Monday, September 1, 2008

What Sarah Palin Means Really

This is a commentary which is difficult to write for the information contained in it, the addressing of attacks on Sarah Palin and assessing exactly why John McCain put her on the ticket and what Sarah Palin will mean to Americans.

Currently, there is the most disgusting of Obama campaign attacks filled with foul language, misinformation on Gov. Palin concerning her child, Trig, and her daughter who is now pregnant at age 17.
The Obama camp has run with a lie that Sarah Palin faked her own pregnancy, which would involve all the doctors, nurses, government agencies, to cover up her daughter's pregnancy.

The reality is her daughter Bristol is 5 months pregnant still, is going to keep the baby and marry the father.
The further reality is Trig, the downs syndrome son of Sarah Palin, is her child.

All of that means simply that the Obama people were exposed for the absolute pariahs they are in using a child and a family as weapons in a political campaign.

Why this is important to understand is not about Sarah Palin, but it reveals as Rush Limbaugh has informed people for years in the liberal fringe are kooks and they will run with anything, make up anything and fabricate anything.
How that is important is John McCain knows all of this. I realize it is fashionable to always label people from Bush to Obama as idiots, but these people have skills and all have staffs of the best cut throats in the business looking at every angle.
The Clintons were masters of this with never making a move without knowing how the public was going to react.

Ask anyone from the right or left in media who has had dealings with the Obama people and they can tell you they are junkyard dogs frothing at the mouth. You don't have to throw them a bone. They will come through the fence after you like rabid beasts.
This time as every time they grabbed what was before them and it just happened to be for the entire American people to witness was them growling, shaking and tearing into an infant child with downs syndrome and his mother.
The world got a first person view of the Obama Biden campaign to be horrified over.

I invested a great deal of effort browbeating John McCain, because he is a socialist. He though in the past month has run a brilliant campaign knocking Barack Obama off his game with 3 commercials.
His choice of Gov. Palin was strategic brilliance and with work has won him the election.

In this, John McCain and his staff knew that Bristol was pregnant and in that they fully discussed what the fringe Obama people would do and knew they were going to bite on something which would expose them for who they are and at the same time they would shoot their wad on nothing while John McCain was not going to be in Minneapolis, but is going to run the Republican Convention as a fund raiser for a hurricane which God seems to have unplugged for the GOP to a category 2.
Another hurricane is brewing for Florida, but once again John McCain is leading there in a brilliant strategy and messiah Obama is off licking ice cream somewhere stuttering in interviews again.

I do not know the source of John McCain's strategic maneuvers, but suspect his wife, Cindy, is a major player in this as in this period, the off message campaign has been transformed into a fine tuned team that is running circles around Barack Obama.
Perhaps, people should have suspected that John McCain's camp was playing possum when they have been backing Barack Obama up the entire summer in Obama not going to Iraq when McCain invited him and in Obama refusing to debate McCain in town meetings.

With Sarah Palin, John McCain added a Triple Crown winner in this horse race and he has utilized her with maximum effect. She has now been introduced to the world. John Kerry is fuming that "Rush Limbaugh made McCain pick her". Women are thrilled over the pick and joining the election process the way they were not for Mrs. Clinton and the entire story is one of motherhood in a mother being attacked with her children by Barack Obama.

The McCain camp tallied this and could not have been more successful in their phase 2, because a smug George Stephanopolous on ABC was stating last Friday that the Obama camp was going to take it easy and "allow the media to beat up on Sarah Palin".
Guess you were wrong on that George as the Obama people went out and beat up a woman and a handicapped child while you sat around making the debate about "experience" which John McCain was most delighted in as that in turn ILLUMINATES the subject back onto Barack Obama being not experienced.

Axelrod, Plouffe, Obama, Biden, Daschle and Brzezinski entered this game with a 40 point lead and in the first minute John McCain scored 46 points and is driving for another score.

This is what Sarah Palin means in now every attack leveled against her, every woman in America is going to be ticked off. Every Christian is going to be hurt. Every Conservative is going to get fired up. Every westerner is going to dig in with true grit and are not going to take it.
Southerners do not like males who beat on women. The entire south has now been put into a position which they by instinct will defend Sarah Palin.
In knowing my friends in the Midwest, they will if they see any male abusing a wife or child, will walk over and thump the jerk hard.
Barack Obama and Joe Biden got away with terrorizing Lawrence Sinclair, because he is a white guy but they are now on record for abusing a mother and her children. That is not going to go away and the more their people get frustrated the more they dig the hole deeper to hell.

