Saturday, August 30, 2008

Introducing Barack Obama

I would like to introduce to you Barack Obama.

I know, I know, you are already thinking, "I know that guy", but does one really know the man who is climbing the stairway to supplant salvation and the forces which are mustering around him in so many forms.

It probably was missed by most people that the month of August began on the eclipse and the dark of the moon during the birthday of Barack Obama on August 4th.
August ended in the rare blue moon of the 30th in having two dark moons after the 28th acceptance speech of Senator Obama. The month began and ended in darkness in August in the period of the power days of birth and power for him.
Power days are important as Mr. Obama noted in his August 28th speech he wished to mirror another speech made by Martin King jr. when "he had a dream". Mr. Kings venue was the Temple of Lincoln in the sun of the day.
Mr. Obama's venue was the mile high stadium, open to the arisen stars where the dark sun of Saturn stands in the opposite of Martin King.
As Barack Obama sought to supplant Dr. King in his power, his mirror image was one of the darkness of change, revolution or chaos in Denver to the light of I have a dream.

Some have quipped Mr. Obama was recreating in Denver the Nazi Nuremberg rally as his visiting of Adolf Hitler's favorite monument in Germany for his rock tour speech would link him to that, but this was not the occult of Nazism. It was instead Saturnalia, the ancient rites older than Babylon where the Golden Age ruled until a cosmic disruption occurred a little under 6000 years ago and the age of Jupiter began.
This story can be found in all the ancients from Egypt in Ra and Osiris to the noted Saturn Kronos and Jupiter Zeus. The time as a reference point is of the Flood of Noah, the world not only changed but the stars did too.

The earth was described as Paradise in the Golden Time which had a perpetual spring. Scientists have found there was indeed a time when the earth's oceans were warm and temperatures did not grow cold.
This means that while the earth rotated for day and night. The earth did not tilt on it's axis producing seasons.
The Bible specifically notes in this time that a mist watered the earth and it was not until the Flood that it started to rain and weather cycles began. It was at this time which people who used to live almost 1000 years would due to what changed in the earth to only live around 120 years.

In the life of Noah's sons, one of his decedents is listed as named Peleg, which means, "In his years was the earth divided".
This was not just the languages being confused or divided after Nimrod succeeded in uniting the world under his one world order in being the first false messiah, but as a literal splitting of the one land mass legends say the world was into the continents across the globe.

What must be understood in this recorded history is during this time of upheaval, the women "wept" for Saturn for something was going on in the sky as a sign.
The legends speak of Saturn being overtaken by Jupiter and disappearing. Saturn being cast to the ground, as satan was out of heaven, and after this Saturn appears as life and death with Jupiter ruling in the sky.
This phenomena is universal from Mayan, Greek, Roman, Indian and Egyptian. The entire earth population was in upheaval after their language fragmented and they took with them the knowledge of the Sons of God in Spiritual salvation and mixed those facts with events they were watching in the sky and experiencing on earth.

What this appears to record is they watched Jupiter in orbit close on Saturn which is behind Jupiter so it supplanted Saturn. It is conjecture if this is when the asteroid belt was created in some lesser collision of a planetoid, but it seems from this area of the sky they found a comet which fell to earth.
Hence satan in symbol fell to earth to match what now ignorant separated peoples understood as now seasons began, this Saturn, sowing and the force of death became in pagan religions the gods of Cronos or Osiris.

The reason this matters in the messiah Obama and his Mile High Denver Temple has in them unlucky stars and bad omen foretelling the world of the forces incorporated behind Barack Obama in intent.
(As an additional note, the hurricanes and bad star signs before the GOP convention are not the same as for Obama, they do though portend both that a tumultuous time is coming for the American people. Instead of trying to make political gain out of this, people should put their center in God and be civil to one another.
One can not trust in the stars or omens as God will deliver those He chooses, but in trusting in God one can see signs and prepare for troubled times ahead.)

If one does a search, one can find numerous astrologers who are devotees of Sen. Obama, but all are lying to themselves in not watching the signs as they are voting for him.

One amusing astrologer noted the stars were counselling on August 28th; The stars read:

Take advantage of this time to exercise or make good presentation. It's a wonderful time of showmanship where many will want to take the lead. Others may prefer to just be worshiped.

It appears Barack Obama was living up to his stars of the moment.

