Tuesday, June 29, 2021

The Evil Wine of Reverse Speech


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry hopes for the safety of Reverse Speech pioneer David John Oates, in his work forced the Chicom of Peking to recall their Ambassador to the Untied States who spewed more revelations damning China and the traitors in America, than anyone.

David John Oates had two friends who were close to him, an both are now dead. The FBI once started fire to his home after threatening him, and then stealing the reverse speech files connected to the burning of children in Waco Texas.

The fanfare is more of the same on Rense.com in Biden is a fraud, Fauci is a fraud and the Oz PM is fraud in they all are using this plague and are making it a con.

The Oz PM calls the vax, the Kiss of the Cyborg, that is FIBERFORMING which this blog first warned of. This twister was the one who mentioned the SCAB associated with is vax. He is plugged in and has more detailed information than Pedo Joe or the Baby vaxer Fauci.

Joe Biden

More lives lost in a year - Score foul satan (destroy America)

Countless faith leaders - There is a crime within the pastor

Protect yourself against the virus - Fix it disease

The delta variant - The laundry, Year of the Lord

When I ran for president - This deceit is here

Take someone to get their vaccine - Then the con

We have a chance to change this country - We defend this scam

Anthony Fauci

It is going to be quite dominant - Stab it in the mud

If a child is unvaccinated - We'll fake keep it ugly

Oz Prime Minister Scot Morrison

Important to get feedback - It was ashamed of that

Operation Covid Shield - This massive net

The second visit this week - Have that evil wine (the vaccine)

Decision we will come to shortly - Feel bullshit

To work with compliance with those orders - Here we're sad by you

To encourage staff to get vaccinated -  We'' mock at that

Make sure you get tested -  Don't see the need

The Astra Zeneca available - It's the kiss of the cyborg

Maximize the Australian population vaccination - I'm the scammer

Coming out of Israel this Delta variant - Seeing the lying you muck

And to allow travelers - There is no God

Continue to gather information in vaccinations - They're path avoid this (warning not to follow the experts)

Where Australia was closed one day and open the next - That scanned it

Process will evolve in stages - Need the beast to darken it

Continue to pair the plans - We lost in the heart

The state will support vaccinations of mandated workers  - Undiscovered opposite (Going to be effects from this vax which will manifest.)

Jun 22, 2021 ... China's ambassador to the US to leave after eight years ... China's ambassador to the US, Cui Tiankai, has announced he will leave Washington ...

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