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The Military Medical Conglomerate Complex


May 11, 2020 ... thanks to some f–king bat eating, wet market animal selling, virus making greedy bastards, the whole world is now on hold, not to mention the ...

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

You probably remember the Trump hating, Log Cabin up the Sodom Ass, Ann Coulter, typing an article which called all of you who did not buy into the official narrative that Coronavirus Wuhan came out of a bat's ass as loons, the fringe, the tin foil hat conspirators.

Some of you have forgotten this ridicule which put many people into jeopardy, and killed numbers of people as Ann Coulter smeared people on the right and the left over knowing this was a biological weapon and knowing that this biological weapon was too complex to have been a thing of nature, but was spliced together in a lab.

I would suggest that you watch the first part of this damning Tucker Carlson piece, as his mind seems to be stuttering, and yes he did take the vax, but he is indeed exposing the Military Medical Complex which caused the hell the world is going through.

Tucker - Latest On Fraud Fauci And The 'Wuhan Leak'

I'm going to put this in a synopsis so you can take away the facts.

Dr. Bat Shit in Wuhan, was working in an Obama funded lab, funded via Anthony Fauci, which was a biological weapon's lab. We now discover that the Pentagon, the same tools that helped Biden steal the 2020 election out of the NSA were funding this lab too.

Dr. Bat Shit, happened upon a rare discovery. Chinese miners had began dying in China, when coming into contact with bat shit in a cave they were working. Dr. Bat Shit immediately knew she had something rare as the virus had jumped to humans like rat shit in America in the Hanta Virus.

This is the first strike weapon that the Chicoms began trying to replicate. The first strike being against Japan, India, Australia, Europe and the United States, in the opening salvo of World War IV. The Chicoms needed something better than bat shit to spread this virus, so they dovetailed their project into two parts.

Part 1 was Anthony Fauci's North Carolina funding of bat shit viruses in humans. This was shut down when the French started ringing alarm bells, in this would wipe out most of humanity.

Part 2 is the Jewish involvement of Tel Aviv created a "non spread" virus called Arabian SAARS which they switched in Iran who wanted to use this bio bomb to kill off the Saudi Sunni. This SAARS was tested in Europe and sent to Justin Trudeau's bioweapon lab in Manitoba, where the Chinese People's Liberation Army was allowed to steal it, and ferry it back to Wuhan China.

Just as a reminder, Ann Coulter was ridiculing you and bashing you, and it cost people their lives, and she has not said one word to apologize to the masses or attempted to make financial restitution to the dead families for her part in this propaganda war on Americans.

The Pentagon Gave MILLIONS To Wuhan Lab
Connected Group...With Ties To Fauci

We witness now the Medical Military Complex which was behind this, as much as the NSA was behind Russiagate and Election Theft 2020, went on a psyops operation to spread this virus in assisting the PLA in this power and money making reset of the world for the 1%, complete with the January 6th framing of Americans.

The Lame Cherry will remind each of you of something at this point in the exclusives here, so you can understand what has taken place.

The Chicoms were about to release this bioweapon. They had the propaganda set up along with American and European counterparts. But, before the Chicoms could release their bioweapon which they had tested in E cigarettes and had also appeared in Italy before the virus outbreak to study spread, as this spread was attempted several times. It was in those tests that a faction discovered what was being initiated in China and that it was going to be used to reset the world. To counter this, these Europeans came to American off site labs which had variations of this "Coronavirus" which was a strain which would inoculate and began the process of spreading this protective strain. This was the S Strain. To drive this forward and provide cover, the L Strain or lethal strain was set loose as a counterstrike in China to confuse them and deter their major operation as it started killing Chinese not like their original weapon was supposed to.

The PLA did spread this lethal strain and it was jinned up the by 1% globalists in their propaganda to alarm the public for the great reset.

All of this though trails back in this reset operation to the desk of Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates and the black book operation which was intended from all of this, in creating a vax which had nothing to do with Coronavirus as it mutated to non lethal status, but a synthetic prion which would evolve humans into calls which required constant treatments for their lives. What will come off of this will be an identification that either you are an evolved human or a before Corona human, and only the transhumans will be allowed to buy and sell.

Apr 28, 2020 ... The abrupt termination comes after the research drew President Trump's attention for its ties to the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Tucker Carlson exposed the nucleus of this Anglo American viral spreaders for the 1% and it was Dr. Anthony Fauci and his counterpart a British American who used the powerful Lancet publication to mock President Donald Trump. Once again the same British MI6 operation in resetting America from Russiagate, Election Theft and Coronagate.

Fauci funded Peter Daszak and he provided the propaganda narrative in this echo chamber of the Mockingbird. Same echo chamber of January 6th, Qanon, Russiagate and Election Theft. The Military Medical Conglomerate Complex were fronting for the 1% in killing people and denying rights while being the source with Chicoms in this deliberate attack upon humanity.

Peter Daszak
British-American zoologist

Peter Daszak is a British zoologist, consultant and public expert on disease ecology, in particular on zoonosis. He is a ... read more

There is absolutely not any doubt in any of this, as the evidence is all there. It is in the Fauci emails and investigators, including liberal investigators have pieced the overview of this together, and the Lame Cherry will wait for the tourists to appear to catch up, but I doubt it as World War IV in generating and this will be swept under the rug.

We now return to the Fauci Cheergirl, Ann Coulter who once again stabbed Americans in the Right in the back at a crucial moment as that is what she is paid to do. She mocked all of us and all of us by God given insight have been proven right.

The propagandist that Coulter is, will never apologize. As you can see none of this bothers here, as that is why she is hired. She is as amoral as Nicole Wallace at NBC or any of this other intelligence community funded Mockingbird media. They would not have sold their souls if their souls mattered to them.

The Lame Cherry is warning all of you, that this virus scenario is not over. There is too much involved in it for real power. For Anthony Fauci to be exposed, means there is a faction operating again which is maneuvering the situation. Do not get caught up in this psyops, but you are informed to expect more problems in your lives from this viral operation.

This was the destabilizing structure to advance other scenarios to continue your cirminalization and intimidation, to where this is designed to produce what the 1% envision as their immortal world of master and slave.

You are advised to have your supplies secured so that when things happen, you will be able to stay home and out of the way, so these events pass over. When you have food, water, shelter and are safe, you can be content to pray your prayers, watch an old movie, read a book or whatever.

I'm going to give you some insights in what God placed in my reading list. The matter of what took place with James R. Hoffa as this will relate to events now, and I have begun a technical analysis of an early 1980's book in the structural rise of the 3rd Reich. When God provides reading, He uses this as the information base to understand current situations as they are repeating.

May God bless the Good Amen and Amen

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