Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Biden Pronounced He is Politically Dead


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

So Americans are in a world in being hunted and killed at home and actually for the moment are safer with the Taliban in Afghanistan in the Taliban is not checking vax cards to let Americans through the lines to Kabul Airport.

The Lame Cherry just can not figure out why the State Department of Anthony Blinkin is not denying Americans re entry if they have not been vaxed first.

Anthong Fauci is still mass injuring and murdering Americans in this weeks David John Oates reversals by the good graces of Rense.com.

Equally Pedo Joe Biden is assessing himself as lost, and keeps referring to himself as dead and his corpse is being fed on. The Lame Cherry has posted that revelation that Joe Biden is scared. You can see it in his eyes. He knows he is no longer under the 1%'s protection.

As a sidenote in this, did not the Lame Cherry tell you to behave, not get into trouble, obey the laws, pay your taxes.......as in time bigger players would employed to deal with your tormentors? Bidencon if flailing about. They will never recover from this. Those pompous ass Europeans thought America was back in this installed troll called Biden and now Asia is lost. China will now dictate to Europe and China will soon gain control over the Mideast oil supply. Your best response is to donate in thankfulness to God for the work posted here. I was right again by God's Grace. The 1% will feed on their own trolls. There are bigger pieces on this board than you. Behave and let them occupy the 

Mr. Oates was shed upon so he did not finish the Trump reversals. Nothing from Donald John as what can be found in a man who left his supporters to be jailed in torture an hunted down by the FBI so Donald John can appear again in having kept Obama's programs and is Biden lecturing to get vaxed.

Do not celebrate the demise of Pedo Joe. It gets no better with him or without him.

Anthony Fauci

three vectors for vaccines - then they mark you. it will be lost

the counter measures - this disease is built

in India terrible suffering - They're war they're killing you.

I'm holding up Chuck - with my cash see the con

Joe Biden

al Qaeda was stopped - They planned it out

when you had the government of Afghanistan - there we know

the significant collapse of Afghan troops - am I useless toward the war

do we commit to leave - the battle will miss it

we'll get the people out - we'll fuck there to say it

provide the American people an update - this damned you feeding on my corpse

largest airlifts in history - when you snuck your lie in it.

Americans we evacuated - Our stealth led us to Lucifer sorrow

The ISIS are the sworn enemy of the Taliban - I'll be lost the demon

Why did we agree to withdraw - I feel lost God I need help

an agreement Trump had made - Hillary damned it

there is no way to leave Afghanistan - make the deal oh baby

we have an agreement in the Taliban letting Americans through - I'll be lost, the dead

Donald John

We made an agreement with the Taliban - I fixed the lie

The Taliban had conditions - I shared the good surf with him.

Pompeo knew this could not happen - and look the vandals sit

Nuff Said