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Ivanka Calls For Modern Jew Stars For Americans

i WaNt reD fAG  laWS
sorry, that was red flag not red fag
as I want to exploit the anus and  confiscate guns

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For those who have no idea what RED FLAG LAWS ARE, which have become the Trump negotiating point in joining Amnesty with Gun Confiscation, the basis of it is this:

Say you have some person in your past you trusted, and the intimate friend turned out to not like you so much after a falling out. Perhaps it was a neighbor, a lover, a co worker. Everyone has people like this in their lives.
So with a Red Flag Law, that person who is upset, can phone 911, and report you as a threat to them or the public, whether you were innocent or you screamed at them. The police then report this a judge who then signs a warrant, that you are unstable, and the police come and confiscate all your firearms.
There is not any due process of you having a lawyer, your having a District Attorney review the charges, and not a Judge in a pretrail hearing to review the charges, and not a jury to decide if the charges are legitimate.

This is unConstitonal, but it is what John the hero McCain's replacement in Lindsey Graham is advocating to make federalized law and it is what Ivanka Kushner is advocating to impose on all Americans, like the Nazi regime had Jews wearing gold stars to identify them. In Ivanka's case, it is red flags which will identify Americans as enemies of the state.

There is never any harm in having the government mark people.

President Trump’s daughter, Ivanka Trump, agreed with Graham’s proposal saying that “Congress should enact Red Flag laws/ Extreme Risk Protection Orders in EVERY state and increase resources dedicated to mental health support.”
Many America First advocates have complained about Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner’s influence in the Trump administration, especially on the issue of immigration.

The Lame Cherry is about to inform you of things which you have no idea of, but explain what Red Flags are, as when the deep state attempted to silence me by sending Homeland here to interview me, I was placed on a list. I was innocent and Homeland knew it, but once you are on a list, you are marked as CLASS 1, 2, 3 or 4. Four is the imminent threat while one is a threat to surveil until a time you are deemed no longer a threat.
This list is fed into every federal and state agency. It does not matter if you are driving your vehicle in your community, flying in an airplane, applying for a loan, attempting to join the military, trying to get tickets to see the President or if the President appears in your city, or purchasing a firearm, your name is flagged and is reviewed, whether it is the highway patrol running your tags as you drive by or  the BATFE is reviewing you for a background check.

With Red Flag Laws, just like your posting something on social media, stating the wrong series of words in your smart phone conversation to trigger the NSA, all someone has to do is say your name to the Police, and a Judge issues an order, and this is a permanent file record which never is erased. It does not matter when you are innocent, because that record in your community goes viral, as it is immediately federalized that you are threat, because someone who does not like you is taking revenge on you.

Once Red Flag triggers, in Trump Law, this expands beyond denying you your rights, to mandatory psychiatric and judicial reviews. If you have children or grandchildren, then child services appear to not just confiscate your guns, but your children or keep your grandchildren from you.

Lindsey  I can be the Princess of Red Flag Laws 
and you can be the Queen of Red Fag...

The elders among you might remember Bobby and Jack Kennedy unleashing the federal police against people who disagreed with them, and they tried to throw military people into insane asylums. Richard Nixon used the IRS against his political enemies. In the  era of Barack Hussein Obama, there was nothing that the Birther  did not weaponize from the BATF against Hutatree, the IRS against the Tea Party, the FBI against Rod Blagojevich, the CIA against Donald Trump, the Interior against the Bundy's, to comprehend that George W. Bush's Patriot Act was quite destructive, as people like the Flynn's, Manaforts and Stones discovered in the Pissgate Dossiers.

All of the latter was done with checks and balances of FISA courts and people were still ruined. Ivanka Kushner wants to rid Americans of those safeguards, to make it easier for anyone accused to be destroyed without even the FBI, DOJ and a Judge in the process.

There are legitimate reasons that the Founder who wrote the Constitution in James Monroe and the signers, not only included checks and balances, but added Amendments to clarify HOW THE GOVERNMENT WAS SPECIFICALLY MANDATED TO NOT INFRINGE ON THE SPECIFIC RIGHTS OF AMERICANS.

The Founders would have reacted in revulsion to what Lindsey Graham advocated, what democrats are pushing and what Ivanka Kushner are attempting to overthrow in the Constitution as the protecting of Rights was more important than a carte blanche of protecting society from an assumed threat.

In the Constitution an American can not be deemed a criminal without having first engaged in an act breaking the law. There is not any place in any legal society for "extreme threat orders" to remove rights.
To explain this, it is legal to guard someone from a threat, bit it is not legal to put someone into captivity for not having taken an action. The point is, where is the beginning and end in this for the gods of Joe Biden, Lindsey Graham or Ivanka Trump?

They say it is confiscating guns. What happens when some other god decides that the police can take your children over this? What about your bank accounts? What about the big one in throwing you into prison forever? What about shoot to kill orders as that would solve all the problems of the threat.

Ivanka Kushner must be made to explain her actions, as Keep and Bear Arms without infringement is not about firearms alone, but about knives and all arms. Why is it that Ivanka Kushner is not demanding in her Red Flag Laws the confiscation of knives?

4 Knifed to Death: The Mass Killing in California the Media Ignored  godfatherpolitics 

If you read the facts of threat assessments, which Ivanka Kushner is ignoring, there is a far greater threat to people from Barack Obama taking hope from Black Americans who are killing themselves in record numbers.
Then there is Apple in the selfie culture being a threat to women.
Then there are Universities who are a threat to children killing themselves.

In all of these cases, no guns are involved, but where is Ivanka Kushner in her policy not demanding Red Flag Laws on the threat of Barack Obama, the threat of Iphones and the threat of higher education?

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 Maybe Ivanka will bring back the good old days to Americans....