Thursday, August 12, 2021

The Fountain of Vax


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I'm still trying to sort through my emotions on the progression of this vax on creatures it has been shed on, people who were vaxed who had not contracted Coronavirus and people who have been vaxed and had the virus. 
This is not all data, it is personal and emotional.

Last week a dog we adored and spoiled died, after being shed on by her owners. I have catalogued all of this in how the people have changed in character and how the dog who was old, became puppy like, and suddenly seemed to suffer a stroke and lingered in death.

My reason for trepidation on this subject is one of the first people I knew was vaxed is a girl I had attended Confirmation with. We went to Sunday school together and we are a theater act in the store in how we carry on.
The past weeks she has looked grey, haggard, her skin has sagged and she looked like she had aged 20 years. This was the Moderna vax.

Today I was not paying attention as we walked up to the checkout until I saw her and the first thing I said was, "Wow you look really young".

She is German polite and does not know what to do with compliments and I give her crap so much that she wonders about me, but she did look 20 years younger than the last time I saw her. Her skin was pink, it glowed, she was back to laughing and carrying on as before, after her vax lapse.

This is exactly what I saw in the dog who just died. As I ponder this, I have noticed the same perkiness for her owners, and from another person at the store who was looking old and haggard the past month. She too looked more vital and youthful today.

For those who actually read this blog instead of porn skim, I had on projections used dog years for human years, meaning the dog that died had a several month time line, and this would translated to a death time line sometime beginning in 2023 AD in the year of our Lord.

I'm witnessing a three to four week delay in the dog to the humans. I would consider that people should lapse and not have a recovery for several months yet, but they appear to be regenerating a bit sooner. This could be a benefit of enhanced health for a longer time line or it could mean that this regeneration happens almost on the same time table as the dog life table.  If this is the case, people would be on a time line of regeneration more quickly like a dog an therefore may project to burning out as fast as an animal.
If that is the case then the 2023 time line is no longer relevant.  In this people may delay a bit, and in that they may have a few more weeks or months of regeneration and then degrade. The time line appears to be compressed for humans, but not as shortened as a canine.

It appears in raw data, that the vax degrades and changes for about 5 months. At that point a rapid regeneration manifests.  These people were some of the first and those who were vaxed in the second wave. I could add to this a person I saw a few months ago who seemed normal, but when we stopped by his business he sounded like he had a southern accent and was not all there anymore. He was just slow. He still communicated and he did look good, but his condition was just changed.

This all bothers me as I have known these people for years. Some since I was a child and with this dog dying this past week, and seeing people regenerated in the same way, I'm concluding that I'm watching people I care about who will be dead. From what the dog's case revealed, this prion in degeneration will manifest in these people in the medical conditions they were prone to.

I do suspect that stroke will be the line in the sand which will affect the vaxed and the shed upon. I suspect at this point that those who had the virus are no more protected from this vax than those who never had the virus.

I can see the couple who had the virus, both exhibiting character change, and looking degraded and now being shining faces of rejuvenation and unless proven otherwise, they will stroke out and degrade. I'm expecting strokes to appear much earlier than 2023 AD in the year of our Lord, even earlier than 2022 AD in the year of our Lord, and sometime in early winter of this year in specific conditions. 

Unless I discover other data in observations, the data projects the vaxed are on a time clock based in this prion time line which will become terminal.

This is another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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