Thursday, January 9, 2020

Banished to Canada

Get that bloody damn quadroon to that Canada thing

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As Queen Elizabeth is overseeing the implosion of the House of Mountbatten, in poor Prince Andrew being victimized for placing his royal penis into little girls provided for him by Jeffrey Epstein, as Prince Chuck is refusing to get out of the way for King Loaf Head and Queen Kate, there is trouble in Londonstan Paradise, in  the stable boy Harry, Duc of Sussex, was allowed to marry the zoo exhibit, Meghan Markle to secure Africa, but the problem is, everyone pukes nigger green at the thought of Meghan anywhere around them.

Queen Liz tried to banish them to the furthest reaches of Englanstan in Sussex, but  that was not far enough as the Queen is apparently puking ghetto green over Meghan now too as this quadroon is single handedly bringing down the British monarchy, that the Queen has banished the Harry and the quad to Canada.

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle ‘to step back’ as senior members of royal family, split time between U.K. and North America

All of this could have been handled if Prince Andrew had manned up and just made himself King of England. One would think that getting into Queen Kate's knickers, but once you have had Epstein whores, nothing apparently has the same temptation.

The Lame Cherry has reservations about all of this, in Hars and the quadroon appearing in North America. It seems a premature ejaculation of London power in surmising to annex the United States as a colony again, where void of Protestants Whites, Charles can prance around with his horse face wife in one giant park from sea to shining sea, as that is what the global elite have planned for America.
I just think Americans are not going to accept having a primate zoo specimen named Meghan lording over them. That Obama thing had no support as Obama's Black Swans had to steal two presidential elections for that Designer Negro. Meghan is worse as she hates America and Americans like Obama, wants zero to do with Negroes, is obnoxious, stupid and has stretch marks. No one wants a woman with stretch marks ruling over them. It is why Ivanka has none.

Yes Americans have set their future on the lovely Ivanka Trump Kushner, the heir of Donald Trump. Given the choice between the Queen's Quadroon, or Ivanka, who will of course convert to Reformed Protestant Jewry to become President, Americans will naturally choose Futurus Ivanka.

I would think that Donald Trump as an American, a President and all, would view this Queen thing in sending a quadroon to displace Ivanka, probably send her to some plantation to be defiled by a wog, would look upon this as an act of war. Meghan in Ottawa as her footstool, like that faggy Justin Trudeau, cuddling with Islamic terrorists, endangering Americans, for another civil war, would seem to indicate Trump policy would be to finish what the British started in 1776 and just annex Canada, and liberate all those Canadians who should be Americans.

Would not this just be peachy if Ivanka was not just the first female President, but the first female President of North America? Yes from the Arctic to the Rio Grande, it would all be lovely United States, having a lovely Ivanka Futurus over us.
I think that two nations of America and Canada as one under Ivanka, should have a new capital, and I found just the spot. It is in the Laurentian Mountains of Quebec, and who better than the Quebecois to make up for the sins of Trudeau, in being the diplomatic foundation of the United States of America.

Here is where Ivanka will build the new capital city on Mount Raoul Blanchard.


See is this not lovely?

I call the new capital, Ville Brillante. The Shining City of Ronald Reagan. It will create a big economic boom, end the stranglehold on Fairfax Virginia, and return the swamp of DC to less gator status.

Meghan can be returned to her kind and do whatever kinds of things Meghans do in quadroon joy.

This British thing of treating North America, like it is some Wedgwood platter one lets the royal dog lap swan liver pate off of.......oh that's right the Queen loves her swans, more than her colonial wog, but this impression that the United States is some possession to banish the stable boy and his pet quadroon to, as their coupling made Muslims retch and what is left of the English faggotry go limp in disgust over this joining of the hips, is a misconception.


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