Saturn though in Paradise found itself in chaos as the signs revealed the age changed. It was Jupiter which brought order out of that chaos by bringing law. Ab ordo chao, Order out of Chaos of the New World Order ancient rites theme. A disconcerted people in need of a leader found the dictatorship of a false messiah in Nimrod in his order ended the chaos.
The ancients saw that Jupiter ruled the skies after this and have been attempting ever since to bring Saturn back to prominence to restore "paradise".

Barack Obama's quote in the Denver law given out from the mountain was, "Yes I am my brother's keeper. Yes I am my sister's keeper."

That is the old order of Nimrod who preyed upon mankind in the first false messiah. That is the Saturnalia of the coming anti christ. That is what messiah Obama is being moved to speak by forces he does not know and forces he knows.

It does not matter if his name is Barack Hussein Obama or Barry Obama no more than the moon god of allah with it's crescent is the same lesser demonic Saturn force. It is all about the dark forces and they do not need to be named to be enacted.
Frank Marshal Davis, was a sexual pervert of the Nimrod and his wife Semiramis line of sun god and fertility goddess.
The male offshoot of this was the sodomite cult. Into this Saturn line was Molech, the fire god who people sacrificed their children to. The modern "rights" of gay and aborticide are initiated in Barack Obama and the entire American culture exactly by the old rites carried out centuries before to empower these forces.

Places change, people change, but the principality demons who influence and corrupt do not change and they always bring societies back to the power days or high days to open the doors to bring chaos so they can initiate their centralized order empowering the darkness.

Journalism will never touch these subjects in exploring Barack Obama, because they have been taught that it is all superstition by the very people sowed among them in the globalist order who practice this power magik every day by the sacred geometry infused with dark light to change the frequency of people in their DNA which each strand is a resonant light frequency antennae, so they will turn the children of God into the immortal without God, the Nimrod who rises from the dead in a false tuning fork or a false tree of life.
I do not for a moment believe Barack Obama is intelligent enough to know what his Masters know in this, but he is moved enough by his own spiritual demons yearning to something more which will assist the globalists to bring about the final solution now set to arrive.

Who Barack Obama is though can be found in the seeded Frank Marshall Davis who gravitated to Chicago by his perverse sexual demons. This lewdness was nurtured by an entire importation of willing Americans by the British perverts like pedophile John Keynes who ruined most of the world economy by enslaving it.
Kinsey another pervert would "study" it 10 years later, but this entire sexual cult on the old order would be filtered through society and protected by other established members.

Davis was a black man in white controlled Hawaii surrounded by Hawaiians. He stuck out like a perverted thumb. He was cruising parks propositioning married white women. His memoirs noted he was sexing a 13 year old child.
Anywhere in normal America he would have been lynched as that kind of activity would have had the police after him, but in his Hawaiian clique "someone" was protecting him.

Barack Obama would have William Ayers in Chicago, a known terrorist and as Donna Rob a leftist college girl wrote recently to paraphrase, "Bill Ayers refused to let me leave his apartment until his married black roommate had sex with me.
I tried to leave, but he wouldn't allow it.
So I went into the bedroom and the black man savagely raped me with anger and fury. It was like I left my body."

Bill Ayers girlfriend died building a bomb in his apartment. He was part of the Weather underground terrorist group. People died. People were forced into sex in which Mr. Ayers admits he sexed men and yet Mr. Ayers was never brought to justice. He was instead placed as leader in Chicago education.
Mr. Ayers is a close friend of Barack Obama who Obama is desperately trying to hide that association with from the world.

How can a terrorist who was spouting the same "revolution" which Charlie Manson was not end up in prison or hung?
The same way perverts in Hawaii never get arrested. They are government agents for a clique whose purpose is to be at the head of "movements" so to control those movements by writings or actual leadership.

Bill Ayers is a high grade intelligence asset and that is why he got away with what he was doing.

This explains a great deal about the Obama from nowhere being hand picked and ending up in the strangest of places of power. The globalists knew who this kid was from day one as they were watching Stanley Ann Dunham and her communist Arabic sperm donor Barack sr.
Davis initiated Barry into the sex cult and Ayers was but another operative to groom this global intelligence stooge.
These are the birds of perverted feather who were flocking together which no one has put the feathers on. Some think they nailed it when they found the communist connection. This blog was the first rooting out the sexual deviance which bonds all of these globalist together by initiation, but no one has figured out yet that Barack Obama is an asset of the intelligence community faction which answers to the Rockefellers and Rothschilds.

