Sunday, September 5, 2021

The Vaxed Dying like Ferrets and Filipinos.


My vax will transform you from a fat assed old shrew
into what you never were, a beautiful woman.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It should not be necessary to place caveats, but as a Protestant Christian Conservative, I have not appreciated the damage which the Kennedy family did to America with liberalism. The work which Robert Kennedy jr. always seemed the kind of Prince Charles laments about rich people worries about things poor people needed to survive whether it be guns or gasoline. In stating that, Robert Kennedy jr., in the past year has done more for saving humanity than his entire family and every person in power, in his work of explaining what the lethal dangers are of the mRNA vax.

The Lame Cherry sincerely requests if you have the bandwidth to watch the following 5 minutes with RFK jr. He explains in the simplest of terms in who dangerous this mRNA is and that includes the AdenCoronavirus as none of this has been tested.

Ferrets are used in lung viruses because they resemble humans most. The ferrets in tests were given Coronavirus, mRNA, recovered, but exposed to a normal variety and they all died.

The theory in this is based on other disasters in mRNA is that perhaps 25% to more of people who have been vaxed, are going to succumb to a wild virus.

I'm still puzzling over the bizarre aspects of people coming and going in the vaxed. They disapper, then reappear. They should be active and yet the only person I saw on a vacation weekend was on vaxed person driving, and he was not very happy as usually a happy soul.

This synthetic prion is causing numerous problems and as a personal note, a vaxed person we had contact with, caught a sore throat. It was necessary to do business with them, but in this period we got diarrhea, I had throat problems, and I also had for two days a pleurisy lung. My intestines are still not back to normal as they are inflamed it seems.

This is the first relevant variant the Lame Cherry would agree exists. It is a developed bug that is spreading in the vaxed and cross transmitting to the ReVaxNik. Is it deadly? It does not appear so. It is though to be a super problem in SynVaxViral hybrid as was intended in using humans as breeder test tubes.

This is what the group that ghoul Anthony Fauci is promoting these every 5 month vaxes.

The Lame Cherry sees a projection now in these raw data, that like on the Star Trek episode on Eden, a carrier of a synthetic virus was quarantined, because in their sterile environments a super virus created itself to attack humans.

The Lame Cherry does not believe that the problem lays in wild viruses to kill people in numbers, but the problem is one of these Synthetic Variants which is either going to appear or already has in vaxed people, which will begin spreading at the end of an 18 month period which will make people die like Ferrets or Filipinos.

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This is another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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