Sunday, January 12, 2020


Come out me laddies. Mummy's here!!!


Queen calls for face-to-face showdown with princes Harry, William and Charles; Meghan in Canadian Exile!!!

Polls show that the majority of Brits favor Megxit, as some have called the couple's move. But a majority also opposes spending taxpayer pounds.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

One has to wonder what kind if heartless beast Meghan Markle is, in the distress which she has brought upon old Queen Elizabeth. The Queen has, like with Obama, opened her presence to the children of Ham of the Jungle, cleaned Meghan up, paid her bills, fed her, clothed her, made her Dutchess of Sussex, and after Meghan has gotten all she could from her "woke" Harry, she now wants to sell England.

The Queen was caught completely off guard. She could simply not believe that Meghan had bit the hand that fed her. Was it not enough that My Fair Lady was at Buckingham Palace? No as Meghan Markle was Lady MacBeth. gone crazy.

The Queen has summoned Charles and his boys and unless they suffocate her, the reality of this is, the Queen already has Prime Minister Boris Johnson moving on this, and the simple answer is, the Queen is not amused. Not amused in the Queen is going to remove all tax exempt status from Megs and Hars. The Queen is going to remove all security for Megs and Hars. The Queen will forbid all financial gain on the Royal Name. The Queen will let it be known to Harry and the Charles the following:

Harry is about to become a widower on the DieAnna Syndrome.

Charles is going to back this royal edict or Harry will be the next King of England.

Royal correspondents for the Mail of Sunday reported that palace and government officials "have drawn up a range of scenarios setting out the 'stark implications' faced by Harry and Meghan if they abandon or dramatically scale back their royal duties - including a major tax trap."

The question of security arrangements could also come up. Will their protection be paid for and provided by Britain? Or Canada, if that's where they settle? Or the Sussexes themselves?
On their new independent website,, the couple say "the provision of armed security by The Metropolitan Police is mandated by the Home Office, a ministerial department of Her Majesty's Government, responsible for security and law & order."

This shoots 40 Quadroons a second, how delightful.

The Home Office is both protector and executioner. Canadians are about to discover they are going to in these two stripped of titles in Megs and Hars, a huge cost for security and other welfare.

The Queen is absolutely correct in this. You just do not get millions of dollars in perks, and then tell the Queen to bugger off, and think you are going to keep her credit cards.

You don't shag with the Queen.