Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Is China's Food Source Billions of Humans of Other Races?


We have on menu Indonesian boy on stick, stir fry Indian, 
Egg fu Australian and  General Tso African ass steak 

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

At,  meaning the 1% globalists have written now of the Chicom Taliban Romance. It is much more expansive than this though, as it is the transfer to Peking of Islamocommunism, or to put it plainly the Shia orthodox terrorists against those "Arabs" of the West.

Peking is gaining complete control over nuclear Pakistan, in the process of taking over trillions of dollars of rare earth elements in Afghanistan, and forming a land bridge into the Mideast on the old Silk Road.

China has need of oil and rare metals. It is being handed them, and the corridor to Iran in oil, but the 1% in the United States.

I'm telling you that the perfect storm is being created. Where China has industry, their slave workers follow and so does the PLA. I have told you that China is being baited into the Mideast, and China wants land access in this route to Africa and Europe. The Europeans do not want this no more than the Muslim Sunni Arabs.

The Lame Cherry will lay this out so you understand this.

Pakistan and Afghanistan is rough country. Iran is rough country. Rough country makes it hard to invade and or ship goods. Rough country though is easily defendible by a few fighters. 

America in this scenario has no desire to hold this rough country nor invade. This is the narrow valleys where it is easy to destroy all shipping, which is what China needs in war. The true sucker punch in this should follow when China should be baited into establishing millions of PLA troops in this region, into the Mideast. There is nothing there but sand and heat and it is a long distance from Peking. Get an army into that sand pit, and you can kill it by hitting supply lines from outer space. This is the realty of choke points. Get a large enough army on one side of a choke point and you do not have to fight it. You just have to pin it down and allow starvation and dehydration kill it.

China has a huge population source for military might. As China is lured into the Pacific, it will be lured toward Australia and Alaska. Again long distances and if brought into Indochina and Oz, that extension can again be killed. Just as Alaska in isolation can kill a host.

There are natural barriers in all of these locations. Australia is hot and dry. Indonchina is hot and wet with little resources. Indochina has a billion Indochinese and Indians each as buffers where there is nothing to sustain a PLA force unless they go Soylent Green and start eating humans.

In the Mideast, there are hot deserts, no food and little water. It is a long way to anything wet and providing food. There is nothing in the billion plus in Africa, and southern Europe via Turkey is no food productive again.

Again, China can be cut off in the Khyber, the island chains to Australia, Alaska has vast Canadian wilds of zero food to get to America, and then there are the mountains of southern Europe. All of these areas could be held by a small force of military resistance.
The PLA having to march through Canada thousands of miles, the Mideast in thousands of miles, Indochina and Oz for thousands of miles would die from lack of supply.

What the Lame Cherry has outlined are the kill zones. This will require high technology with weapons of mass casualties, but this is how one utilizes nature and food as a weapon against a large invading army.

This is not to say that China will not have armed invasion and sabotage in Europe and North America in their 5th column immigrants, but it is to bring to your child minds the tactical aspects of what you are reading as the hysteria focuses on loss by the United States, but in reality the Lame Cherry sees massive theaters of operations being initiated and China is moving with abandon and force.

Do you really think that quadrillionaire Jews are going to take orders from full wit racist Chinese for Shylock's cut and not realize that China will give them the Hitler treatment?

Just keep that fact in mind that if it was not the British Empire, it was America and now it will  be China and as the first two got screwed, you know the Chicoms are going to find the poison pill in this too sooner than later as this not going to be a Peking Planet as those in power are going to remain in power and China is just a means to an end.

Nuff Said

For example, earlier this month, Indian Minister of External Affairs S. Jaishankar visited Moscow and Tehran while Taliban representatives were in each city, raising questions about whether back-channel negotiations are ongoing. Moscow is preparing to leverage the six-nation Collective Security Treaty Organization to address potential trouble at the Afghan-Tajik border, which is being taken over by the Taliban on the Afghan side. As Pakistan’s relations with the Afghan government rapidly unravel, Islamabad appears to have negotiated a quid pro quo with the Taliban to reject U.S. bases on Pakistani territory in exchange for the Taliban’s assistance in combating Pakistan’s own Taliban-style militants, the organization known as Tehrik-i-Taliban. Meanwhile, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, an economic and security grouping comprising China, India, Pakistan, Russia, and four Central Asian states, met last week with future Afghan stability at the top of their agenda.

Amid all of this regional angst, China is quietly attempting to secure its interests in post-U.S. Afghanistan. Beijing has reportedly been actively engaging with Kabul on construction of the Peshawar-Kabul motorway, which would connect Pakistan to Afghanistan and make Kabul a participant in China’s massive infrastructure and investment plan, the Belt and Road Initiative. Up until now, Kabul has resisted participation in the initiative to avoid getting on the wrong side of Washington. Beijing is also building a major road through the Wakhan Corridor—a slim strip of mountainous territory connecting China’s westernmost province of Xinjiang to Afghanistan—and onward to Pakistan and Central Asia, complementing its existing road network through the region. Once completed, these new thoroughfares should enable Beijing to pursue its goals of increased trade with the region and natural resource extraction in Afghanistan. According to a 2014 report, Afghanistan may possess nearly a trillion dollars’ worth of extractable rare-earth metals locked within its mountains.

But in order to access these benefits, Afghanistan must first become stable and secure. With a Taliban takeover looming, China received some good news two weeks ago: Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen said in an interview that “China is a friendly country and we welcome it for reconstruction and developing Afghanistan … if [the Chinese] have investments, of course we will ensure their safety.” Moreover, on the sensitive issue of whether the Taliban might support alleged Uyghur militants against China in neighboring Xinjiang, Shaheen noted, “We care about the oppression of Muslims, be it in Palestine, in Myanmar, or in China, and we care about the oppression of non-Muslims anywhere in the world. But what we are not going to do is interfere in China’s internal affairs.” These words were clearly intended to please Beijing, which appears to be starting off on exactly the right foot with the Taliban should the group regain control over Afghanistan.

For its part, while Beijing officially supports Afghan national reconciliation, it is also sending strong signals that it plans to treat the Taliban as the legitimate government of Afghanistan should such a moment come to pass. Yesterday, the Global Times, a mouthpiece of the Chinese Communist Party, argued that “making an enemy of the Taliban was not in the interest of China.” And last week, the outlet cited a Chinese expert arguing that “the Taliban [are] quietly transforming to become more like a political organization focusing on the internal affairs of Afghanistan, and it is preparing to take power.” In an interview  with reporters, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi urged the Taliban to make a “clean break” with terrorism should the group retake Afghanistan. To be sure, Beijing has been preparing for just such a scenario. China first publicly hosted  Taliban representatives for negotiations in 2019, and private communications have very likely been ongoing for longer.

Beijing has also been deepening its already “ironclad” friendship with Islamabad to more effectively deal with any negative consequences of instability in Afghanistan. During the ceremony commemorating the 70th anniversary of China-Pakistan relations earlier this month, Wang said, “We should join hands in safeguarding regional peace, support the parties in Afghanistan in seeking a political solution through dialogue, effectively contain spillover of Afghanistan’s security risks, and ensure overall stability in the region.” Beijing will lean heavily on Islamabad to productively engage with, and perhaps control, the Taliban.