Sunday, August 31, 2008

messiah Obama vs Hurricane Gustav

I call upon the epitome, the chosen, the messiah, the Obama to rise up in this hour of great tribulation as the Bible predicts thee True Messiah will, and save the United States, New Orleans or any other debaucherous people who for the past 2 years have been having gay parades and drunken naked binges instead of rebuilding their levees to save themselves.

I know the messiah Obama can do this for in Denver, at the Mile High Temple, before his pulpit, before his congregation, he taught, "I am my brothers keeper. I am my sisters keeper".

What better way in all creation which the Messiah has created, than for messiah Obama to come forth, walking on the water and command to the storm, "BE STILL".

John McCain is going to the hurricane zone to show his support, but as Barack Obama just politicized and brought up again blaming his enemies in the GOP for New Orleans, instead of turning the other cheek and loving them in the events brought on by the Clinton years and corrupt local New Orleans Democrats not building levees, it is time for the messiah, the epitome, the something or something, messiah Obama to quell hurricane Gustav and save the world as all messiahs do.

America calls upon the messiah to be joined by, environmental earth worshipping Al Gore to explain why the world which has now cooled is being attacked by mother nature by a powerful storm as he holds the messiah's right hand as they walk upon the water to meet Gustav.

America calls upon the messiah to bring Joe Biden, so he can scowl at Gustav, employ his son Beau Biden to file a false Grand Jury indictment and have the hurricane arrested as he did Lawrence Sinclair.

America calls upon the messiah to bring in the DC police to handcuff Gustav and hold the hurricane for 4 days without it's much needed sunshine of medicine to gain strength the way they did handicapped Lawrence Sinclair.

America calls upon the messiah to bring in Susan Dwyer the terroristic hatchet woman of the Delaware Biden Attorney General's office to offer up a pretty good deal of life imprisonment to Gustav for spinning around in the ocean the way she coldly threatened Lawrence Sinclair.

messiah Obama, bring along your wailing Oprahs so she can lament, mourn and cry her false eyelashes off as you speak to the hurricane and tell it you are going to cut 95% of the ocean creatures taxes while you tax Gustav out of existence, but Gustav will simply pass the taxes onto the shrimp and destroy their livelihood.

messiah, America pleads with you as you have said you are the messiah. Mr. Obama you have allowed your Obamaniacs to promote you are the messiah. You, Mr. Obama, declared to the world, "Yes we can".

Perform your miracle in stilling hurricane Gustav, messiah Obama, as you promised in Denver to perform your miracles in being elected president to a crying mob and a fawning liberal press calling your speech the greatest in history. Surely such an epitome which eclipses, the 10 Commandments and the Bible can now rise up and quell the tempest without any politicizing the event as your adviser Richard Holbrooke noted on Georgia.

Create as only you can a new birth certificate for Gustav who was born in a foreign land so that it now too can claim it is American and join you in running for president.

In that perhaps, your adviser, Zbigniew Brezinski can issue as a disciple his Zbigniew's Epistle to the Georgian kelp who can rise up and attack Russian Gustav in the hurricane's South Ossetia so Joe Biden can visit the region of shattered kelp and Richard Holbrooke can proclaim that the kelp are Americans too.

epitome Obama, you have said so much in going to nuke Pakistan, if America is attacked, perhaps now you will nuke the Pashtun as Gustav attacks America, so you can go and rise all from the dead as a Messiah will do, but for now the epitome, the noted one, the messiah Obama, walk upon the water, do not rape the people who are about to be ravaged by an act of nature where flood plains flood no matter if levees are built or not and use this as a political event to gain the mere presidency of the United States, for after all, messiah Obama, you have no need of office in this world as your kingdom is a heavenly one.........

So why just is it Barack Obama, the messiah, that you want to be President?

In any case, come forth Barack Obama, come forth, save us mere mortals from the storm bearing down upon us. Save us messiah Obama from hurricane Gustav.

Let us all now say, Obamalujah as Barack Obama saves America as he has given his word he is our keeper.

agtG 238