Monday, August 16, 2021

Joe Biden Loses All of Asia and Mideast in One Day


Yeah boys, I won this in 2009 as this was the war to fight....

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry will make a prediction over Biden's Afnamistan. History will show that either the United States died over Afghanistan or China died over Afghanistan, as this is a 1% turning point in history. China will either dominate Eurasia and the world due to Afghan raw materials and a land bridge to Mideast oil, African lands and Europe, or this is as the Lame Cherry projects a trap for China where it's hordes will be trapped in front of the Khyber wall, and through starvation and dehydration, be killed in war.

The Chicom PLA in that scenario will eat the peoples of these nations as they have historically done.

The Lame Cherry is not going to get sucked into the psyops of this, the devastating pictures of camp followers abandoned on tarmacs and the complete equality of this to Vietnam, because that is not going to accomplish anything, save what this is hiding is the US intelligence community which just stole the election for Joe Biden is now performing a coup on time to degrade Pedo Joe. That is what this is about, even if it is pure venomous fun to remind all that Obama with Biden told the world that George W. Bush was a fucktard for fighting Daddy George's War in Iraq when the real war should have been fought in Afghanistan.

Jul 10, 2008 ... Sen. Barack Obama called the war in Iraq a "dangerous distraction" Tuesday and said more emphasis must be placed on the battle in Afghanistan.

With the situation in Iraq continuing to improve and the target date for ending U.S. combat operations there approaching, in February 2009 Obama increased ...

... Obama emphasized the “right war” in Afghanistan in order both to highlight the folly of the “wrong war” in Iraq and to establish that he was not against ...

administration for choosing war were myopic and false. Yet as George ... It was clear that Iraq had drawn too much from the fight in Afghanistan;.

Remember too that the first thing Birther Hussein did in Afghanistan is put Americans at the base of hills and mountains so the Taliban could shoot down into those firebases killing Americans in evening the score for Obama's Muslims.

Pedo Joe has been all over Afghanistan, from when he was a Senator, like white on rice. Afghanistan was not a surprise, Biden knew the dope trade stake in that poppy nation and he was a part of it.

Joe Biden has been an Afghanistan wonk for over 13 years.

They also reminisced about Biden’s first visit to the country, nine years ago this month. On that occasion, the Taliban had recently been run out of Kabul and Karzai, then the interim leader, hosted Biden in a freezing room in the palace with no paid staff as the electricity flickered on and off.

There were absolutely no surprises in this for someone who has any half wit of a brain. The same Pentagon DIA that lied about the Soviet Union with the CIA, lied about Vietnam and lied to Pedo Joe Biden about Afghanistan. The defense contractors who helped steal the election made over 2 trillion dollars on this money pit and they were not about to tell Pedo Joe that the next phase was about to erupt in turning Afghanistan back over to the Taliban to become allies of the Peking communists.

So where do we go from here? The United States is now bombing it's own billion dollar systems with billion dollar systems you paid for, so the pieces like Obama's stealth helo can be turned over to the Chicoms, which will in turn learn how to kill Americans more readily.

This goes back to what this blog predicted in this is putting a hook in the dragons nose and dragging Peking down the Khyber to kill it, or as the projection is, the United States will be killed by China over Afghanistan position.

Pedo Joe Biden has shut down US oil production, asked OPEC to pump more oil at record prices, which again makes the US dependent on OPEC oil and China is soon to be sitting in the Mideast protecting Iran and then the rest of the oil there which cuts off American supply, meaning you will not have oil for your transportation when this becomes an embargo war before the killing war starts.

China has been handed all she needs, save food to dominate the world. Food means Australia and Indochina, and China will come for them, as much as a 5th column war in the United States. Peking has been given the means, and is taking the steps, this is the 1% designing this, and as the heinous British and Hapsburg royals are moving this for global domination of the few for what is left of the many, it is a certainty that a Quad War, of Islam, China, Russia as an axis will take on the United States and it's past glorious allies like Japan, for a complete obliteration of war population and technology population rivals of these two dynasties, meaning China is being baited that it will be allowed to lead, Obama Birthers are baited they will lead a feudal state America for their treachery, and the end result is the four will eliminate themselves for a new illuminated religion.

Just remember this is by design. Biden is on the same leash as Donald John and lied to as completely. This is being progressed past Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and do not think Donald John is the answer the 1% will allow as he is already on the leash piping to the hopeful who believe in the Santa Clause.

This will be more entertaining to you if you keep the Lame Cherry assessment as your view of this as this is where in future tense this is going and it should progress rapidly as things are in police state mode in the states and the hired guns will have to be deployed as techno warfare goes to slaughtering the kill zones.

China's strategy for America is not to destroy infrastructure, meaning your home and your gold teeth. They want this in place for their population to rule their Latin slaves, which means lots of your corpses on the streets in a different kind of warfare which China is being assisted on in the vax. The aristocrats and Jews are not going to be trusting China with control, so therefore the projection is China will die too.

You have been informed where this is going, so now you know where I have already been in the future.

This is once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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