Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Reverse Speech Proves Wuhan Was First Strike Weapon

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

David John Oates appeared on Jeff Rense and released these confirmations of what are the established facts. I do hope for Mr. Oates safety as Peking has just been exposed that China was well aware in January of this year of all what this bioweapon was about, including making needles which would break. This was all PLANNED.

The PLA for the 1% designed this virus. The following proves exactly what the Lame Cherry exposed.in this was a first strike biological weapon. The Chinese Ambassador says GAIN OF FUNCTION. this is Fauci's bio weapon proven.

Peking will move on Taiwan. My inquiry into the matrix pointed to August as the window.

Cui Tiankai 

Chinese Ambassador to America (This  interview was first week of January 2021 AD in the year of our Lord.

Hello - I agree -cost a scandal - see a nice dollar

40th anniversary between America and China - But you serve a Nazi

A goal is something to work towards - Umm now we suffer

Americans support China relations - Germ made an armor, costs us

An issue of national sovereignty - We sit in that con

We always implement what we promise -  That's war in this earth  - she'll suffer

It is always a challenge in different cultures - Does a war sit

This is what we - We lust the war.

New year coming -  Cull it was habit

Critical moment in our relations - Fuck this - you better sell Nazi

We identified a few places in Wuhan - Ahead they are scared

We reported to the WHO - So loving the dumb

The general secrets of this virus - Gain of function in that

People still learning more about virus - The love send our Rome

As soon as we discovered something - We shatter needle (Chinese needles break off in American arms in the Pfizer vaxes. This was said 6 months before the needles broke. This was planned.)

Our national experts to Wuhan - This is dumb - Share not

We will move - Soon your DOW miss it we knew

Nixon visit to China - They nearly forgot

The pandemic spreading even wider - We serve evil

Hong Kong should have enacted it's own law - I see the planet run

Hong Kong national security - So lease the dollar

Work with ASAM countries - Do they use the dark path of the wolf

Should be resolved through negotiations - They show the noose (Going to hang Hong Kong)

I don't know what happens between US and Russia -  Help us lead it

China has small arsenal nuclear weapon - Run mess without honesty

People living in a much safe environment -  Adolf beat the law

China has 20% of the global population - The lies serving me Sydney 

Look forward to more interaction - This is shallow we cope

Hong Kong autonomy - Hong Kong busy

What do we have to do more and better now - Bullshit

Enhance China's standing - Boost enemy servant

The situation of the pandemic - Bomb it

Any country and handle pandemic by itself - I must sue - tip - Taiwan

Representing my nation - My government helps in the harm

So much confrontation -  Our force

Beginning of dialogue - They sourced my lover

Our joint efforts to form a global community - Go with our biggest con

It is immoral to take - Rome is there to show fire

Anthony Fauci

We did not fund gain of function research - Yes super germ

Nuff Said