Tuesday, April 6, 2021

The White People Plague



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If you would find it strange that as the terror of the Wuhan biological weapon striking the United States in 2020, that Johns Hopkins, the source of much of the fake data which was terrifying Americans. the Hop was releasing a Plague Gaming Strategy called SPARS. SPARS COVID as it is defined, has one characteristic, it kills White People and the year is 2025 it all begins.

If you wonder what SPARS means, it is named racially for St. Paul's Acute Respiratory Syndrome. No no the Christian, but the renamed place of St. Anthony's falls, the seat of power in Minnesota in St Paul Minnesota, and this is where this new plague begins.

The quintessential definition of the Saxon, the Germanic Scandinavians, the People of the Lost 10 Tribes, they are the Caucasians, the Protestants who are in Plague Games to be obliterated.

Brunson, E. K.; Chandler, H.; Gronvall, G. K.; Ravi, S.; Sell, T. K.; Shearer, M. P.; Schoch-Spana, M.
Date posted:
March 05, 2020
The ghoul Anthony Fauci's Obama Wuhan plague will take 2 years to exploit people to make them submit. 2022 and the Americans are criminalized and hunted down, in 2025 according to Johns Hopkins, it will require three years to exterminate the foundation group which founded America and God blessed, the Saxon, from France, from the Lowlands, German, Scandinavia, the Christian character of America in being exceptional, is being plague gamed against and it was all published exposing thee exact same scenarios being gamed out now. They knew the forensic psychology. Coronavirus is but a rehearsal for the final act against the Spiritual creations of the Father in Heaven by Abraham and completed in Jesus the Christ.
Read what they have already gamed and planned.
They let you keep your guns, sold you more to profit off of your corpse, because they have a more deadly weapon and released the first round and are coming after using the vax to shock and awe the population to expect the genocide of the race.

This is once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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