Saturday, June 5, 2021


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have a revelation which came to me just now. You know or do not know the God revelations, some of you think you have them, and they are just you, or you are nuts or it is the devil. Doesn't really matter to me as that is your business with delusions.


As TL mentioned this past week, we have been enduring a rather vicious series of bad things happening. Things that should have taken 20 minutes have taken days or in one case months.

Now I have been conditioned to the bad things happening in threes and then picking up the pieces and moving on. Now so many things are in pieces, it is really a scattered order.  The way I deal with it, is to vent, and then to shrug it off again, catalogue it and move by the left flank.

I had thought that this was the evil unleashed in this world, and it is of course, but it is more. This is my training and the Christians of you are in training too and confused of what is taking place. 

We are entering a period of time before the evil warp of time is removed. Perceptions are reversed. Understanding is corrupted. Christ though remains Perfect.

Each of you must understand, that this is not achieving the victory as that is in Christ. What you are being is, is honed. You are learning to juggle a thousand things. You are assembling the bits and pieces to carry forward. It is not dividing and conquering. It is making holes in the fabric which is for a fabric which is of you which was and what will be.

You are about to shed your aura skin as it can not hold you if you are of the Light.  You are not of this world and about to out grow it.  You will not be one point of Light but of the Infinite Points of Light.

You are about to step through into tranquility.

The trials will be many and be overwhelming but those in Christ will not be overwhelmed.

The Light overcomes the darkness. Tomorrow comes where I live. By Him I enter where He is gone.  Where I enter you will go. Where you go by Him, most will not follow.

Nuff Said