How does one know this beyond Ayers? Barack Obama told the world so in Denver and in the way "they" hammered Lawrence Sinclair and others with all the heavyweights showing up like Dr. Twomey, this is global intelligence promoting and protecting one of their own.
For the telling part, this blog at the turn of 2008 posted that Barack Obama was only a stooge meant to herd the black vote to once again vote Democrat. That changed when the globalists needed to punish the Clintons for selling Asian uranium without cutting in the Rothschilds and Rockefellers to China.
Obama at that point was to weaken Hillary, humiliate the Clintons and in a weakling race of 3 amigos have a convention which Al Gore was to show up.
John Edwards though could not keep his pants zipped and got himself blackmailed and tossed another wrench into Gore's self written script. (Note: Al Gore was at the Obama ceremony preaching his earth mother religion. There is a reason he was the featured act on Obama's night which did not happen by chance. That is to be played out yet.)

In any event, Barack Obama being the good operative he is took the nomination. He took it on the night which Martin King jr. gave his infamous speech. The same Martin King who liked adultery and beating on women, but when he started getting into bed with communists the fascists removed him.
This is important, because another lower grade FBI informant was with Mr. King reporting on his actions in the name of Jesse Jackson.
Jackson inherited the entire civil rights movement and made a rather expensive career shaking down corporations. Of course, he was never arrested as he was a stooge working for the elite in controlling the black masses.

It needs to be explained these eugenics masters of this secular convert order of Khazars of central Asia and now Europe, hiding at times in Jewry and other times marrying European royals has no time at all for any black people or other minorities. They only married into the lost 10 tribes now located in Europe to get at the DNA God created in those peoples. That is why they are leaches on the western peoples in using them.
They know who those people are and are using them and it is their purpose to destroy them in time.

Jesse Jackson though was of Ham in the sons of Noah. He got to live a white life, but he was never going anywhere and he knew it. He though really was angered as his castration comment revealed about Barack Obama in being supplanted by this half white, minority 12% black with the remainder African Arab getting his place in the world.
While it has not unfolded yet, Bill Clinton and Jesse Jackson's crocodile words in praising Obama are more akin to the guy smiling at Caesar while Cassius comes in with the knife. These two intelligence operatives of Clinton and Jackson are only smiling and being polite, because they have an idea what is coming in payback for messiah Obama.

That though is who Barack Obama really is. An initiated sex pervert meant to herd black people into voting while he deludes himself into his importance working for the global regime masters.

Obama was handpicked just like numerous infamous people are when they sell their souls. Bob Woodward was a naval intelligence stooge for the world order who got the job of bringing down Richard Nixon. That is how these willing servants get ahead in the phony propaganda world.

No one just happens in any of this. After RFK was murdered, the legendary Howard Hughes of the last American barons sent Bob Mayhew out to buy the Democratic party. He met Hubert Humphrey in a limo and gave him a million in cash in a satchel. Mayhew would give the same million which would be like Warren Buffet giving Obama now a billion dollars, to Richard Nixon.
That is why when the Rockefellers and Rothschilds wanted to bring Dick Nixon down as a Hughes asset that they preyed on his insecurities. Nixon wasn't terrified about what Hughes had given him, but more about Bebe Robozo and the funds he was bringing in which the Kennedy's were sniffing around about.
Nixon was set up when a mole sent in the burglars to Watergate which he never knew were going in, but in profile Nixon reacted and that is what got him in the cover up.

No one has pieced together yet that this same impeachment was set up to go after George W. Bush in the form of Valerie Plame who was supposed to be covering up what the Clintons took in bribes via Marc Rich out of Saddam Hussein's Iraq to the amount of $53 million.
Saddam was bribing everyone in the oil for food UN money laundering scandal which Clinton had signed off on when he withdrew the coup Bush 41 had set up. Saddam murdered all the American assets and in return the Rothschilds and Rockefellers skimmed oil from Iraq.

