Monday, May 24, 2021

their brain rot and their blood clot

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

What is becoming the evidence is that the vax, is a synthetic prion. The Coronavirus Wuhan had a deadly shit strain, and an inoculation strain which was released to neutralize the project which was Obama Biden - Fauci generated.

This began in North Carolina, was shut down when international alarm out of France exposed this bioweapon research, whereby Fauci sent the material which was Arab SAARS to Winnipeg Canada, where Justin Trudeau allowed the Chinese PLA to steal the research and send it back to Wuhan.

The original Chinese first strike virus, was supplanted by a release of the shit strain. The cure strain was released, and it was spread with the help of Obama holdovers by the Chinese PLA.

This cure virus did exist, it killed a small percentage of people. It was though this release which causd the turmoil in the 1% who had Fauci going no mask and then 4 masks, as the program was evolved to create hysteria to seize control to produce mRNA and AdenoCovid vaxes which are not a cure, but a platform to spread the synthentic prion in the original virus. This prion is the platform for human evolution by the 1%.

What this vax accomplishes is blood clots, cancer, HIV and brain rot. Linked into this is the spread by at least masks, a Morgellons fiber to build or transform humans in transhumans, immortals. The vax has nano particles which also activate a resonant frequency in the body which responds to 5G. All of the sicknesses which will be blamed on the ReVaxNiks, all link to this spike protein, Morgellons and 5G in the Musk phased array satellites.

The mystery in this, is people are being made ill from the Vax Lepers. Inquiry indicates that it is vaginal blood, feces discharge and vomit, which in ingested in contact as work place latrines are filth or more intimate in sexual relations.

The original lethal strain was feces spread. That is what killed Senator Bob Glanzer of South Dakota in a Korean slaughter house worker spread it to probably Walmart doors in shit stains and Glanzer ate the stuff, which spread in his family.

To keep this hysteria going inquiry indicated this was being spread by bottled water in common sources.

The results have been successful as the 1% has reached a fictional 160 million vaxed or half the population and on Pedo Joe Bidens time line, he will announce success on July 4th, but only limited contact as the ReVaxNiks have ruined all your burger grilling fun.

There is not a second wave, there are not deadly mutants from India. What there is IS this vax which is killing people as a platform. It will be 5G, it will be old age, but the ReVaxNiks will be blamed and become the target for forced vaxing.

The clinical programs in London of a 3rd vax is all bullshit. It is the same prion delivery system. Until more information is available or I have the time to inquire, we do not know what is in the next waves, but it is a conditioning in making people hostage to treatments, which will be expensive and require for them to give up all they have in property, and all rights, and become part of the Obamacare state for a few more months or years in vax gulag hell.

The Lame Cherry is going to provide you another exclusive in matter anti matter. Dr Lee Merritt addresses prion spread and links the vax to genetic genocide work. You should be aware that this vax eats ovaries and is chewing on testicles as this is a sterilization prion as much as a brain eater, without the Morgellons. The reason the Lame Cherry addresses this is the genetic mosquitoes in Florida which are released are designed to sterilize offspring. These vaxes are designed to infect others around the Vax Lepers. It is not an accident that a blood sucking insect which spreads noxious DNA by blood, is being released at this time. This mRNA has insect DNA in it. This bioweapon has a host of animal DNA in it. Dogs and Cats are dying from this mRNA and AdenoCovid vax. It is cross species spreading. When insects are the base of the mRNA, then insect residue is in the human, and in this transformation of the vaxed DNA, it is not that quantum to link a sterilized mosquito to sterilized you as the genetic barriers God created in kind after kind have been shattered in these bioweapons.

2 days ago ... Original video taken from; "In this interview with ..

Wouter Basson (born 6 July 1950) is a South African cardiologist and former head of the country's secret chemical and biological warfare project, Project Coast, during the apartheid era. Nicknamed "Dr. Death" by the press for his alleged actions in apartheid South ...

Aug 20, 2020 ... The plan to release the mosquitoes in 2021 in the Florida Keys, ... that will kill off any female offspring before they reach mature biting age.

Dr. Mike Yeadon of Pfizer is now stating the very facts outlined above. This is not about the virus. This is about the prion. This is about why Fauci, the Obama holdovers and now Donald Trump are lying to all of you. It is because this vax is designed to kill those who will not submit.

I do not believe this vax will kill immediately. It will kill numbers, but that is a herding technique in forensic psychology to terrify everyone for more vaxes they will have to pay for, vaxes for their cancer, their HIV, their brain rot and their blood clot.

This vax is a blackmail scheme to make everyone bend the knee. Bend the knee to be an immortal slave who will rot without treatment or die. As you can see by the humans that lap water like a dog, that most people have returned to their past vomit.

A Final Warning To Humanity From Former Pfizer
VP And Chief Scientist Dr. Mike Yeadon - They're
Trying To Kill, They're Coming After You And Your
Family - You Don't Need Vax, Masks Or Lockdowns
And Variants Represent Absolutely NO Threat

Still Want To Take The Monstrous Kill Shot?
You Better Look At This And THINK - Here's
What We Know - Please Watch And SHARE

Coronavirus COVID-19, 5G 60 GHz Millimeter Wave,
Chemtrail-Spread Smart Dust & Vax-Delivered Digitized
RNA Are Launched And Coordinated To Shut Down A City
Or Nation, To Commit Genocide Or Trigger An ELE

EMF Meter Held Over Injection Area And Shows
Man Is Emitting-Broadcasting Some Kind Of EMF

Fauci's Criminal History Dates Back Decades

Pompeo - 'Overwhelming' Circumstantial Evidence
Coronavirus Came From Lab

A Coordinated Campaign Is In Effect To Limit And
Suppress Reports Of Deadly Covid Vax Injuries - Watch

I will do my best in keeping you informed. It took me 10 days to get a most difficult physical project with TL accomplished, I'm sick by farming toxins and this drought, so it drains me and I do not have time to invest or energy in inquiry. Money keeps the information flow here going and the few who do donate have saved your selfish asses up to this point, and I realize that all of you are using the excuse of being scared as they pry your cold dead fingers from your bank accounts, but you are going to be far less ignorant when you make my burdens easier.

Everything this blog has said and outlined is coming true. I feel that the God given information leap is going to take me to the next phase as chewing this cud is somethign which I have already had accomplished through me. 

Why has Kamala Harris been in hiding the past weeks.

This is once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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