Tuesday, July 27, 2021

The Sex Habit of Nancy Pelosi

In Ghana, there was a cock out!!!

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

David John Oates on Rense.com had entertainment in what a satanic person Telepreacher Kenneth Copeland is, and his political reversals seem to indicate that Rudy Guilianni like terrorism and someone had their John Lewis cock out when he and Pelosi went to Ghana.

Nothing like a celebrated Afroid getting a Navy ship and Nancy Pelosi is talking about some wanker out on an African trip.

Rudy Guilianni

Closest to a  pogram - Civil will fuck my ass soon

Teenage daughter - And I'll sue their love

Close to what the Nazis did - Lock Hillary

Six days of violence directed at Jews - Crime the Jews they lost the cowards

The violence against Jews - Some of those Jews they take Sacrament

All these involve Palestinians - I will miss Hillary

That day there was a demonstration - I'll honor the terror

Terrorists are not that hard to find - Listen they will laugh

Nancy Pelosi

A select committee is bi partisan - Tell herself an she'll see doubt

It is about seeking the truth - The crime made up (Pelosi knows January 6th was a set up.)

Abortion is an issue of health - And it shows this muck

John Lewis and I went to Ghana - There's a cock out

We may have come to America on different ships - Thee wind up

Joe Biden

Second gentleman is here as well - Draw horse help (Put minorities into the harness politically)