To make the communist world go around, Russia got it's piece of the pie in selling weapons to Iraq, Germany sold biological weapons and the frogs of socialist France refined for Saddam 1.77 tons of weapons grade Niger yellow cake for him which America recovered and flew out to White Sands after liberation.
Saddam had purchased one bomb from the Russian GRU, but as Iran was building it's arsenal he was going to join the Persian Islamoccommunits to offset Bill Clinton's fascist Saudi Arabians and Pakistani's who were to counter the Persians with their own nuclear arsenal.
That is why Joe Wilson was in Niger sweeping things up like an imbecile to try and keep Saddam in power so this billion dollar money laundering to the world would not stop.
Bush 43 though plunged in and took Saddam's credit card which infuriated the masters who needed then to punish George Bush.
This was phase 2 of Valerie Plame when agent Dick Armitage called up the hated Bob Novak who is a right wing asset and leaked Plame's name. Just like Nixon, Rove was supposed to bring this into the White House, but he didn't.
It was only after two years that Patrick Fitzgerald was doing nothing but waiting for Bush 43 to take the bait that Armitage was sent in again to call White House Counsel Alberto Gonzales offering to brief him about what Armitage had said in the sealed Grand Jury.

Gonzales said an emphatic no in protecting Bush as if he had debriefed Armitage this would have been played in the next news cycle that Bush was hearing sealed testimony and tampering with an investigation which is an impeachable offense.
Gonzales was punished for what he did and is so much a pariah in orders from the globalists he can not even get a job now.
Alberto Gonzales was the public destruction of a person in power meant to inform all others with reminders like George Allen, Trent Lott and Larry Craig that the blackmailers know your sins and they will remove you for crossing them.

Bush 43 could not bring any of this out and took his punishment as he most likely has his own issues in Mexican files and if he had told the world that everyone in the world was taking Saddam's money there would have been no global war on terror in his policy and instead a global Watergate.

Why this all matters in the introduction of Barack Obama is that pesky past of the Middle East in Syrian Tony Rezko of Chicago Ayers fame brought in a certain Iraqi billionaire named Nadhmi Auchi who just happens to be the person who owns BNP Paribus, the French bank which was laundering Saddam Hussein's billions to the world.
Rezko had been running Illinois as his mini fiefdom including the governor now under investigation and it was Barack Obama getting money and doing favors in glad handing for Auchi.
Auchi was how Rezko was capable of being able to "afford" to help the Obama's out in a real estate deal.
Saddam Hussein's bribes have come full circle into American politics in buying Barack Hussein Obama a million dollar house.

For Barack Obama who is so desperate in trying to hide his relationship with intelligence stooge Ayers, his other Chicago problem includes an impeachment flashback in Patrick Fitzgerald of Chicago now negotiating with a willing Tony Rezko who is talking.

Fitzgerald is an equal opportunity stooge in hammering the Chicago faction and Bush faction as all are supplanters to the New York cartel.

This is all a very small world and the same players, legal blackmailers and gotcha men are returning in various forms.

Barack Obama and Joe Biden were told they had carte blanche in being operatives. This is why the buffoonery of David Axelrod in stopping Lawrence Sinclair graduated to the atomic bomb dropped on Mr. Sinclair and the devastating onslaught so many people experienced from the intelligence wing which runs the internet services in their people terrorizing bloggers investigating this Sinclair Obama story.
The globalists though have made Barack Obama and Joe Biden stop the attacks for now as this was coming back on them in public attention.

This is what the stage is now set for and why the Clintons and Jesse Jackson are smiling. Barack Obama has been dabbling deeply in selling his soul and they know by experience he is one story away from crashing and being removed from the ticket.

The globalists have no desire to have this Barack Obama anywhere near power. They are though forced into trying to keep this from being a massive party meltdown which has the Democrats so marginalized they can not create the illusion of being something different than Bush socialism.
What the New York cartel desires is to humiliate the Chicago cartel and to so ruin Barack Obama that these racist Khazars and Letterman liberals will not have to deal with minorities again in high office for a generation.
The question for the messiah is will it be threats of prison like Hillary endures, public humiliation in his foreign birth or allowing him to be Barack Obama who can't win an election if he tried, but does well when offices are handed to him this time going down in defeat and exile.

This is why Al Gore's appearance was important in the pecking order on August 28th. He will be the savior if the messiah goes down, so he can go down to defeat so a Hillary run will come about in 2012.

Barack Obama's introduction to the world is a great deal like his birth having two birth certificates. He shows he is American, but is a British subject in 1961. In 2008, he shows he is a black Marxist Democrat, but is really a Jesse Jackson grade intelligence operative.

It is going to be a tough study course as the omens are all saying not even once in a blue moon for Barack Hussein Obama. The demons know the signs as they read them just like the masters do who created the messiah Obama.
He has his presidential podium, but the devils are calling his name with his creators are looking for a way to unload this guy to their benefit as they are not being fooled.

When that time comes Barack Obama is going to be introduced to Barack Obama and he is not going to enjoy the meeting.

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