Thursday, August 12, 2021

Are you a Darwin Vaxer

I've had the J&J, Moderna, Pfizer, Sputnik, Astra, Peking, my boosters,
please just one more as I can hear that virus calling my name......

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry in the interest of public mental health, has diagnosed the Top 10 Signs that You are a Darwin Vaxer.

1: You believe everything that Anthony Fauci says.

2: You were vaxed even though you had the Coronavirus biological weapon

3: You believe the vax was to make you immune to COVID.

4. You are now worried about variants infecting you.

5. You wear a mask in your car.

6.  You think everything will go back to the way it was.

7. You think the ReVaxNik is a threat to you even though you are vaxed.

8. You are hostile toward the unvaxed, the unmasked.

9. You base your relationships now on the vax.

10. Nothing is alarmed in you that children are being vaxed when they are safe from this virus.

If you believe 5 of the above you are a Darwin Vaxer. Four and below you really should have your last will and testament set down as you are walking toward Vax Road Kill.

If 6 of the above reflect you, you are Delusional Vaxer.

If you believe 7 of the above, you are a Paranoid Vaxer.

If 8 of the above describe you, you are a Vax Militant.

If 9 fit you, you are a Vax Drone.

If 10 out of 10 describe you, you are a Vax Zombie.

There is literally no hope for any of the above as they will believe anything, follow anything and not question anything. They are pure Darwin in natural selection has destined them to be the filler in the great extinction event which is coming, as the devolution has overtaken evolution. There is not any natural selection, survival of the fittest, nor mutation which advances life. The reason the vaxed are vaxed is their genetics are retarded. They are the deer in the zoo just waiting to be eaten by the lion as their natural flight and fight has been arrested.

Are you a Darwin Vaxer?

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