Sunday, May 30, 2021

Jews need to Woke


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On this Memorial Day of all days, how can Bill Maher a Jew, say something like this and defend Jews using martial force against Hamas.

Bill Maher: How else was Israel supposed to defend itself from Hamas? – HotAir   hotair 

The answer for Jewry is of course to take the shining examples George Soros in ANTIFA and Warren Buffett of BLM in the Obama Intifada, and for Jews to set up Woke Zones all across Israel, where Jews will be made to bow, with a complete set of instructions in how Jews are not to be haughty or arrogant or sent of signals that Hamas is a problem.

This is what Minneapolis has engaged in after George Floyd and this is the how Jews must take a knee, yes the Jew must protest the Star of David and take a knee in the Jewish national anthem and the flag just like LeBron James does.

Jews must apologize to Muslims, repeatedly for there Jew Privilege. Gone are the days of Holocaust reminders, as the Jews have Gaza Ghettos of their own making in these Palestinians, locked up for 50 years since the 72 War.

The Jews need to disarm. No more Israeli Defense Forces and for that matter, Mosaad needs to start toppling the Jewish regime the way the CIA did Donald Trump and Shin Bet needs to start hunting down Jews the way the FBI is hunting down Americans. This is a new era and it is time Jew Privilege ends and these other peoples start being allowed to riot in Tel Aviv, loot in Tel Aviv and burn lots of things down as Shin Bet protects these peaceful protesters as let us face it, the Palestinians are every bit as peaceful if not more than BLM and ANTIFA.

The true measure of this is when the racist Jew, has their elections stolen by another nation, and then they elect a Muslim to rule over them like Kamala Harris is ruling in America, along with Susan Rice. They hate Americans the way Muslims hate Jews, and it is time the Jews woke to the coming world and stop Jew Privilege.

To have lasting peace Jews need to go back to where they came from. That was Ashkenaz and is somewhere around Armenia I think. The Jew is not a Judahite so the Jew must hand over all their synagogues to Muslims the way Protestant Churches are being handed over to Muslims, as what is good for the European and American is good for the Jew.

Barack Hussein Obama began all of this, apologizing for America and bowing to foreigners. It is time that Jews apologize for Jewry and start bowing to Muslims. It is ridiculous that Bill Maher thinks the Jews should be defending themselves, because Americans have no right to defense. American Whites are blamed for everything and it is time the Jew is blamed for everything and start paying reparations to Muslims and start evacuating the houses they have and start opening their borders up to Turks, Jordanians, Egyptians, Africans to come flooding in by the millions as cheap labor for their commerce and Jews can just pay the costs as they can afford it.

The Jew needs to woke. This war thing, this police thing against Muslims must stop as the Jew is the problem just as thee American is thee problem as this is the same woke guidelines. They are toppling Civil War Heroes so it is time to topple monuments to Jew heroes and Jew leaders as the Jew has that nasty history of annexing Muslim territories.

Kamala Harris Urges Businesses to Outsource Investment to Latin America from the US   rumble 

The Jew must go Woke