Thursday, September 9, 2021

Is a 100,000 Dollars Enough For a Government Trained Terrorist?


Why are we looking for some bomber when Climate Change 
and people being white is the true stranger danger.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The video shows the suspect, who is wearing a hoodie, face mask, gloves, and is carrying a backpack, entering the video frame, surveilling a city sidewalk, and sitting on a bench before getting up and leaving. The person also appears to check a cellphone during the video.

7:34 PM - 8:00 PM = 26 minutes.


8:08 PM - 8:18 PM = 10 minutes


Lapse DNC to RNC = 8 minutes

Choice of DNC first. Invested most time.

RNC less hesitant in faster time.

Connection venue North Carolina Ave SE. 2nd Street SE. Distance 2 city blocks traveled in 8 minutes. 4 minutes per block. No video. No circling to ascertain if being followed. Direct course. Knowledge of course. No hesitation.

Subject circled. Caution. Subject chose one way in same way out.

Only logical conclusion. Subject had prior knowledge of areas. Subject was not circling to ascertain they were being tailed. Subject was leaving video footage for the FBI to study.

Projection: Subject desired to associate with FBI or subject worked for FBI. Subject either was ordered to leave video evidence for media intrigue or to taunt law enforcement in being superior to federal and DC law enforcement.

Conclusion 8 minutes travel time. Is the FBI hiding the video of this transverse area? If not, subject disappeared, doubtful he went sewer. So travel was concealed. Concealed in auto is logical projection.
Why is FBI concealing what is specific evidence as vehicles are finite, as are On Star tracking.

Subject was familiar with locations. Subject was trained by government resources in evasion, knowledge of police state and pyrotechnic devices. Subject trained in evasion of  surveillance. 

Psychological forensic evidence examination.

This is another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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