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Shedder Vaxes Have Been Developed

 Disseminating vaccines are designed to exploit the ability of replicating virus-based vectors to spread through their animal host populations without the need for direct inoculation of every animal. In this strategy, vaccination of a limited number of ‘founder’ animals is used for initial introduction of the vaccine into the target population. As the vaccine is engineered to express target antigens from the EID pathogen of interest, its spread from vaccinated to non-vaccinated animals will result in coordinated spread of EID-specific immunity throughout the targeted animal population.

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For those who do not believe that the Vax Leper exists, the fact is that the above quote is from Dr. Fauci's National Institute of Health, in vaxes have been created like those Goddamn mutant mosquitoes just released in Florida to spread the disease to supposed kill other mosquitoes, but the fact is that nature has overrides as Round Up in herbicides has proven that plants find a way to still exist in a toxic killer environment. If you kill a million mosquitoes, nature is going to produce several which will survive and become breeders of million more survival of the fittest mutant mosquitoes.

And as we have seen in cow pox, diseases in animals become small pox in people, and wipe out populations. The link jump is evident in the biological weapon Coronavirus Wuhan as it is killing dogs and cats too, just like humans, and jumping to each species from the others.

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They Are Called 'Disseminating Vaccines' And Spread
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So we have it verified that the NIH has vaxes which they jab into animals, set them free, and they become shedders infecting other animals. That IS what this Synthetic Prion in the Vax is engaged in, and it is a rapid spread from the vaxed to the unvaxed. These Vax Lepers are a fact of life.

The NIH has issued a great deal of cover for what they have engaged in, in these biological weapons. They keep pointing to the spread of animal diseases to people, and use the time frame of the past 60 years.

Ok what year was it 60 years ago? That would be 1961 AD in the year of our Lord. The Last of the Baby Boomers, and by the mid 60's something was taking place in America, and that was MASS VACCINATIONS of children. In 1961 AD in the year of our Lord, children were deliberately exposed to the three types of measles, chicken pox, mumps, to get it over with. By the 1970's children were being vaccinated for these common illnesses which were no threat to the mass population. Suddenly a host of vaccines were being injected into children, and what appeared were new cancers, new autism and new conditions like shingles if you had the chicken pox.

The reason the Lame Cherry brings this link up, is all of these vaccines had one thing in common, and that was they were ANIMAL BASED, and no one has made the connection that if you give monkey based viruses which produced a host of new cancers like testicle and brain cancers, then when your DNA has been programmed to have animal DNA it does not recognize as a problem, maybe it is easier for a bat shit virus to jump into humans and cause Ann Coulter's Coronavirus Pandemic.

When you are what you eat, perhaps you change enough to become the animal bridge which you have been vaxed with.

Microbial movement into humans from animals (zoonotic transmission) has always been responsible for the majority of EIDs, including at one time EIDs that form such present day matrix diseases as malaria falciparum,[] measles and TB.[] For modern EIDs, it is estimated that over 70% of zoonotic pathogens originate in wildlife, entering either directly from wildlife reservoirs, or indirectly via an intermediate domestic animal host.[,] HIV, avian influenza, Hendra and Nipah viruses, SARS and MERS, and Ebola and Marburg filoviruses are all examples of zoonoses currently emerging from wildlife. All of these EIDs present a serious and increasing threat to health, biosecurity and economies worldwide. It is a sobering observation that most modern EIDs were entirely unknown before their entry into the human population. This pattern of emergence of new pathogens of global significance into humans from wildlife is expected to continue.

The task of identifying and preventing zoonoses is daunting, particularly given that the emerging pathogen may be completely unknown. The availability of limited resources and allocation of these resources over short-term funding periods further compounds the problem.[,] Recently, a landmark study from Daszak and colleagues examining conditions associated with emergence of >300 EIDs over the past 60 years highlighted the ineffectiveness with which resources for control of EIDs are being allocated.[] Allowing for reporting bias, this study indicated that emergence of pathogens from wildlife, which represents the greatest threat to global health, is not uniform, but instead is localized to distinct geographic ‘hotspots’ in Africa, Asia and South America. These ‘high-risk’ EIDs were also shown to be biased toward a few ‘high-value’ wildlife species (bats, rodents and non-human primates (NHPs)). This realization that global resources need to be allocated toward countries that have the highest likelihood of high-risk EIDs [] has led to the recent implementation of surveillance programs (e.g., USAID Emerging Pandemic Threats (EPT) program (superseded by EPT-2 in 2014)) targeting ‘high-value’ target wildlife species in ‘hotspot’ areas prone to EIDs. However, the recent 2014/2015 Ebola virus epidemic emphasizes the need for further investment in such EID surveillance and control programs.

In the following NIH propaganda, I do not believe for a moment the data in when trappers cull animals, that in the end, the animals become more diseased. The NIH bases this on disruption in you trap an animal and the surviving animals move to new  locations spreading disease. Honestly, the animal shuffle is a normal part of the ecosystem, but the animals would already have to be sick or infected to carry the disease, as what causes disease manifestations is too many animals in a location, and stress from lack of food and shelter, causes weakness to the system and the animal gets sick.

Mange in coyotes and fox is an example of over population. Rabies in skunks is another example in a skunk stores rabies in it's fat cells and when it is starving the rabies is released. Stress causes disease, not movement or being culled in numbers.

A horrid epidemic was created in the United States in the 1970's when Florida stupidly banned foot hold traps. The raccoon population of Florida exploded and with it came a new emerging disease in raccoon distemper. This epidemic literally spread from Florida, to the Midwest in just a few years.

It is a good example of shedder spread, and in that, it is the example of the Vax Lepers who were designed to shed the Synthetic Prion and infect others. The warning like for lepers is to avoid contact with these carriers.

 However, the effectiveness of badger culling is variable and somewhat counterintuitively has also been associated with increased, rather than decreased, bovine TB incidence in some regions.[] This unanticipated effect is believed to be due to the increased movement of surviving badgers following disruption of their social groups (perturbation effect) [] – with levels of perturbation varying depending on landscape and intensity of culling. Culling of foxes to combat rabies prior to implementation of mass vaccination similarly led to an increased incidence of rabies in foxes.

The United States and Europe has an immense problem in the diseased invaders being spread across their lands. They carry TB, wicked influenza viruses which were killing people in the United States in days, and they are all being vaxed, and flown by Catholic Charities in Boeing 737's across America, as spreaders or Typhoid Mary's of the vax. This is who those who are behind this intend on achieving an 80% vax rate. Human wetware are the syringes and their vomit, feces and blood is what is the carrier to infect people at work who will return home to infect their families. With Russia designing in ingestable synethic prion, it is evident the United States has this platform and if it has not accomplished it, will infect people in some food or paper products in the coming year.

Rense featured this link and is the source for this information which is crucial to understand what the policy is. There is no doubt that shedders were deliberately created to create Vax Lepers. It may be that being a ReVaxNik may not be enough, and deliverance will be the random chance projections of not having a Darwin candidate bringing this synthetic prion into your home or car.

This is once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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