Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Jew Acres

Jew Acres is the place to be.
Jersey livin' is the life for me.
Neighborhoods spreadin' out so far and wide
Keep Manhattan, just sell me that Black countryside

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

When this blog broke the story of the shooting in Jersey City, New Jersey, in exposing that New Jersey was driving out poor Black Americans from their homes, for rich Jewish families out of New York City, forced out by the high taxation policies of leftists in New York, there was more to this story which is not being reported and it is a travesty in the genocide of the American Black.

Hidden in this story is the reality that "businesses" are locating to New Jersey by immigrants, who in not any way can have a million dollars for a store front, which means it is like most of these franchises in being money laundering operations from India and Asia.

For the Jews in Jersey City, it is a matter of their being rich, not wanting to pay New York taxes to liberals they elected over Protestant Republicans, who Jews detest, bringing in hundreds of millions of dollars to Jersey, where the politicians lust for tax revenues, Jew deposits and from that the police are on orders to protect Jews and rough up Blacks.

Thursday, December 12, 2019

The Jew on Jew War in America

We now understand in this Christmas season, how the shooters in Jersey City have been lied about. One of the first things we have discovered is the FBI has been searching for a van. The press of course is using this van to libel the shooters as scum of the earth, but then the facts begin coming out that the reason they were in the van is because THEY WERE EVICTED FROM THEIR HOME.
In connecting the dots, who do you think got the rents raised in inflating prices in New Jersey, inflating taxes in their New York money flowing in? Yes it would be Jews, whose invasion of New Jersey made these Blacks homeless in their own country.

According to reports, attackers, David Anderson and Francine Graham may have lived in the van after being evicted from their Elizabeth, New Jersey, home.

This is not making any excuses for violence, but those are the facts. What are Blacks doing to do when their entire America Dream has been shattered and they have been humiliated in not having any reason to live?

Ask the question if these rich Jews who are buying up hundreds of homes and business lots, if they have donated anything to the Black community to help them in their dire straights?
The Jews came in and took a community which was Black, which the New York Times knew was a powder keg already 2 years ago, and these Blacks whose lives were destroyed, retaliated.

The worst of this is, is that Jewry was not content to be the victims in this. This time they went out and smeared the shooters as Black Hebrews. Now it comes out from the Attorney General of New Jersey, that there is no evidence of this at all. Yet this propaganda has been filling the press with smears against these dead people, because the Jews do not want the fact coming out that there are Blacks who claim to be REAL Jews, and not Ashkenaz Asians who are what these European Jews, transplanted from Asia are.

Think about this media smears. These Jews have dead and are using them to smear Blacks who claim they are of the original Israelite tribes, because the Black Hebrews expose the fraud narrative of the Ashkenaz who have been busy displacing the Judahites in the Jewish community.

The attackers, Anderson, 47, and Graham, 50, had expressed interest in a fringe religious group called the Black Hebrew Israelites, whose members often rail against Jews and whites, but there was no evidence so far that they were members and they are believed to have acted alone, Attorney General Gurbir Grewal said.

Of course the shooters acted alone. They were HUMANS pushed beyond their limits and struck back at their oppressors who were rich Jews in their mind.

This has devolved into a new slur from the Jews, in now the reality that the shooters attacked a BUSINESS deliberately, are being redefined as they really wanted to attack the preschool. There is absolutely no evidence of this, but that narrative makes Blacks to be murderous beasts, instead of keeping the focus on these were homeless Blacks, made homeless by rich Jews. These Blacks then deliberately chose targeted violence against a business, not against children.
It is probably something Jews would even agree to in this, that Blacks are probably smart enough to differentiate between a salami in a meat case, between children playing with Sesame Street dolls.

If Anderson and Graham were going after the daycare, they would have walked back out the door, instead of opening up on Jews and the Ecuadorian slave they were exploiting in underpaying this white collar finance worker from South America.

Like the Holocaust, it baffles why so much effort has been unleashed to create a false narrative. Is it not bad enough for the Nazi to have forced labor camps of Jews, whose elders sold them to confinement for their own skins, and these lice infested ghetto dwellers, were fumigated with Zyklon gas while taking showers, as their hair had been shaved off for nits and their clothes confiscated for vermin, and those Jews died in mass at the end of the war, due to allied bombing destroying German food and medical supply lines.
Why is it not enough that two Blacks were forced to murder? Why is it that these Blacks who were made homeless by rich Jews displacing them in their own neighborhoods, have to manifest into Black Hebrews in order for Jews to keep the lie going that that Ashkenaz are blood Jews, when they are a different race and only converts? Why is it that these Blacks being homeless has to have the implication that they are the scum of the earth?

There is a great deal of propaganda being created to produce a false narrative against Blacks that they are the vermin in these neighborhoods, and deserve to be eradicated, in the same narrative the Nazi's spread about Jews.

These posts are for Truth. They are to examine the Rights Americans have to not be displaced, and that includes Jews who vote for liberals in New York who raise taxes so high they can not live there, and end up forcing Blacks from their homes by inflation and taxes, in those Blacks have the Right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

This displacement is happening all across America in Americans of all colors are being thrust out of their communities and their American Dream has been destroyed.

Is there any difference in a Jewish group forcing Blacks to be homeless and the Blacks end up in the morgue, than Blacks reacting in suicidal violence by targeting the people who killed them with deeds, inflation and taxes? Dead is dead.

The Jews in this do not want the facts out of what is happening in New Jersey. They created a disaster in New York by voting for leftists, and not fixing it, they are forcing out Blacks in numerous poor communities. These Jews do not want it noted that there are bloodline Jews and convert Jews, as it would affect the standing of the Ashkenaz rich. The Jews do not want it understood the money involved in their being rich. The Jews do not want it known that their businesses and banks are making money off of laundering money  and that the resident Blacks are expendable in this enterprise.

The question in this which must be asked is, "Are you innocent, if you drive someone out of their home, take their job, destroy their lives, leave them destitute existing in a van, taking all their hope and dignity, and the oppressed rise up and strike back, or are you complicit?"

What is the difference between the Jews that rose up in the Warsaw ghetto against Nazis and the Black Hebrews who rose up against the Jews? They were both repressed people, in the police state was executing them, and protecting the leftists with the money.

Let the facts be what are examined, not the propaganda, because should it not be what is the focus in this is stopping this from happening again, as high New York taxes caused this, rich Jews forcing out Blacks caused this, and New Jersey in not providing opportunity to Black families to build their American Dream caused this. This is about socialism gone wrong again. This is about history repeating itself in the carpetbaggers invading the South as Southern Whites faced genocide in Lincoln's War.

Let us examine the facts, or is the genocide of Blacks in America what is the policy.


I just pardon Black crime
While Jared's their slum lord........

Once again, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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