Wednesday, June 9, 2021

The Five Deadly Hours of Coronavirus


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The above Freedom of Information Act on Dr. Anthony Fauci's emails, was posted on the site and I find in my soul, myself being stunned at the revelations which are coming out from the Chinese Ambassador to the United States as an absolutely genocidal thug against people in India. Europe, Australia and the United States.............

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The China-US Deadly BioWeapon Attack On America!
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To the Fauci emails which reveal that this crimes against humanity which Anthony Fauci has been involved in, as he has been lying constantly to the world. Fauci in the email knew March 11th, 2020 AD in the year of our Lord that the Coronavirus was a BIOLOGICAL WEAPON, meaning it was created by humans in a lab in Wuhan China, and was not a product of bat's butts or accidental spread. This was a creation of the People's Liberation Army and Anthony Fauci had invested over 60 million of your American tax dollars to build this plague.

Fauci Emails Reveal How The Virus Was Built

We have made jokes in America over the macabre. Dr. Strangelove, The Joker, but there is nothing to joke about in this as it is not over the top fiction, but absolute reality. This blog has explained all of this while Ann Coulter mocked all of you and others smeared you, and now the Truth is poring out.

We know Peking made this virus, used it as a weapon against free peoples to dominate the world for the 1% and now we know that Anthony Fauci has been lying, from keeping back information on Chloroquine which got hundreds of thousands of people killed to this reality that this Coronavirus Wuhan was a known human creation as of over a year ago, and still Fauci is lying before Congress and Senator Rand Paul is receiving death threats from the Fauci Mob.

Resident Joe Biden has a complex problem now in he passed along false information to Americans. He now has employed a doctor who makes Dr. Mengele look like a piker. Each day that Joe Biden does not fire Fauci and disclaim all Fauci is, brings the charge of Crimes Against Humanity on Joe Biden and his entire regime.

Anthony Fauci is without any doubt, part of a group which funded biological weapons meant to murder masses of humans and he covered this all up, which got masses of humans dead. It is a reality in all of this that Fauci and his partner Bill Gates were only the front men for the 1%, and are being protected. They will no more be arrested by the FBI than Nancy Pelosi for setting up the MAGA group on January 6th. It is the biggest disgrace to America that the Department of Justice is as corrupt as John Roberts and his now unanimous voting black robes, where liberals are turning on invaders rights.

This blog does not advocate violence in the least. No one should act out against these heinous mass murderers, as it is a time of Faith to trust in the Lord God to avenge His children, as justice has disappeared in America. The United States has become a hundred thousands times worse than what the Nazi 3rd Reich was charged with. This entire Obama Biden led PLA bioweapon terrorism should be before a Nuremberg Court on charges of mass murder.

This is beyond the Dr. Bat Shit woman in China who discovered a bat virus in bat cave shit, which was killing Chinese. This is a hybrid virus of human gene splicing and cultured with ultimate care for that Sword of Spike Protein to murder people.

The NIH and CDC are the Mengele group of the 21st century. They employed what Imperial Japan attacked Korean and Chinese with in World War II in germ warfare. There is not any doubt in any of these Fauci emails. This community KNEW this was a man created virus. They told Fauci and then like the Germans were blamed said nothing as the concentration camps went full production. Not one of these tax paid researchers wrote one Congressman or posted on Gaytube video. They all remained silent to protect themselves.

When it is always touted NEVER AGAIN, then why is it when it comes to Americans of all colours that Americans with India and Europe have become the holocaust of the 21st century and those behind it all remained silent as China spread propaganda.

In the Spiritual Chain of this, this kind of shock to the karma of the matrix will bring a wave of recompense like the world has never known. This bioweapon funded by America, first spliced by Jews in Tel Aviv and set loose on the world from Wuhan communists. has forever brought a new form of death to this planet with sterilization, cancers and brain rot.

It will require leadership and Pedo Joe has shown none.  America has faced it's Pearl Harbor and it's 9 11 and America has done nothing. That includes Donald John Trump in China will pay as Trump did nothing, but save himself and sacrifice MAGA. The Chinese PLA stated they want 200 million Americans dead to colonize the United States with the same percentage of Australia.

Five hours the Coronavirus was incubated. Those five deadly hours have injected the world into another Black Death.

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