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The Heavy Metal Vax


Dr. Gatesenstein's Monsters Look Just Human

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The following story is not from fringe media, but from the Government of Japan in they have discovered foreign material in the Moderna vax which reacts to magnets.

We have all witnessed the magnets sticking to vaxed people, and now a problem arose in the Moderna vax manufactured in Spain, but Moderna is investigating as they can not figure out how this substance was placed into 1.6 million doses of the serum meant for Japanese.

Several vaccination centers have reported that vaccine vials contained foreign matter, according to an announcement from the ministry, which added it will seek to minimize the impact of the withdrawal on the country's inoculation program.

The ministry said later in the day that the substance that had been mixed in may have been metal. "It's a substance that reacts to magnets," a ministry official said. "It could be metal."

What is patterning out in this is, not all Moderna vaxes in Japan had this substance, meaning there have been waves of these different materials in different serums. The best way to understand this is, think of Ford Motor Company. In order to make a car, they would get:

Rubber tires from China.
Electronics from South Korea
Sheet metal from Mexico
Circuits from Japan
Upholstery from India.

Now all of this makes a car  or a vax, but if you take the vaxes or the various manufacturers apart, you would be left with something in which you would say, "That is not a car, so what is this rubber stuff or this pile of circuits as I was promised a car".
The vax is the same in you were told this was for immunity from Coronavirus, and while you are getting in most cases that synthetic spike protein, sometimes it is a saline solution, and saline is a great carrier agent for other things which people are not getting sick from yet, but once the boosters with the other car parts start being injected, people will find out that they are going to be run over by a car.

In that the human body is a mass production plant, and in the needles is having introduced various parts of something which appears to be materials to evolve humans to a synthetic form. What is now understood is the magnetic material appears to be GRAPHENE, as very strong base synthetic carbon type material building block that when a receiver is included (The Russians claim to have discovered this nano type radio receiver in injections shared with them from America) that this graphene makes humans receptive to receiving high frequency type 5G signals. The Morgellons fibers on this graphene base, is the synthetic manufacture of an evolved human skin, bones, blood and flesh, which will not burn by design or cook like meat in a microwave.
That is the clearest way to explain this for the laymen.

The synthetic prion is the base of this, that other things attach to or "feed upon". The prion is the base structure in infusing cells and more to the point, converting sugars in the body to this extended life form.
What you have a natural life forms, like a rubber tree in Indonesia for tires, corn in Iowa for fuel and cotton in India, entering manufacturing plants and becoming this automobile. People are the same manufacturing plant in once being natural, are now transforming into a production plant to this advanced durable life form, which in turn according to DARPA lectures from the military, will convert humans to be able to produce anything from carbon based fuels to encrypted DNA in nano particle machines to computers.
This phased array of 5G and Elon Musk satellites will connect every human, and even the unvaxed will be affected or afflicted by a frequency which is designed to even change them to what the 1% have designed all of this.

The cover for this is the Obama Fauci biological weapon out of Wuhan China in the Coronavirus. Except for killer releases to promote the terror, this virus has mutated downward to non lethal status, and what the agenda is are these vaxes which are combing to produce what this is all about.
Children do not die from Coronavirus. Healthy people do not die from Coronavirus. The regimes paid hospitals to list deaths as COVID which were not Coronavirus.
This needs to be addressed again but CORONAVIRUS IS NOT COVID, no more than HIV is AIDS. AIDS was produced by the treatment in Redesivir, and Remdesvir is being used to treat or kill people with Coronavirus and the result is COVID. Coronavirus is a VIRUS. COVID is listed as a DISEASE. They are not the same thing.

We now know the distribution process of these vaxes in various forms. We know from Antony Fauci that this entire vax series of exposure will be complete by Spring of 2022, when he said the autumn, The 1% jerked Fauci's chain hard on this, so that time line is important in all of this. The next phases in other agenda items will appear in Spring 2022 AD in the year of our Lord, and these vaxes will be complete as the building blocks for the fiberformed humans in that period.

Will there be additional tweaking and other injections? Yes there will be as this transformation will continue. Those will be driven as the Lame Cherry projections assimilate the data to stop the VAXID a disease which will begin as a sore and a scab of rot on people, think of it as a canker, a cancer which rots the person and the treatment will be additional  injections. Basis of this is concluded to be associated with 5G cooking these resonant areas or magnetized areas of the human body which are not fully synthetic.

Do not believe that the 1% wants everyone dead. They want God's Lost 10 genocided a Spiritual competitors, one reason for wiping out the Assyrian Germans in this Shemite line, but dark light outcomes are not life giving, so this will decay and this will produce a problem in these assembling wetware who are being transformed into SYNWARE.

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This is another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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