Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Ugly American John

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

If you have not wondered why the Biden stimulus is only handing your crumbs and is instead going to crony payments to corporations, the Lame Cherry will explain this as this is Biden's payoff to them for helping him steal the 2020 election.

There is more to this and I will get into that too.

America has a problem of rot in everything. Our Protestant Christian success has been removed to make us unsuccessful by design. We are replaced by Mexican and Indian slaves, and all of this is based in shoddy Chinese parts which will wear out in a short time, instead of American, Japanese or Korean which lasted decades.

This is all by design.

The Late Not So Great America

The rot of America by immorality has been amplified to their destruction in low IQ Mexican slaves, retarded Asian technicroppers and inferior Chinese parts.

- Lame Cherry

Dan in Wisconsin

We were speaking with our neighbor, and he has family in Wisconsin who run a large dairy. His brother in law related this reality. The dairy when it caught on fire, took 4 hours trying to get the Mexicans out of the cornfields where they were hiding. These Mexicans numbered around 40, and as the brother in law explained, "You can't teach a Mexican a number of jobs to do. They can not multi task. What you have to do is find a job they can do, and then only have them do that or they screw things up".

Mexicans are not like Americans. You can't hire a Mexican to change tires, change oil, balance tires etc.. You need one Mexican for each job, and if Pepe leaves or does not show up for work, none of the other Mexicans can do his job, because they are low IQ.

You remember that as Joe Biden now has a new invader class of Mexicans who will not pick lettuce in the fields and why it is rotting. They want the skilled White and Black jobs of carpentry, mechanics, road work and they are being hired for those jobs and this comes to the second part in this.

Biden Binge Hiring

If you have noticed, job creation in the United States is spiking, with everything locked down. That is impossible, until you figure out that Biden's stimulus is not going to you, but to conglomerates who are hiring tens of thousands of these border busters, and that includes more Indian and Chicom swammies.

That is where the surge in jobs is coming from in debt spending is creating an artificial jobs bubble, which conglomerates make billions off of Biden money dumps to hire foreigners to replace Americans wholesale.

Remember now who one dimensional Mexicans are in physical labor and Indians are in technology programming. Remember that these jobs are faux jobs. There is little business in commerce in America and zero in export, so when this Biden stimulus runs out, there are going to be millions of unemployed Beaners and Currys in your communities without jobs, competing with you for food.

The Chicom is blamed for election sabotage, running intelligence warfare against America, but who was it that built China from the rice paddy, but Bush fam for the 1% and who was it that enabled China in biological warfare but Obama Inc. for the 1%.

Lame Cherry

Americans are johns hiring out foreign whores and selling their nation out to do this, and to their own erasure. People have spoken of the Biden stagflation which is appearing, but Biden's invasion and stimulus is creating an economic fiction which will implode hard. This is what is coming to America and the west, there is Biden restoration of the Obama Super Depression which will sweep through the West and move throughout the world. It is all part of what is the coming Great Eurasian War.

It is an absolutely perfectly designed Biblical event as Biden's trillions in stimulus will go like shit through a goose in these foreigners, as a trillion dollars does not last long with 1,000,000 vermin being paid 2500 dollars a month. That is 2.5 billion a month and almost 30 billion a year. All that money is not designed for vermin. It is money graft for the 1%. This is meant to keep things from imploding for 2022 midterms in more stolen elections.  The vermin are the most affordable part, as production costs in industry is what eats the cash quickly.

This is all an economic brothel and Americans are the ugly john in it. It will implode.

This is another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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