Thursday, July 29, 2021

The Jan6ers in Jail


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Months ago Dermocratic Senators Durbin and Warren demanded an explanation from the Department of Justice over the inhumane and torture practices which the Department of Justice has been engaged in, in violating Americans detained indefinitely in the Jan6ers.

The tourist Republicans have appeared, the same tourists who were stonewalled by the DOJ and the FBI for the entire Trump tenure on the frame up of Russiagate, the William Barr non investigation by the vanished John Durham, have been requesting information from the DOJ over the mistreatment of the people who were framed on January 6th, and nothing has happened for months.

So on July 29th this group appeared at the prison where the Jan6ers are being held in isolation to break them, and for an interesting reason the prison officials were disrespectful of these members of Congress who were turned away.

As this blog has noted, there is more to this than just the Jan6ers. We have witnessed the deliberate alienation of Americans to the Justice Department, Government and with Patrick Donahoe, the threats by the United States military to hunt down Americans.

The break in the trust of Americans and their Government is by design. This is how it is accomplished and what former CIA Director William Colby who supported William Clinton, was most concerned about before the Director was assassinated in his home and thrown in the water.

What has honestly always puzzled me is the Nazi and Soviet mentality of "we were just following orders" in the police state elimination of rights. Why the entire FBI and Homeland carries out orders is puzzling, because they are not ignorant of these regimes, in knowing how their loyal followers were imprisoned and dealt with just like the undesirables. 

Not one person resigned over Hillary Clinton. Not one person resigned over the framing of the Trump supporters. Not one person resigned over Ashli Babbitt being murdered.

So what have we learned?

The most powerful people in America, the US Congress can be treated like Jan6ers and Congress does nothing about it, because Congress is suppose to look castrated to frustrate you and make you understand that all is hopeless, so just give up, take your vax and plead guilty to being an American.

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Anyway, Jill Ireland has the most beautiful hair in this movie.  Charles is greasy, but that is not the point as Americans are held in prison to condition other Americans that we do not have a Government anymore as the DOJ keeps telling them they have no balls.

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