Thursday, May 20, 2021

Princess Harry of the NSA


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I probably am rare but I never watched any of that shit  television which had people voting for singing star or this Kardashian ugliness, so when it comes to Princess Harry of California, I am unanimous in my disgusts in I do not want to be subject to this wog fuckers whining, in his coming up with fucktard psychiatric definitions in this new bute of. Genetic Pain.

“[Prince Charles] treated me the way that he was treated," Harry said. “There's a lot of genetic pain and suffering that gets passed on anyway. We as parents should be doing the most we can to try and say, 'You know what? That happened to me. I'm going to make sure that doesn't happen to you.'”

There is no such things a genetic pain.

You know things are pond scum bad when the Lame Cherry feels bad for Prince Charles as this Harry is fucking psycho as his mum Diana was off her rocker. Princess Harry must have a high dose of PMS hormones for the weird shit he is spewing about like Donald Trump's lezbo niece.

For review, Diana was nuts. She was running around with MI6 millionaire Arabs, probably knocked up and was put down for the problem she was.

Enter Harry in his genetic pain. He blames Phil, Liz and Chuck, and if you do research, Diana laid the egg that produced this girl Harry. Now in review of this, Phil was not fucking the wogs. Liz was not running off fucking wogs. Chuck fucked Camilla...........they are all dealing with being royals, and not whining about it. So it seems the problem here is not Phil, Liz and Chuck, but who Princess Harry takes his mental condition from in Diana.

Let us face the reality that Diana was getting banged by that guy who hung out in the stables. Harry looks nothing like the other Royals, so Harry is probably this horse guy. So you got a kid whose genetics reflect a guy who rode horses and Diana, Diana who got rode by the horse guy.

Let us face the reality that Harry has a fetish for fucking Negroids. Fetishes come from being turned on sexually in your formative years to a stimulus. I do not know if Harry was watching whores on Oprah and was wanking off, and got the jungle love in his psyche, but he fucks black because he gets off on Negroid. If his first jack off was to horses, he would be humping ponies at the stables.

As this is not something I want to write about, as this all disgusts me. I do not want to watch Harry who is rich, is spoon fed by the woke 1% conglomerates, tell us he is fucking nuts, and is blaming people who appear normal for some medical condition which does not exist.

The British elite, have this fucked up way of torturing kids like Americans do. In England you pack off your children to boarding school where strangers raise your kids and for some reason the little kids just look forward on the weekends to jam and toast or something. In America, the kids are sent to daycare to be turned into wicked little shits, raised on soy milk, and further psycho created in these cell phones.
In America you get Hunter Biden and in England you get Prince Andrew.

Harry likes lecturing about how to raise kids. Yeah his quadroon is being raised by hired help, and we know Jeb Bush got a hard on over his Mexican maid and married one. Those Bush brothers were all weird bastards, real sex perverts. So Harry talking about Archie who is still sucking the nipple is not reality. Archie will turn into some weird fucker too, just like all these weird fuckers out in Silicon Valley. I mean you got that hose bag Megahn Markle and that cock whore Princess Harry, so what do you think that little deviant will appear as, but some Greta Thunberg David Hogg, cross genetic freak.

I don't want to watch kiddie porn out of the CIA out in Bohemian Grove, no more than I want to watch the Harry porn whoring Archie for cover as Harry goes woke in America. America has enough fucked up Darwin candidates, deluging America to erasure, so is it not especially cruel torture in having Americans subjected to the slow crash of Princess Harry every month.

I do not watch television. I do not read trash magazines, so one would think I would be safe, but there are like a dozen stories of the Harry Soap Opera. The thing is Harry talked to someone I think named Dex...........I have no idea what that thing is either. It is like reality tv in people who no one knows talking to people no one cares about,  and they get paid Mockingbird fortune over this.

So you get the point in this, Harry is being paid by Silicon Valley. Silicon Valley is funded by the NSA or US debt spending. So it looks like the NSA is running a coup to either install Harry as King of America or bring down the London royals and install the zoo exhibit there.

That zoo comment is amusing as Harry called the royals a zoo, and Harry married a zoo exhibit.

This all just keeps  degrading to new levels of monotony. This is like Photoplay of the 1960's in Burt Reynolds fucking that old Dinah Shore. No one cares, no more than who that fat old Liz Taylor was spreading her fat snatch for.

I hope you got the NSA angle in this in Princess Harry as much as the NSA funding the foreign invaders. There is something worse than a society learning it can vote money for themselves. It is a society which is ignorant that the 1% vote for themselves money, power and the genocide of their natural born Citizens.

That is the reality.

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