Saturday, April 3, 2021

Cacklin' Kamala


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Why do you burst out in laughter?

There are three types of laughter.

Something is funny.

Nervous laughter

Laughter recoiling from something hideous to deal with a situation too much to deal with.

When it comes to Cacklin Kamala, the once "Negroid" who is the Neo Mogoloid of the left Mockingbird media, there is a pattern emerging that when this woman is asked a type of question, she bursts out laughing inappropriately, ot the extent, that FDR never had a belly roll over Auschwitz, and yet Kamala Harris is that type of person. Like when 9 11 happened, George W. Bush looked panicked. Kamala Harris would have burst out laughing in front of children.

Vice President Harris laughing off a question about migrants receiving in-person schooling in San Diego while American students continue to learn from home.

Kamala Harris is not laughing because Biden vermin receive special advantages over American children who are confined at home, not because this is funny to her, no more than her laughing at the Biden designed catastrophe at the border. Kamala Harris must be examined in forensic psychology as to why she is laughing, as this is not nervous laughter, this is laughter over hideous events. She is recoiling over them.

Kamala Harris is not laughing in recoiling from the situation because there is nothing she can do in being helpless, but she is recoiling from this, because this is something she is hands on with. Remember the recent headline from the White House Presser, which stated that Pedo Joe is talking to "Birther Obama" daily, in this is Obama's 3rd term, but as Obama has left the building, you could say this is the people who installed Obama in the American traitors and the British MI6 which drove America into two world wars. This is who British bred Kamala Harris, like Birther fathered Obama owe their allegiance to.

Kamala knows she is a chair filler. She was added to take orders when Joe Biden is DOA. This blog will remind you of June 13th, 2013 AD in the year of our Lord when those individuals who are part of this, were displeased with the installing of the Birther and set about actions that day which made Pedo Joe the acting 44.

If you do not understand June 13th, you will never understand Cacklin' Kamala.

Kamala Harris is part of the terrorizing of children, the abuse of children in Anthony Fauci's draconian genocide of Americans. Harris knows that the situation on the border was to overload the system so paying Muslim terrorists and Global Criminals can pay to be muled into America. Kamala Harris knows how she flat backed to the top. Kamala Harris knows the election was stolen. Kamala Harris knows what every one of these Obama policies are about, and it is going to being about the erasure of Black and White Protestant Americans, real genocide. She knows that Americans are being hunted down to destroy them in they were framed.

When this woman goes to bed at night she knows that the 3 trillion dollar Biden bribe is that to the rich. She is not helping the poor. This woman knows enough of the devil in the details that louse infested children are pawns in INS centers. She knows that old people were given the virus to murder them in nursing homes.

Does that not make sense why Kamala is laughing. When a reporter asks her about American children being tortured in California, she knows why, knows it is the people who elevated her, and knows she sold her soul for those children's souls. The same souls of those louse infected vermin. She knows people are being tortured, raped, robbed, murdered, and she is a part of it, and her psychological defense is to recoil in horror and start cackling, so what is left of her soul does not drive her insane.

For all you think you know, all you suspect, Kamala Harris has had enough conversations, has had enough pointed out to her, has had the fear of the devil put into her in having no way out but to go deeper, that what you suspect is far worse than what Kamala Harris knows.

This woman protected Vatican pedophiles. This woman who fucked her way to power. This woman who has followed orders and shrugged it all off like water, is now a woman who is in over her head, and her cackling proves it. She is psychologically cracking.

As you have noticed this, those who chose her for reason have noted this even more.

How do you think they are going to handle this situation, based on how they handled things in the past.

That is rhetorical

Nuff Said