There are more things coming in this which the McCain campaign will be ready for, but I will not be the messenger who assists Barack Obama and his ilk to not walk into it.

In that assessment, Sarah Palin if Americans will rally to support her, she will mean the entire Reagan Country is now Palin Country. John McCain will not have to spend any resources there at all. Gov. Palin will simply make her tour to pass inspection to crowds adoring one of their own recalling Teddy Roosevelt and the McCain campaign will put everything in the central United States into their column and these people will not ever vote for Obama /Biden "in them easterners".

In the south, Gov. Palin is going to open a 5 point to 10 point lead securing the solid south.

Florida will now go to McCain easily as the elderly women there will vote for 72 year old McCain and the mother who was attacked like they were.

The Midwest will trend toward McCain now further. Pennsylvania, Virginia and New Jersey which were going for Barack Obama and are now in play trending for McCain Palin. Trends indicate as Obama could not win any large states like Pennsylvania that Gov. Palin will poke major holes in the Midwest and East bringing what were "his"states into her states.
If John McCain can open a 10 point lead, peak on election day, there is high probability he will reach a landslide even taking New York as PUMA Hillary women will fully understand that if they pitch Obama to the sidelines then Hillary will have her chance in 2012.
The biggest faction in this which the GOP will work on as proven by John McCain and Rush Limbaugh courting the PUMA voters are the Hillary people who are already trending at 30% to vote for John McCain. If they start understanding that voting for Sarah Palin is a vote for their Hillary later, then that number will reach 60%.

One of my favorite Americans in Benjamin Franklin assisted America greatly while in France by not bothering to talk to the French men leading that nation. Franklin instead invested his time talking with the wives and children of the ministers.
He held court daily much to the consternation of John Adams who was jealous of him as women kissed his forehead and children his cheek.
The point in it though was Franklin knew at night in pillow talk it was the wives who were subtly steering their husbands and lovers to a pro American stance.

No one is going to mention that, but that process has already started to the delight of many surprised GOP bloggers in their quiet wives are waiting for their husbands to bring up the subject and then pleasing their husbands by saying they should contribute more to the McCain Palin ticket.
This conversation is brewing now in liberal circles too. Women will decide in mass that they perhaps should stick together. They then will go home and start talking to the men in their lives.

Never forget that Cindy McCain came home and informed John McCain they were adopting an Asian child. John McCain knows who runs this America and Democrats know it too whether it is a lamp off of Bill Clinton's head or the collective sigh of the wife of a television anchor.
Liberal males if you notice on television are already showing that sheepish grin on their faces as they know what is awaiting at home if they saying something about "that woman Sarah Palin".

This did not happen with Geraldine Ferraro as she was never an inspiring issue for women attached to Walter Mondale who scared the heck out of women in telling them he was going to tax them to death. Hillary Clinton was never that factor as she was a dividing character and no one ever doubted she was tough enough to kick anyone's rear end, so no one was moved to rally around her.
Sarah Palin is just as tough as Hillary Clinton, but she has the ability to be tough and yet instill that chivalrous feeling that people will stand up for her. That is a rare quality that few leaders have have. Ronald Reagan had it and now these Reaganites have him in a dress and they are going to the wall for her and just like the Reagan Democrats did for him, Sarah Palin will bring them home too.

That is the election, but what does Sarah Palin mean after the election.

For a long term understanding, America is looking for the most part at the next 12 to 16 years of their national leader in her. She has the grit to be an American Margaret Thatcher setting a Conservative trend which Reagan started.
For the reality, John McCain for all of his liberal nonsense when the push came to shove, he went Conservative. That trend will track for the biggest reason on the Supreme Court where Stevens and Ginsberg will be gone.
This means not a 5 - 4 vote with Anthony Kennedy tilting left and right, but a real 7 - 2 voting block for upcoming gun rights, pro life and other Conservative issues as even if Scalia or Thomas are off the court, there will be Conservative replacements.
It is almost a given that the next 3 appointments will be Conservative justices who are women.

