Sunday, August 31, 2008

Barck Obama Pariah

I have witnessed in this Barack Obama campaign:

Barack Obama via David Axelrod and Joe Biden via his son Attorney General Beau Biden abuse a disabled American in Lawrence Sinclair, handcuffing him, holding him in prison like a Gitmo prisoner, denying him his medications and loosing him in detention to legal counsel and then threatening him with life imprisonment for daring to speak out.

I have witnessed:

David Letterman and all the Obama campaign attack every person over 70 years old as worthless culls who should be in the grave in their incessant attacks upon John McCain as being "old".

I have witnessed:

Eleanor Clift and the entire Obama campaign condescendingly attack Sarah Palin for being a wife and a mother so she is unqualifed for being Vice President in slapping every mother in the United States as unqualified for anything.
Considering the juveniles in government a mother of 5 is exactly what government needs!

I have witnessed now:

Alan Colmes and the Obama campaign stoop to using Trig Palin, the downs syndrome baby of Sarah Palin as a weapon in a political campaign lying about the child.

What in this world is left for Barack Obama and Joe Biden to abuse? Are they now going to drown kittens in a burlap sack or resort to the delicacy of eating puppies!

Savages, real savages, would honor the elderly of any tribe in not harming them and would treasure children of other tribe in adopting them into their own homes.

Barack Obama and Joe Biden have shown themselves and their followers to be lower than savages. They are absolute pariahs in being inhuman and being absolutely inhumane.

Abusing the disabled, elderly, women, mothers, children and the handicapped.

That is no Obama party nor religion any normal person would want a part of and their God is certainly not the one in the Bible who teaches to love and caring for one another.

Enough is enough!

Enough said.