was closing in on the colluder, Donald Trump as he tweeted NO COLLUSION.

The following is fake news and it is what liberals were being lied to about.

Flynn’s fate has been up in the air for more than a year, and Mueller’s filing makes clear that the general has provided the Special Counsel with ample evidence against the president.
No, General Flynn provided no such evidence as the report concludes.

The problem in this for liberals is Donald Trump's writings were the facts. The problem in this for liberals is that Robert Mueller's report and Robert Mueller stated there was no collusion or obstruction. The problem in this for liberals is, they are hearing things and reading things in the Mueller report and testimony which is not there, but the Mockingbird propaganda they have been brainwashed.
These flat brains have been conditioned and will not believe anything else. Every action Robert Mueller engaged in, to protect the Missing Link, only reinforced the brainwashing liberals were accepting in the worst mind fucking since Nancy Pelosi used that poor Cindy Sheehan.

In reading the snowfreaks responses to Robert Mueller's appearance before Congress, the left has split into two psychosis of manic depression and manic panic

The depressed in their champion Mueller appearing ready for the glue farm, presented their apologies.

Where Mia Farrow is amensiatic  in decency in Rep. Omar married to her brother and Rep. Schiff lying to people for two years that he had evidence, Stephen King the writer does not know that it is BENT OVER BACKWARDS and not BEEN OVER BACKWARDS in an expression, but then these liberals are suffering manic depression on top of their other medicated problems.

Adam Schiff though appeared in the manic depression of some.

The problem for the reactionaries praising Adam Schiff is that Schiff has bailed on them too, in there is not going to be any impeachment that Hollywood demands.

Schiff: ‘I Would Be Delighted If We Had a Prospect of Removing Him Through Impeachment But We Don’t’

Some shifted to pleading at the panties of Nancy Pelosi to pull out her carving knife and give them a few pounds of Trump flesh.

The delusions of these manic depressives is troubling, because they are on Twitter and only their curtained windows knows what kind of drama is playing out in their gulag mansions as nothing else matters to them in being rich they can not even escape themselves.

The Manic Panics though have gone beyond John Cusack's whimperings to profane demands to impeach Donald Trump, as for some reason, Obama starting a war in Syria that slaughterd 500,000 people, the anal rape murder of Ambassador Chris Stevens, Obama arming mafia gangs in Gun Runner and Gun Walker, to the racist upheaval Obama unleashed gave these liberals solace that all was right in the world, as Obama's racism spoke of "folks" meaning White Americans........raping of gays to death, national genocides in Libya and Syria, to the extermination of White Americans is what quieted these people, but Donald Trump being exonerated by Robert Mueller, which is something they can not hear in this Mueller Report, is what troubles them.

I do understand the manic panic in these people as they are beyond reason. They are hearing things which were not there and demanding anything to have Donald Trump stop reminding them that they could not make it in a God given America. Obama lied to them so often that they deluded themselves his utopia was what the world was like. They are reminded of the Darwin facts in this, and are now in hysteria or a jibberish which is intellectual madness.

Two of the strangest posts are below.

 We have all appreciated the abilities of Vincent D'Onofrio and Patton Oswalt, but these minds are so locked into speaking in their heads, that they no longer can communicate in the outside world where Michael Moore is rallying the snowfreaks to spend millions of dollars for his next schlockumentary.

Of al the people, Michael Moore is the one who makes sense, as he is about bumping and grinding this to extend his 15 minutes of fame and get some more cash. That is his White Privilege speaking as Alexandria Ocasio Cortez would charge, the  problem in this is, in a world of liberal minds, something is really troubling when Michael Moore is the one in the midst who makes sense.

That reality should be a sobering few minutes for those above in their rants, in how disturbed their minds and souls are, and they are not dealing with it in a healthy expression, but are allowing themselves to be pawns again to democrat politicians and CIA trolls of Mockingbird, in they do not recognize the extraordinary madness they have created for themselves.

These people mock the tinfoil hat crowd, but they are now suffering from mania, depression and delusions. They are the tinfoil hats.

God save them from themselves in Jesus Name Amen and Amen