On the energy front, Gov. Palin is going to produce oil and gas with McCain already on record in backing nuclear electricity as France has.
This means the oil terrorism money is cut and America apparently after someone from the IDF to the US Air Force under George Bush incinerates Iran will start backing out of the Middle East as George Bush noted was coming US policy.
Terror attacks should then be a thing of the past, so America will not be involved in a 100 years war.
As the current trend is building up Poland and the eastern European states with a central European union on the rise, America will remove itself from Russia, and it is a given Gov. Palin is not going to be sending in US troops anywhere or getting involved in a Eurasian war.

With the McCain and Palin children both combat soldiers, there is going to be a reassessment, restationing and revamping of the entire military structure.
If you know the character of John McCain and what Alaskans are about, there is going to be a hit hard, no exposure to US forces and a base structure like the Reagan years. The people now on the GOP top list learned how unfun war is and will instead use the previous successful methods like Jefferson using sweep operations in Africa to John Kennedy using special forces in Vietnam.
Two Democrats, but that is why Reagan never started a fight with troops as Lebanon showed him. Fight with economic means and the public never has to deal with body bags.

The economy should definitely stabilize with increased US funds remaining inside America which will build to a second term election for John McCain.
Food and production America will have as Gov. Palin understands managing resources and markets as Alaska is such a market.

The greatest strategic factor in this though goes back to oil and Gov. Palin in the key group which is building around her who will become household names in the coming years with her.
There was a definite coup which occurred in removing Conservative voting leaders in Congress. George Allen should have been President, except for the strangeness of that campaign and all these bisexual rumors of Craig and Lott which weeded them out.

Gov. Palin though is now in a core group led by John Thune of South Dakota. I realize it sounds strange with Marxist Daschle and Tim Johnson that that a small state is at the helm of America, but Thune is thee coming leader in the Senate and a Conservative like Gov. Palin.
Currently Thune is pushing hard in an east coast drilling bill with Democratic support. Of course this will expose the Obama people to no drilling, but it highlights the trend in the Senate that the old corruption is being moved aside and a new era is forming.
This is key, because as the Gov. Palin movement is joined by others, then Democrats like Tim Johnson are likely to be replaced this election by Joel Dykstra of that state and this person is hard core Conservative to join Thune.
No one has mentioned this in the Congressional elections, but the wave of Gov. Palin has the opportunity to sweep enough Conservatives in behind her that real reforms in empowering Americans will take place, instead of the people who betrayed voters the last time a purge was issued.

It seems almost odd that America's future is now held in the balance by an Alaskan woman, but it is a future of vast consequence which she is bringing in her wake.

Americans must be reminded that she can not do this alone as she is only one person. It will take support and not falling into the CFR trap of tearing our best hopes apart so they can once again gain control.
Conservatives made a mistake in allowing George Bush too much rein and reign. They allowed him to spend money buying votes so the Democrats would not have the money to bribe people with.
On foreign policy, it was not so much the policy which was wrong, but in not forcing George Bush to explain the reality that Iraq was a slaughter pit for terrorists so they would not come here and it is now Afghanistan which will be the slaughter pit to keep terrorists from America. Americans must be informed to make the decision if they want to fight terrorists in America or abroad and then formulate an economic policy where America is not on the terrorists grounds so the fight does not begin in the first place.
Conservatives should have forced the legal action in exposing that Saddam Hussein bribed the Clintons and most of Europe, instead of allowing the hits the Conservatives took covering all of what George Bush was doing.

Conservatives trusted George Bush too much in his being a social democrat. They only spanked him once on Harriet Miers to humble him. Now though they have left Mr. Bush and are behind Sarah Palin.
This time though with John McCain the Conservatives will not give free reign and will demand policy and honesty good for the majority of Americans.

Gov. Palin exhibits those qualities to keep a rein on John McCain while Cindy McCain works on the home front.

In conclusion what Sarah Palin means was summed up by the inability of Barack Obama and Joe Biden to deal with her, but most importantly in this is another woman in this process of Hillary Clinton is laughing over this, because she now has her 2012 run because with Sarah Palin as Vice President, the Democrats will have proven for them a woman can do the job and they will have to nominate a woman to head the ticket in 4 years which is Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Sarah Palin means Chelsea, Hillary and Bill are all going to be joining James Dobson in pulling that lever in November for Sarah Palin.