Friday, August 20, 2021

Just about wonderful Me

This isn't about you stupid. This isn't about the school. This is about wonderful me!
I know it is as I made a plaque which says, I'm Mr. Wonderful!"

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The best teaching tool I have been moved to is teaching from events in the life God has bestowed upon me. People listen more intently when it is real events and it is interesting to them to hear how God works for His will for me.

There are hurtful problems with this though as there are always some pimple ass twerps with a chip on their shoulder cataloging things revealed here to be thrown in my face. It accomplishes nothing against me, and is laid only to their epitaph as God records all and God will avenge all of His children.

That is what our Holy Ghost led me to today in Psalm 18, in the verse by King David, of God avenges him and subdues his enemies.

Just yesterday I was reading the obits here, as piles of people are dying and I'm always puzzled by people with families who write nothing. There was this one teacher, who we nicknamed "Dad" for reasons no one knew, but he was a German hard ass. He was a fantastic math teacher though in I did well in his class where I was average in other worthless teachers programs in higher math.
His view of life was, "I played basketball. I never played long, because I played it like football, so I fouled out, but I had allot of fun playing when I did".

That was Dad, he was German to his core and he took no prisoners in the children under his regime, but the kids respected him, because it was the kind of tough treatment which brought rewards. One kid remarked, "He taught me how to make blocks and keep my mouth shut". He is my hero.

Dad was not someone you could get close to, but he moulded people into something they could build their lives on.

This though is not about Dad. It is about that prick boy who flipped me off in the cafe when he overheard my recitation of what a cheating asshole he has been his entire life. It was all true, and as he once picked on me, being an older brat, I never forgot him.

So I was having a good time reading the obits and who should pop up but prick boy, who is now an academic and as being such, he could address his mentor as Coach and the wife by the first name. No need to bother with the son they had, as what kind of sympathy would a child need in losing his parent, as this was about prick boy.

The thing is, prick boy, played basketball, and badly. He was a blonde haired, blue eyed fag boy. The stuff Dad beat up when he played basketball and a lightweight who would not excel at football which was Dad's sport.

So you get the underlying self absorbed message of prick boy. No sympathy as this was all about him and being personal as he was now of the elite of academia. So I was pissed in having my time ruined in that son of a bitch posting memorials to himself and clicked off the site.

That is when the Holy Ghost hours later started talking to me. See being an emotional girl, I was not using forensic psychology. This is what the Holy Ghost started pointing out.

First. prick boy only signed his name. Now would you not think that a leader of academia would put the wife and his name down, yet it was only him. Yes this was about his self absorbed prick boy ego, but others would read this and see it was just him.

When a husband or wife starts signing things alone, it means something chasm like has happened in the marriage. He has been castrated about something and he is taking possession of his memories and not going to allow her to touch a vulnerable part.

I started becoming interested in prick boy's post then and pondering in Spirit what was going on in his pissy world.

So we know the coof stuck America. I have mentioned that prick boy had hauled his wife to a new job, when he was going to retire in a few years and the wife had retired. They had a nice retirement mansion at the lake, she had been raised here as he had, and their children were here. Prick boy for his dick size in a new job, had moved them all to a new place, and then the coof came and the lockdown, and all the misery of that with the dangers, and the gem was I looked up the city and it said that it smelled like shit most of the year.
Sounds like a dream come true for a wife does it not?

In forensic psychology, I'm sure I can project this out. I'm certain in the past year and a half that tempers were kindled and in that time the words became, "We had a good life and you had to haul our asses down here, where we have no friends, and can die from this virus. You ruined our lives and I blame you for it".

Now that is hard to take for a man who takes photos of his ball sack all shined up to admire in wall to wall selfies. He needed desperately to validate himself, and life overtook him, and it exposed his stupidity and the wife cut his balls off which he deserved.

So prick boy all alone, goes onto an obit page of the dead and needs to find someone who loves him, a German hard ass who loved about 3 things, and all three were never prick boy. Prick boy is really pathetic and in understanding this in God, I'm quite delighted in God avenging me. Yes I prefer lightning bolts from Heaven as it is quick and screams are loud, but God in avenging me really cuts to the bone and then grinds the bones up to dust. prick boy had his god in a job, and God made certain that job was hell and made certain that the high priced mansion was HELL for prick boy as he was getting it from the wife. It is a guarantee the kids who were denied access to their mother were no sympathy either.

That is another facet in this, as Dad died weeks before prick boy appeared. His kids live here and none of them bothered to tell him that Dad had died. prick boy does not get the local paper either or if they do, the wife did not tell him, so prick boy was last in line lamenting how personally joined he was to this couple...........but not there son who deserved no sympathies.

That projects to an entire family not too thrilled with their prick boy and all he has left is a delusion of a coach who would shrug about him as prick boy did not matter.

The Holy Ghost has shown me that thee most satisfying of God's vengeance is when people are locked in the hell of themselves without any escape from their existence. People die, they go to hell and there is just hell in torment, but when they are alive in a living hell, they have their delusions and failings, and they have the hope that all is they way they think it is, along with puking from the flu or having a bad heart.

The last time I saw prick boy was in that cafe, and he had some minister pinned into a corner. Not one person said jack or shit to him. No one said a thing as he was too important to deal with people, and people could not give a shit about him either. It was a wonderful epitaph to this brown nosing, conniving, plotting, manipulating, larcenous son of a bitch.

The damage has been done between him and the wife. That lone signature of his was the proof. He is still little prick boy and getting older by the day and all the delusions are hitting hard in he will never amount to shit, even with his Minnie Pearl dress of so proud to be a shit hole that no one cares about, and the wife loathes being there, and for all I know she may have moved back and prick boy followed. That does not matter as the schism is there and it is permanent. It will not go away and in the end it will just grow.

Yeah, he probably should not have flipped me off as God was watching and God handed him over to his failings and the world is in pieces and permanently crashed.

Even being Gifted with the Holy Ghost I missed what God had accomplished in avenging me. I'm grateful for God to have invested the time later and informed me what His avenging was. This is not over though. This is just the bottom of the abyss. Now comes the parts of God making it a very slow grave.

Keep the Faith in God avenging you. I never retaliated that day and God kept His Promise of being my Avenger.

This is another Lame Cherry in matter anti matter.

Nuff Said

Psalm 18

47 It is God that avengeth me, and subdueth the people under me.

48 He delivereth me from mine enemies: yea, thou liftest me up above those that rise up against me: thou hast delivered me from the violent man.

49 Therefore will I give thanks unto thee, O Lord, among the heathen, and sing praises unto thy name.

50 Great deliverance giveth he to his king; and sheweth mercy to his anointed, to David, and to his seed for evermore.