Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Vax Suicide


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Being a late hatch I have older cousins who this post is about.

I adore this woman as she has been through so much, due to her Stage IV womb carrier and we get along wonderfully in the big Cherry fam.

She was not going to take the vax, as she was in a vax madate state, and we had discussed the problems with it, and then she mentioned, "Well I broke down and I got the vax, as I need it if I'm going to stay in my government job and advance up the ladder, and besides if' I'm going to die, I'm going to die, but I have enough prep stuff to last for awhile".

What the Lame Cherry wills to post is what my Beloved Uncle said and it is true,' People just do not die that easy". Dying is a very horrid process for most people. That is why the Bible declares a blessing from God as a blessed end, meaning you die quickly.

There is a pscyhology which has not been written of and I did not think about this, but this is my relative. The woman is around 64 years old. She is past early retirement and for that point she is just a few years from full retirmenent. In the balance, fast food chains are paying 15 bucks and hour, and hiring with bonuses, so what is more value your life or a job?

She could have gotten retirement, did her whatever supplement as many elderly do, and waited this out until some bigger events came along, as that would be the safe thing to do. Instead she got the vax, because it was the last part of the statement which is true. She is miserable in life and as a Christian is forbidden to commit suicide, so the answer in all of this is VAX SUICIDE. People who are miserable are in numbers taking this vax to kill themselves and thinking it is going to be Soylent Green with nice music. Dying from kidney and heart failure is a very slow and unpleasant process, as much as dying from brain rot in shitting yourself in diapers a dozen times a day and having very disgruntled people not liking wiping up your shit. You may want to die, but dying does not come that easy.

This is a Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter. No one has noted this forensic psychology, and no one has liniked this to homosexuals doing the HIV Suicide to kill themselves or those who due Blue Suicide in having cops shoot them. We are looking at a percentage of vaxers who are being vaxe to kill themselves. They are also the probable ones who are demanding that others be vaxed as they want company in their vax regret of a mass suicide.

This is disturbing and God knows all of this, and making excuses for this vax and taking it when you know that it is suicidial is on your record as God knows everything about your reasoning. Suicide is suicide, no matter if you shrug your shoulders and say it was the government who made me do it. Yeah the government will make you fall down an take the mark of the empire in denying you buying and selling too, and those sinners are sent to hell after rotting here, so do not think this vax is a special case for you and you can con God.

The best I can do is tell my relative about some treatments to prolong or offset any effects if she got one of the real doses. Here sister did and she looked like death warme over after her vax, so she is in the check out line of what is to come.

You can not hide things from God. So do not delude yourselves. You are now aware of Vax Suicide in this Dr. Anthony Fauci mass injury of the human race.

Nuff Said