Friday, August 20, 2021

The Phoebs of Cates


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry has informed the world precisely that the greatest actor ever was Joaquin Phoenix and the greatest television star was Jan Michael Vincent. The Lame Cherry prescribed by God's Grace the salvaion of the Batman franchise which Ben Afflick destroyed which the great Adam West founded.

The Lame Cherry must now address something she is moved to in adressing the greatest tragedy in acting and I fear in many ways this was the cornerstone of what set off the end of civilization.

What I address is the myster of a daughter of one of President Ronald Reagan's staff who was on a stellar rise to stardom to change the world as the public adored her, and in that end, the public being denied this creature comfort, fell into morose emotions and as America declined the world declined and wokeism soon followed.

It was going so well for Phoebe Cates after the Jews exploited this quadjewess of remarkable Filippino heritage by showing off her 17 year old breasts, and hired a sex double to roll around with Willie Aimes in the Jewland surf of Blue Lagoon revisited.

She was having a wonderful time at Fast Time At Ridgemont High as the naked breasts, now legal that all boys and lesbians lusted for, and then like Marisa Tomei, she destroyed her career in thee worse movies ever. Yes Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts are to blame for sucking the life out of all the good roles of Hollywood, but all the same Raquel Welch drove forward as the most wonderful actress of Hollywood in proving her abilities without being naked, so the rolls were there if Phoebe Cates had the position to achieve them.

She stated she turned to the theater as the rolls were good there. Yes so is being lost in the Twilight Zone, but it does not make a career of mind numbed nightly performances uttering the same stale lines to stale audiences.

The reality is Phoebe Cates association with Kevin Kline who would be her husband eventually, must be examined as the source of her disastrous career.

Kline is another quadjewry anomoly in why he was ever cast in any roles as he is the Tom Skeritt of quadjewry acting. His acting is clumsy and stupid. It is Juliard faggot like David Ogden Steirs who he  acted with, and every performance you are wincing hoping he will be off the screen so someone like Scott Glenn or John Cleese can provide the comfort followed by the virginal Roseanna Arquette or the virginal Jamie Lee Curtis.

The kill shot in Phoebe Cates career was this absolutely revulsive thing called Queen Moosemeat.  Cates had never looked more gorgeous, but Kevin Kline sucked the life out of silly cinema as he does all, and with that Cates became a producer of babies, was holed up on New York and sometimes appeared on Kline's arm smiling, as his career sprialed into the black hole of acting which it once appeared.

Lord God, if there was ever a worst duo, it was that Mrs. Ben Affleck with Kline in Cyrano. Let us be honest here in Jose Fuere crushed the role as he did all performances as the greatest theatrical star on film ever. The world was saved from some societal cosmic implosion in Mr. Fuere and Joaquin Phoenix never performed in the same film. Oh that would have been too immense, it would have become an opiate of the masses as narcotics would have ended and films would have ended as everyone would have been high just watching Phoenix and Fuere in that one film over and over again.

The world was in decline all of these years as Phoebe Cates was producing two children and the world languished as her presence in stellar roles would have lifted the masses as great stars always do in Great Depressions or World Wars.

If only Simon and Garfunkel had joined for one song, and sang, Where have you gone Phoebe Cates, the lonely world turns it's eyes to you", then Mrs . Kline would have been alerted to the paradigm and righted this as the daughter of a Regan appointee, she would have rallied the nation as she is just the most wonderful quadjewress to ever act. Just imagine the heights cinema would have reached. That Jew producer who was raping women and sending Ashley Judd in to Juddism psychotic psychosis, would have been spared his predatory nature as Richard Harris said in Unforgiven, "You could never harm the royals as one's hand would shake".  In that Harvey Weinstein and Bill Cosby's hands would have trembled when they were trying to rape women as they would have been put into place by the overpowering presence of Phoebe Cates in her goodness and position, she would have brought out the best qualities in the most horrid of men..........just not the best acting or if it was Kevin Kline's best acting then, what else can one say in some things are things that only God can do.

I would that I could write more on this, but the great sadness I experience in Phoebe Cates not uplifting the world in her performances all of these years is something that just dampens the word. The keyboard is less attractive. The letter less merry.  The heart mourns as one knows that Mrs. Kline daily sells women's trinkets in New York, wasting all of that wonderful talent, as the world sinks further and further into the abyss of birtherism and vaxicide.

Of course Phoebe Cates choices are supported here. She has every right to live the life God gave her and fulfill herself as she is so moved. If the world is not capable of raising itself and defending itself, do we really deserve this feminine Jesus raising us from our Lazarus of death? Oh for such a talen to be paired with Joaquin Phoenix or if only Jan Michael Vincent was not hunting down the non deceased John the hero McCain to bring him to justice, Phoebe Cates could at least add herself to some television series, as a tonic to the masses, to give them hope, to have them go forward one more day, in just knowing that Phoebe Cates was about to perform something wonderful as only she could perform that part.

I must stop now, as the ordeal of dealing with this subject is too much. The rainbow just out of reach, so shining in the world, so near and so far, so ready if only she knew what her presence has deprived the world.

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