Tuesday, April 13, 2021

The Lame Cherry Knife Sheath


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

So like I was on a camper climbing cave exploring adventure.

This was a junk yard adventure as there are lots of mountains and caves in the junk. So there was this pickup camper, that JYG had speared and tossed on it's side. I do not know if this was the one which had Playboys and To Kill a Mockingbird, but I think it was. So as I could not get in the door, I went in through the shattered window. Lot's of chit in there, odd things that people must die and their shit just gets trashed, but I pulled out a pull out table and am going to use that to clean fish.

Anyway, think a fork had peanut butter on it. Nothing gross like peanut butter or shit on a fork, literal shit.

So there is this serrated knife and I think a fur skinning knife so it gets picked up, along with some other things I picked up like a little fry pan  and lid for a bug out bag and when I get home, I think, "You know that knife would but out as good as my Army ration thing, my Army canteen, so how about those peanut butter forks and .........yeah that knife is sharp and canvas sucks as a barrier, and I did not want to get stabbed in the kidneys by a knife running for my life. Getting the blade in the kidney is one bitch of a way to die. Fever, feel like shit, pain and you just don't die, so I was Inspired to build me a knife sheath to protect my ass.

Nothing to it, as it was an Amazon box, and the cards in the cardboard were running the wrong way, so I had to fold it over, and the Holy Ghost said, "Staple it", so I stapled it, and you know this is one dandy knife sheath.
I could varnish this to make it waterproof and hard as a rock. Could have designed it more suave looking, and put a belt loop on it, wrote on it something like, Sal de América, maldito Beaner, but I got a life to live and can't be writing love notes to border busters.

Anyway, you better get your shit together for an emergency run for your life bag. Bring lots of asswipe for one thing, but another thing, you will probably have nice things in yours, while ours has shit from dead men whose families chucked the load  and gave me a cave to haul ass in, in exploring

That actually is a Faberware knife.

Nuff Said