Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Bio Bait

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Fish are a protein source and numerous large species, including rough fish like carp and buffalo, are available for eating. Granted carp is more fishy and oily, like Iowa people delight in, but if you grill it, like salmon, it turns out eatable. 

I like baits I can build easily, and this one features catfish bait, which is based on expired chicken breasts. What you want is something which will not overpower the base flavors you will be adding, so numbers of meats will work, or an artificial meat in a gummy bear recipe, which I'm not including here.

Pollock are cheap and can be used too. Smelt, Spam. Add jello and you are good to go.

Do not overlook shrimp either with bio bait dressing. I would rather eat bacon, but that will catch fish too.

Recipe 1

Chicken cut into one inch chunks.

Strawberry jello

Garlic powder

(this is a base for carp fishing too)

Put all these into a fridge for three days and you have bait for weeks.

Recipe 2

Kool ade in cherry flavor.

You can use Berry blue or grape

As an alternative, use garlic oil, fish oil, anise or licorice. Trappers have as sweet corn oil for coons which works here too. Do not overlook coconut oil either, as it attracts carp

Recipe 3

Pineapple jello

Vanilla with alcohol, or put in a few shots of vodka as fish respond to it.